Kita 2015 – We’re going Back to the Kitacon

Guess where we’re going to be in two weeks!

More to the point, guess where we will have just left. Kitacon marks my fifth convention, and second Kita and for the first time ever I will be carrying a press pass, so I will be looking to talk to everyone about anything! Myself and Tim will be packing Magic decks, I might bring another one-shot RP game for anyone interested in taking part in a podcast, but more to the point that’s IF we can squeeze it in between being very very busy…


Events and Whatnot

The timetables dropped about a week or so ago on Kitacon’s Facebook page, and here are a few highlights that I’ll be looking forward to:

Friday 16:00 Opening Ceremony – Always worth attending, a chance to meet the guests, get a run down of what’s going on and the highlights of the week. There’s usually some bonus entertainment from Team Giblets, and there’s usually a chair…

Friday 17:00 Quantum [BLEEP] – Infamous Mr. Purple has been preparing this for quite some time. Attend the Oxford Room for a shot at one of the most extravagant roleplaying opportunities you may see for some time.

Friday 19:00 Illustrated History of Animated Pigs – My first ever panel was an Illustrated History of Animated Penguins at AyaCon, and that was awesome! That was the perfect introduction to conventions and the standards expected at big national conventions. Go to this!

Saturday 11:30 Guest Q&A – Last Kita, Ellen McLain said she liked me, I was deeply proud. This time I’m going to be even prouder because after the Q&A I’m interviewing Professor Elemental! I can’t wait, he’s a lovely man, an excellent rapper and a massively pro-geek activist. The Q&A is usually pretty fun too, most of the guests that come to Kita are good for a banter.

Saturday 14:30 So You Think You Might Be Into Board Games – I am into board games, that is just a fact, so whoever’s running this particular panel in room 3 (I suspect Moley) already has my attention. I hope I get to this after the Q&A, it could be a bunch of stuff I already know, or it could be a good laugh and a chance to really meet new people.

Saturday 18:30 LET’S PLAY BORDERLANDS W/ ASH – Hey Ash! Watcha Playing? A game where you already acted one of the major NPCs? Aww who am I kidding, I am so going to this! I love Borderlands, and the chance to watch Tiny Tina playing it herself can only go well. I bet she plays Krieg.

Sunday 17:00 Closing Ceremony – Nope, too sad, moving on.

Sunday 18:00 Okko Anime Club – IF the closing ceremony doesn’t run over (it will) I will go see some people who I met at AmeCon to watch Patema Inverted and see what they’re up to now. They were pretty cool guys and didn’t afraid of anything except Count Frollo with a golden gun.


We want to talk to you! We want to game with you! We sure as hell want to know if you’re packing Cards Against Humanity!

Come see us for photos, discussions on the absurd, the geeky, the absurdly geeky. If you want to play as part of a roleplay with us please get in contact as soon as possible, I don’t know what I’m running or when but I’d love to get a few names and people to game with. Talk to me through our Facebook page, or hunt me down on Friday the 31st, I look like this:

Reflectful JoelOnly less wistful.

For your chance to have your voice, your face, your loveliness on GeekOut South-West, approach without fear, we are but mortal men of extreme talent and general greatness.


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