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Archive for August 31, 2015

Traditional Game Review – Exploding Kittens

Those who have been around this website for some time will recall the Kickstarter campaign that both Joel and I ranted about for a little while, Exploding Kittens. Whilst we never did a Kickstarter Highlight on it, as the game was already way over 100% funded by the time we’d heard about it, I knew in my heart that this was a game I wanted to pick up. Not just because it has the word Exploding in it, certainly not just for the kittens, (although they do help sell this game,) but because it sounded really simple.

One of the issues I have with plenty of traditional games is the time needed to learn the game. Picture this: You walk into a pub, filled with all of these really fun people who are readily playing board and card games together. You’ve never been to an event like this before, so you want to join in. You rush over to the nearest seat “Ah, hello, we’re about to play [Insert Board Game Here]!” “Oh, I’ve never even heard of this game”, you cry out. “Don’t worry… It’ll be easy.” One hour later you still don’t know what you’re doing, but you’ve likely had a pint or two by now so instead opt to just talk to people.