GeekOut Meetup 13/06 Summary

We had a smaller meetup this month, but it was still a night full of geekery and games… Read on!

Some nights just aren’t meant to be as big as other nights, but never mind: We still got out there and we still got our geek on and we also managed to do a book give away! Hurrah!

We had over 20 people signed up to this meetup, which is about average for us, but through the course of the night we only had 10 show up. But that was still 10 people, which the more you think about it is more than it was back when we first started the GeekOut meetups, back in September 2013! Interestingly one person who wasn’t signed up for the night came along, and he shared with us news that really it was just a quiet night everywhere… Huh! Even the pub was very empty itself.


A little disappointing, but not enough to stop our GeekOut meetups, I’ll tell you that much. In the mean time, this post is more of a shout out to those who did turn up. We had quite a few games of chess (Which really became one of the main games of the night, surprisingly! I guess it being joint #1 in our Top 10 Board Games was deservedly so.)

It turns out that after a few beers, I get easily distracted at chess! Oh dear, I must not drink beers during chess in future. Gotta keep my game face on.

Game face brought courtesy of Ash Ketchum.
Game face brought courtesy of Ash Ketchum.

Where to go from here?

We still had people at the event, we still had a damn good time: So although it wasn’t a total write off, I’m calling it down to the weather that people didn’t come to the meetup. But that’s fine: We’ve got someone who wants to run a simple DnD 5 campaign in one of the next meetups. The same guy also won the book: The competition was to come up with a name for a Goblin and let us know what that Goblin did in life. I can’t repeat the name that won it, for we’re a PG website… But let’s just say, it was ***Goblin the Hobgoblin. Yeah, nailed it!

The next GeekOut meetup is going to be July 10th, so if you’re around on that Friday, come swing by and say hello to the GeekOut guys! We’d love to see you there. I’m also going to be around at Bristol Pride, where I’ll be debuting a special kind of Oskar, so come say hi! I’ll be going to Bristol Pride with a set of tie-dye robes, Oskars face and a scythe I’m building, which I’ve already gotten the base sorted out for, I should have this made by next week.

Got any ideas I could use in a future GeekOut meetup? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Timlah

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