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Review – Cosplay Basics by Yuki Takasou & Rumine

We’re a website that’s dedicated to bringing you all within geek culture. Now, we get to combine two of our favourite fandoms on this website in just one book. Cosplay Basics is a beginners guide to the world of Cosplay. But what can this book teach you and what is the intent? Stick by us as we delve into the brilliant world of Cosplay Basics.

But first, some information about the book!

Published 16/07/2015
ISBN 9781935548812
Illustrations Black and White
Binding Paper
Price £13.99

Following the style of a Seinen manga, Cosplay Basics is a very well stylised tutorial into the beginnings of Cosplay. You can learn a lot about how to get started, why people Cosplay, who it’s for and some techniques. It’s an impressive book, which is really professionally printed. The pages feel good! It’s a premium price, but you get a lot of content and really damn nice pages to go with it.


It’s a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide about Cosplay for beginners. If you’ve never Cosplayed before, but have seen this website, then no doubt you will be aware how I’m personally a relatively new Cosplayer and how I love to follow other Cosplayers progress. This book then, is the book I would have needed when I first started making costumes. It’s written by experts in Cosplay who happen to come from Tokyo. For the unaware, Cosplay is of major importance in Tokyo’s pop culture.

One part of the book that really encapsulated how different this book is from others is the brilliant quality of the manga segments. The manga isn’t there throughout, as they’re there to help tell the story of someone who has never Cosplayed before going through her journey into Cosplay. It’s cute and it’s really well stylised, which could potentially be turned into a full fledged manga in the long run!


You have to start somewhere before you can create stunning masterpieces like this!

If there was one issue with the book, it’s simply that it caters more for girls or guys who want to do crossplay. It heavily focuses on the seinen manga aspect of the book. Thankfully, I actually enjoy some good seinen manga and this was highly enjoyable. If you’re into just a straight to the point “Do this” sort of book, this one is more padded out than that. I’d say the images help in the long run and the wealth of information available more than makes up for it. Mind you, if you picked this up, you’re not deceived by the cover. It’s pink and it’s got a happy anime girl on the front in beautiful clothing!

There is so much content within! It starts by showing you buying costumes, as well as providing some links to Cosplay shop websites (many highly credible links, ones I can confirm are websites to visit). It then moves onto alterations, then making your own costume, your own props and so on. It covers everything, including how to pose as a Cosplayer and what sort of attitudes you will have to get used to when you’re in a costume.

Honestly, if you’re new to the world of Cosplay, I would highly recommend you go and find a copy of this book. Distributed here in the UK by Turnaround UK,  published by One Peace Books, the same guys who published the manga version of the Bible. Go ahead and get your copy of Cosplay Basics today! What do you think of the book? Have you ever picked up a beginners guide to Cosplay? Let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter. Remember to show your support to these brilliant authors and artists today!


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