GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 4 and 5

This week in GeekOut Plays Stonekeep… Read on for the videos and synopsis of the dungeon crawling classic!

This week in GeekOut Plays Stonekeep…

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Episode 4 – Snake (b)Eater

I finish the first main floor and skip to go down to the next level.

  • I drink some wine…
  • I meet Wahookah the Great, or the Great Wahookah…
  • I get gooey over oozes…
    • and get beaten by some snakes… and beat them back!
  • Some things happen.
  • More things happen.
  • I walk through a wall!

Episode 5 – Drake Dont Die, Drakes Drill

So I see a hole in the floor. Naturally I leap right down that. Also:

  • I nearly die…
    • But I don’t die, so it’s fine!
  • I beat more snakes.
  • And oozes…
  • My background goes crazy momentarily thanks to WINE (Thanks for that WINE…)

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4 thoughts on “GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 4 and 5”

  1. Despite the warning in the thumbnail for the 4th video, I was not ready for The Great Wahookah’s face suddenly filling my screen. And that’s why I don’t play games with jump scares…

    Also, I hate to be that one person in the comments who points out mistakes you made, but you left behind a green gem/emerald thingy at around the 7:20 mark in ep 4, just in case you happen to backtrack that way. :)

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    1. Aah, nice to see someone looking out for me! I’ll have to get it on the way back :)

      PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEE~! Hahahaha ^_^ I thought that was the best thumbnail possible!


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