Top 10 Disgusting Enemies in Games

Yuck! Some enemies in video games are just downright disgusting. Sticky, smelly, slimy, grotesque… You name it: They’re at least one of these! But never fear, we thought we’d delve into the realm of the ugly and the vile, the gross and the gruesome.

Yuck! Some enemies in video games are just downright disgusting. Sticky, smelly, slimy, grotesque… You name it: They’re at least one of these! But never fear, we thought we’d delve into the realm of the ugly and the vile, the gross and the gruesome.

Just to make the rules of this list as clear as possible: The enemies in question must be disgusting. This can range from being visually disgusting, metaphorically disgusting or even disgusting in flavour (no, we’re not on about their actual taste but what stories they may have behind them). This weeks Top 10 was chosen by you, so join in with choosing our next list at the end of the article!

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10) Lickers – Resident Evil

Get that tongue away from me!


The T-Virus does strange things to people. Resident Evil is filled with excessively fleshy creatures, plenty of extra veins and exposed internal organs, and let’s not forget the permanently exposed teeth.  Nothing exemplifies that artistic style more than the Licker.

It has the works, massive stump legs with wicked claws, gnarly teeth, exposed brain, practically invisible eyes lost to its’ monstrous bulk, and of course, the massive prehensile tongue! Thick, pulsating, squamous, and its’ coming straight for you from the ceiling, from behind you, from any direction really its’ quite… well, suspicious really.

9) Sukamon – Digimon

The original poop monster.


Those of you who played the Digimon World games will likely remember, in deep frustration might I add, the amount of times you would end up accidentally letting your Digimon eat… Faeces. Yes, that’s right – Digimon weren’t beneath eating droppings they laid down earlier, or another Digimon had led down for them. But what were the consequences of this? Surely, it’d not be so bad as to…

… Oh no. One of the requirements to unlock the slimy, nasty Sukamon was for your Digimon to literally eat poo. Sukamon are known mostly as enemies throughout the games, but yes, you can unlock them as well. More than a little bit gross, these guys thrive in sewers… unsurprisingly.

8) Poison Headcrab Zombies – Half Life 2

I like my head, thank you!

Of all the creatures that Black Mesa unleashed upon the world with their ineptitude, the headcrab is most prolific, and the poison (or black) headcrab is the most weird looking. We can temporarily skip over its’ spindly legs that invoke memories of the spider in the dark corner of the room or creeping under the keyboard, and the fact that it envelops the head of its’ victim in order to manipulate its’ every action as it slowly digests the tortured host. I want to skip straight to the host itself.

Headcrab zombies scream and whimper as they lash out at you. The hosts of poison headcrabs stumble, lurching through the Ravenholm streets, barely moaning, squealing like wounded animals when struck, and carrying a small colony of the headcrabs on their bent back. Have you ever seen a spider carrying it’s own live young? It’s freaky! And that’s exactly what this hunchbacked hybrid is.

7) Gatherers – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Nope! Get away from me!!


I never finished Amnesia. Truth time: I can’t play it for more than a few minutes before freaking out, not leaving my room before daybreak and not sleeping for a week. So I never did find out what the origin of those creatures were except that they were the subject of some kind of experimentation.

I’m not entirely certain which is worse, the fact that these creatures were clearly once human, or how utterly inhuman they have become. They look like a bad waxwork left in the sun, and having seen House of Wax I find that to be an increasingly disturbing vision. It’s not so much the loosely hanging jaw, or bulging, unblinking eyes, so much as the plasticine flesh that seems badly wrapped back around the stripped carcass.

And watching one batter its’ way through a door to get at me no matter how much I refused to look directly at it only makes things worse.

6) Dips, Squirts and Dinga’s – Binding of Isaac



The Binding of Isaac has seen me playing it non-stop as of late. It’s one of those games you can go back to again and again, as it’s just a really well done roguelike. With this in mind then, since it’s such an incredibly well done game, what sort of oddness and grossness could there be?

How about sentient poops?

Gross enough. Needs no explanation. Let’s move on.

5) Queen Slug-for-a-butt – Earthworm Jim

Oh god what is that!?


The main antagonist of Earthworm Jim is Queen Slug-For-A-Butt. She has some rather disgusting methods and the game itself isn’t exactly all clean and cutesy. But rather than focusing on her methods of removing our superhero Earthworm Jim, let’s check out how she looks for a moment.

With her blackened torso and her unruly grin, she’s quite a horrible sight to behold. However, it isn’t until you look towards her… Well, her butt, do you realise that she’s more than just a little bit gross. She seems to have a giant slug for a butt. Lovely… Couple this with all of the horrible locations in the game (Internal Distress, Buttville, etc), you get the idea that this game isn’t all fun and games: It’s a serious, but highly gross, action platformer.

4) Catfish – Castle Crashers

Ugly, with no dental plan.


The Catfish truly is a curious enemy. On the face of it all, it appears to be a cat swimming against the tides, as it is a rather large cat. That’s not so bad, but when you realise it is literally half-cat, half-fish, that’s when things get a little bit weird. Fur and scales in one, eh? Well how about the fact that this Catfish likes to fight you by vomiting furballs in your directions. A little bit gross, but hey, that’s the wonderful world of Castle Crashers for you.

Whilst we could have picked an array of the weirder enemies in Castle Crashers, we figured that this particular boss fight wins hands down, not only for the novelty, but the strange grossness that Catfish brings to the battle. If you’re keen to know more about Castle Crashers, check out my post over on our friends website, 1001Up. Alternatively, check out our Top 10 Cats in Gaming list, where Catfish features once more!

3) Abomination/Boomer/Bloat – Warcraft/L4D2/Killing Floor

Grotesque bile-spewing monstrosities!

The Pretty Trio

These guys are all in the same boat really, but instead of just letting you suss it out for yourself, let me explain it. All of these monsters are a variant of the classic undead patchworks in some form. The Boomer is a big, bloated disease ridden monstrosity. The Bloat is literally a bloated patched up zombie. The Abomination is a patchwork undead that spits bile. In all three cases: They all spit bile in some way, shape or form.

Vomiting as an effective means of killing your enemies? Or perhaps your bile is enough to attract hordes of fellow infected? The point is, all three of these monstrosities seem to vomit a lot and are heavily bloated. They’re ugly, they’re macabre, they’re downright disgusting… And all three are as bad as one another. So, they all make this special spot. There’s grosser ahead, but by gosh, don’t think that this number 3 spot was taken lightly…

2) Hag – Thief: Deadly Shadows


The Hag, otherwise known as Gamall the Translator, found and abused the Glyph of Transmutation many decades ago, and though she used it to gain immense power, it changed her rather dramatically. A lifetime of murder on the path to absolute mastery of the glyphs has made her form vast, hunched, and comprised of twisted and woven flesh.

Now visually the Hag is pretty grim – even the monster-worshipping pagans hate and fear her – but perhaps what’s more sick is that she spent two games wandering around in the body of an orphaned girl that she literally ripped from her.

1) Otyugh – Dungeons & Dragons

Mother of filth!

A D&D classic makes the top of the list at long last! And what a champion this one is. The Otyugh is a three legged monster that possesses a body that’s mostly mouth, and an eye stalk for peering above the surface. The surface of what I hear you cry?

The Otyugh dwells in swamps, stagnant lakes, and sewers. It eats mostly carrion, or failing that meat that’s been drowned and allowed to decay and go soft, in worst case scenarios it’ll feed on the contents of whatever dung-heap its’ living in, and that means exactly what it sounds like it means. Otyugh’s are coprophages, rare for an intelligent creature but there we go.

So if you’re looking for a change up in the old “rats in the cellar” format, and want something smellier, nastier, and the one thing in the compendium of all monsters that could possibly make wading through crap even more unpleasant, then you want an otyugh.


Honourable Mentions

Phew, now that we’ve gotten past the really disgusting enemies in games, we’re now going to look at two of our honourable mentions. These two aren’t really disgusting enough to warrant being in a list of disgusting enemies, but they hold a special place in our hearts. Besides: We thought they were pretty gross!

Lungfish – Psychonauts


I’ve already expressed my love for Linda the monster of Lake Oblongata, the poor little fishy subjected to mad science that only dreams of a normal work-a-day life, free of the interference of the giant clunky monkeys on the shore. Instead she has been turned into a swollen, bulbous creature that snatches children from the lakeside and keeps them away from the old asylum on the other side.

The Lungfish is a fantastic level that really benefits from the weird artistic style of Doublefine’s famous masterpiece (that needs a sequel) and it’s clear how much effort has been put into her design. Still weird looking.

Queen Brahne – FFIX (ME)


The babealicious – Wait, what am I on about? This is Queen Brahne!

Queen Brahne is one ugly lady and I’m not just on about her visual appearance. She’s the queen of Alexandria, a ruthless leader who aims to conquer and possess more power and wealth. Whilst she does it under the guise of making Alexandria the most city in not just their kingdom (of Alexandria), but of all. She sides up with Kuja, a dangerous weapons dealer of sorts, to go ahead and take out any other kingdoms by any means necessary.

We later learn she was deceived by the true antagonist of the game, Kuja. Whilst Queen Brahne was a bad person, she was not truly evil. She wanted to see her daughter do well, however her methods went far too extreme whilst Kuja manipulated her. Also…

Source: gamefaqs

That’s it for this weeks’ Top 10! Hopefully you’re not all too grossed out to continue reading this website of ours. Heck, if you enjoyed this issue of Top 10, why not check back at our massive catalogue of other lists, such as:

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