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We’ve Gotta Get This Hotel Up To 88 Miles Per Hour

So here’s our last words on Kitacon 2015: Back to the Kitacon. A few pieces of news, some information that might be of interest to those who either weren’t there or missed bits. I’ll also go over some of my favourite moments in better detail because as you may have noticed, they were a bit rushed throughout the weekend.

Bear in mind too, that Kita is a convention for 18s and over, so parts of this article will be a little NSFW. And that’s where we’re going to start… 

What Are You Going To Do With Dickbutt?

Those who delved deeply enough into their goody bag, past the books, leaflets, pocky and all-too-necessary hand fan, found a little laser cut dickbutt.

1722Here’s my dickbutt for example. “But why?” the more inquisitive amongst you may ask after they stop sniggering, and there is an answer for you. This year, Kita are running the dickbutt challenge, take your dickbutt and take a photo with it in the most interesting place in the most interesting way and send it to with the subject Dickbutt Challenge for a chance to win… something. Announcements coming in December.

While we’re on the subject, is down for some quick-fire changes – after all Kitacon 2016 is a mere 8 months away – so all updates are to be found on their Twitter and Facebook for the here and now.

Future Cons

We’ll update our events page soon, but for now here are the updates to the UK Geek Calendar that the weekend revealed:

Kita ’16, April 1-3: Back to the Hilton once again, but smaller this time, a mere 900 places, 100 of which for VIPs. Keeping with the model put in place by their union with Amecon. They’ve not given it the name KitaChibi as I was expecting, but there’s still time.

AmeCon ’16, July 29-31: Most importantly of all the venue for Ame’s fully fledged return to the circuit is the Warwick Arts Centre! The once home of the late, great AyaCon and undoubtedly the best venue, I cannot begin to describe how excited we are for next summer. Warwick holds some great memories, the location of my first ever convention, and Tim’s, and the beginning of our weird and stupid journey together.
Registration opens on the 31st of August. There are 1000 places, 900 at £48 each, 100 VIP places at £85 each, and two VIP places that were auctioned off at the closing of Kita for £1000! More amazingly, the badges were both numbered #0, and come with a complete set, a badge collectors dream. Suffice to say that those proceeds went to charity.

Bringing me to my next point…

The Charity Auction

Kitacon supported three amazing charities this year. Marie Curie cancer care, Attitude Is Everything furthering the enjoyment of live performance for the deaf and disabled, and Special Effect, for disabled gamers. Before the closing ceremony the charity auction had already raised over £4000 with an orange box from Konami selling for £1700! Four more items went under the metaphorical hammer:

  • A mystery bag filled with mystery.
  • A pair of giant heads, Naruto and Goku… I’ll explain in a minute about those.
  • A Batman Armoury from Hot Toys including Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Ending the auction at £5195, with the final collection – even before those VIP tickets for AmeCon – approaching £6000. A big congratulations to Kita for it’s efforts, and well done to those of you with disturbing amounts of money to spend on the random stuff that only we could love.

An artist on the artists alley in the dealers room also prepared a separate item for raffling to their own charity. The plush Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon raised £91.50.

Now about those giant heads, Musical Interlude!

While we’re discussing Team Giblets skits, congratulations to Tab Kimpton on his Special Recognition award. I met Tab briefly at AyaCon Apocalypse and slowly began to realise afterwards exactly how huge he was in the community, so it came as no surprise to see him up on stage, and it’s an award he has very much earned.

The Best Of The Rest

Big thanks to the other guests of Kita, Ashly Burch and Naraku Brock. I already discussed their Q&A briefly on Sunday, but Ashly provided some great insights into how the relationship that both a writer and an actor can build a character. She worked with her brother on creating the character of Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2, and she played the character during a panel where members of the audience got to sit next to her and play Borderlands while she berated them in Tiny Tina’s voice. A few of my favourite moments:

  • On a player who is not used to joysticks “You prolly wanna kill him by pointing the gun at him when you fire.”
  • On Claptrap “Awww, he doesn’t have any friends.”
  • On Angel “Jump! Jump to my love!!”
  • On escort missions “Escort mission, yay! Everyone’s favourite!”

Let me also say that this years Kita’s Got Talent competition featured some amazingly skilled people, the group winners performed Rossini’s Cat duet (apologies, I didn’t get your badge names), and the solo winner was Hysterical Dame Cosplay who mimed along in cosplay with her parody of Tik Tok done from the perspective of Cersei Lannister. Check out Nert’s video of her performance.

The show was only partially stolen by Shonen Jump: Live and the saga of the microphone that was too short for Iain to talk into without bending. It’s not his fault that he’s a full foot taller than Than Man, and it’s not That Man’s fault that he’s a cruel and mean-hearted ginger. It’s a racial trait, look it up in any players handbook.

Really I can go no further. A good time was had by all, and though I may have missed out on a few of the things I wanted to accomplish this weekend, I have benefited in other ways. Roll on ALcon in September, and here’s to another year of conventions worth shouting about. Thank you Kita 2015, and good night!


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