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BristolCon 2015

That’s it, BristolCon 2015 has been and gone already. If you blinked, you would have definitely missed it. So what went down in this years’ event? Read on to find out more.

BristolCon 2015

A small group of us met up at Aah! Toots in Saint Nicholas Market at 9am. I was there at 8:50 where I met up with the first of our group, then later a couple more of us appeared. It was a great way for us all to catch up in the small snug area of the stall. They served doorstop sandwiches and they were pretty darn good for £4. Plus, the cakes they served there looked delicious.

At 9:45 we were at BristolCon, the event having just begun and some of the stalls for the traders’ hall were still just setting up. It was a great chance to quickly be reintroduced to some people whom I have become acquainted with, such as the lovely Joanne Hall who had a book release. Check out her latest book Spark and Carousel.

Our goody bags!

We wandered over to the art hall and to my surprise (and delight), they had introduced a projector and a laptop. Some short movies were being played off the laptop which were brilliant to watch. We stayed and saw nearly all of them, when suddenly one of the panellists for the event wandered over, as he had this space for giving an art lesson at 11am. We stuck about and watched and learned about dragons and as a bonus, he gave us a quick lesson on cartooning.

The layout of having the screening area in the same place as the arts was strange to me, however it did mean the event felt bigger as a result. The screening area was new to this year. Now that we’d checked this out, I decided to wander over to what they called the Brick-Out area. This was the sort of relaxation area, where I sat down and was able to start reading some of the books I picked up.

Speaking of books I picked up, one of the great things about BristolCon is you will always walk out with at least one new book, as they give you a free book when you enter. This, of course, is part of the cost of the conventions fees settled in one go. Because we got there early, we also was able to get over to the book swap and I picked up a new comic to have a read through. Eventually, I’d like to be able to swap it on again, as I love the concept of sharing a book once it’s been read. You can expect some book reviews over the coming weeks.

I went into the traders’ hall where I picked up a bunch of comics from the Oxfam charity shop. 6 comics for £6. Can’t go wrong with that sort of price. Right behind the Oxfam charity stall, there was a family run artists’ stall, where caricatures of famous characters (as well as a few well original designs) were being sold. It was £7 for one, or £15 for three, so I decided to buy three for myself. Check out this fantastic family’s website: Lil Big Eds.

I went along to a brilliant talk by the lovely Sarah Ash who also writes for Anime UK News, which spoke about the Japanese approach to bringing life to machines. The discussion started with Astroboy, who is arguably the first of his kind, to Chii from Chobits and many more. It was an interesting take on the genre and it was nice to hear from her. Last year, she did a talk on Yokai (or demons, to non-folklore fans) and their influences in anime and manga.

We hung about and played some games, such as exploding kittens in the bar where we spent a lot of the time in the event. Finally, we went for a talk on FTL (Faster Than Light) travel hosted by Gareth L. Powell. It was an interesting discussion on science fiction writers views on travel of its kind, the feasibility as well as where they’d themselves like to go if they could travel at such speeds. It was a brilliant talk with 5 interesting panellists.

Many thanks to the ‘Minions’ of BristolCon as they were referred to this year, the event went ahead without a hitch! It felt like an incredibly well oiled, well organised unit that was behind the event, so my large hat is tipped to them! I attended the event dressed like a wizard, which was great fun! There were also a small selection of people in costume this year, which was brilliant to see! All in all, it was a fun event this year and I hope that anyone else who went would share my sentiments on this. As always if you have any comments about the event, please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Looks like a really nice event; certainly some interesting panels too. Perhaps we’ll try and make it along next time!


    September 30, 2015 at 6:35 am

    • Yeah, it’s lovely – and very cosy :) I’m going to start looking further afield for most of next year. So far we’ve got Amecon confirmed and we’re going to go to Kitacon again. I’m thinking of doing Rezzed again and potentially EGX 2016… And I’m sure there will be lots of smaller events to go to as well :)


      September 30, 2015 at 10:09 pm

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