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Crownroot Publishing

Publishing is hard to get into, especially for brand new artists who are looking to have their first proper shot at getting seen. But could there be a new way for artists to be seen, for comics to be read, for writers to be exposed to the world and media to be consumed.

Bristol and Cardiff Anime and Gaming Conventions are now both over and there was a lot of cross-over between the two. One of the crossovers was within the guests, where some of the guests from Cardiff were also a guest at Bristols event. They are Crownroot Publishing, a small group who are bringing small artists, comic artists, writers and more together to bring about magazines to those who want to get their voice out there.


It’s a great premise too. They will publish peoples works for free. In return, these aspiring comic artists and writers get their pieces seen by many. It’s a great cause and I’m glad to know that a publication such as these guys exist. They wandered around the convention and for just £5, I was able to get a hold of a brilliant array of artists and writers stuff. It was a great read and there are some truly talented artists and writers with Crownroot!

This piece was simply just to highlight the work they do – I’ve yet to find them on Twitter and Facebook, but once I know more information, I’m sure we’ll be able to share more information about their services.


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