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Cosplay updates 01/06

This week I didn’t really do much in the way of cosplay, but instead I focused on a few more of my immediate cosplaying situations coming up.

Edward Elric – GeekOut Bristol Meet 13/06/2015

I’ve still got my Edward Elric costume, which I’ve realised I don’t have my pocket watch for! Perturbed by this situation, I went straight to a retailer that I knew would have either a really cheap version of the Edward Elric pocket watch, or a good quality one. For £6.99, I ended up with a pocket watch of equal quality to the last one, wherever that may be now. This costume is going to be brought back for the next GeekOut Bristol Meet, this coming Saturday (13th). If you’re in the town centre of Bristol and want to meet up with some friendly local geeks, then please come to Old Market Tavern from 5pm, or join a few of us (including Edward Elric) from 3pm at Sticks & Broth. We’ve got some extra spaces!

Edward Timlah.jpgAlways a fun costume to have about, as the coat usually gets attention from a lot of people. I’ve been trying to rebuild the arm, but in the short time scale I gave myself for it, that’s not looking likely. We’ll see if I can get the bulk of it done today, however! Work interferes with getting the rest of the arm made. Currently, I’m trying a sort of experiment out whereby I’m using upholstery foam, spraying it together with some adhesive, then shaping and detailing with more foam. Then to finish, I’m covering it all with papier mache, spraying it, then sealing it. In theory, it’d be better than the worbla monstrosity from before.

I’m also fixing up the shirt that I never made before (but now that I’ve got a handy dandy sewing machine, it’s time I actually prepare that!) I think I may need to get a few other things, but all in all, that should be everything for this costume.

Oskar – Kongs of King Street 05/07/2015, Bristol Pride 11/07/2015

So my “Oskar” costume, which is what my Oscar Kass costume has just about become, is going to get some makeovers for a few different events. In the works, I’ve got a big slab of foam to work with. This is going to be my scythe. So back out with the sander, back out with the papier mache and yes, you’ve guessed it: back on with the spray job. I also need to go and find myself a nice large wooden “staff” of sorts. I’m tempted to see if I can find a really large novelty brush to attach the end to and remove the brush end, but we’ll see. I’ve just got to suss out what sizes I need first.

He's taking over again....

He’s taking over again….

I’ve also got to finish making his pauldron, which is also just a big slab of foam right now. Again, once complete I will be using papier mache and I will be spraying it and sealing it. Typical really. But the pauldron will be a skull. Why? It just fits the theme of this new Oskar. Rather than Oscar Kass who is an adorable petty thief, this Oskar is going to be nefarious… But bad at being so. He’s going to be boastful, he’s going to be brash… But he’s never going to back up his claims! D’oh. As well as this, I’m going to finish sorting out my skull bucklers and get more belts to wrap around myself.

This is for an event at Kongs of King Street, which has been set up for the build up to Bristol Pride. I’ll be joining the Bristol Video Game Social as they get lots of video games together in support of Bristol Pride and a group known as the Bristol Gaymers. I’m always at these events, as they’re a great day out and they support a good cause, to stamp out homophobia, as well as transphobia and more. As well as that, it deals with some fantastic aspects that people might not think about: Such as family issues, support for youth and adults as well as show casing companies who also support the cause.

For these events, I’ve just ordered in a white cloak, which is a bit strange considering my cloak is currently blue and has become a staple of Oskar in the past. So why would I suddenly buy a white one? Oh no…


I bet some of you are thinking “What happened to Deku Link?” Don’t panic! I’m working on him slowly still. I’m still sanding that nose… and trying to figure if I’m going to be able to cut through the base to make a hole for the mouth and holes for the eyes. I’ll do more on that this afternoon.

As always, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. I love hearing from you all, so anything you want to tell me, whether if you think some of my ideas are a good or a bad idea, just throw them in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter. As always, keep your geek spirit going ladies and gentlemen and we’ll see you very soon! If you want to get involved in a future GeekOut event, let me know!


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