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Apollo Justice – Attorneys Badge

There are much better ways of doing this, I’m certain of that, but I thought I’d try my hand at using Foam Board and Worbla to make this badge. Over all the effect has turned out okay, but the effect is from a distance.

So how did I do it? First of all, let’s cut some foam board.

Foam Board Pieces

With this cut, I stuck these two pieces of board together with a hot glue gun. I probably could have done this with a Pritt Stick or some PVA glue, but never mind! I wanted it done quickly.

Next up, I took a large cut of Worbla, big enough to not just cover the two pieces, but to completely melt over them. This would mean that the worbla would sort of melt into the nooks and crannies of the top piece (the one with the bits cut out). Needless to say, the Worbla happily contorted with some persuasion from a heat gun.

Worbla on Foam Board

Now what? I stuck some cork on the back, making pinning easier later.

Finally, I added the detailing of the scales of justice. They’re not the most perfect scales in the world, but hey, they’ll do.

All that’s left is to cover in one or two layers of Gesso, paint the correct colour (a somewhat golden colour), then cover in some more gesso and we’re done! I’ll put up pictures of the shiny badge later.

Time taken: 30 minutes.

Material cost total: Approx £1.50.

OBJECTION! Could I not have made it ‘better’?

What would I do differently in future? I’ll probably do this at some point, actually…

So I could make a silicone mould for the badge and cast it from that. That’d give it the absolute smoothness that you’d expect. The mould could be made simply by the method shown above, but instead of putting Worbla over the foam, I’d cut a hole in the middle of the top piece, then make  the scales stick out of the foam. Possibly the scales could be done in Worbla. Then, The silicone should be able to pick up the details of the scales and thus leave a little imprint inside of the badge.

Once this is done, spray in the correct colour and gesso it up.

If anyone thinks this should be my first experiment with silicone, give us a Like!

If I get more time at the end of the night, I might completely remake this and make it look a bit more “Sunken in” like the actual badge.


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