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Halloween Cosplay – Zombie Grey Knight

Things are beginning to go bump in the night here on GeekOut and we’re all looking forward to Halloween. It’s a day that I like to talk about a lot, as it’s filled with fun, sweets and of course horror (even silly horror) in general. It’s time to crank up the volume on my Spotify list and begin putting together the pieces for my outfit this year. Ahead of me is a lot of materials but it’s all relatively cheap so let’s get on with how I’m going to make my Halloween costume, a Zombie Grey Knight from Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers – Grey Knight (Zombified)

Grey Knight

“What do you mean Zombified is not a real word?” – Timlah

So the idea for this year is to take the Grey Knight from Castle Crashers and make him into a typical zombie. It’s going to be one heck of a unique look as me, my partner and our 1001Up friends will be getting together for a Zombie Prom. It’ll be great fun but part of the prom is that there is a fancy dress competition. Do I expect this costume to win? Nope. A lot of people will have really good latex on them, which looks a lot more effective, but I do expect this costume to stand out!

What good is a geek going to an event like this if s/he doesn’t make it geeky? So, with this in mind, the Grey Knight is the character I use as my main in Castle Crashers. I enjoy the simplicity of the design and I really like how he looks confused. With this in mind, I need to make it look a bit more… Hmm… Dead. I’ve thankfully picked the correct colour for the costume. See, a lot of the characters in Castle Crashers are really bright and so I’d have had to have dulled them down. Thankfully not in this case, as the costume will already be of a dull colour.


Here’s hoping I make something as good as this! Source:

The helmet I am making out of upholstery foam, EVA foam, gesso (lots of gesso) and of course paints. The good thing about this helmet is that there’s not much to it. It’s basically a big tube of sorts, so I’ll be rounding it off as best I can. Since EVA foam bends really nicely and helped me make my Oskar mask previously, I’ll be cutting out sections from the foam, to help me round it out (and fit my head!). This means there’s a lot more gluing involved, but ultimately I care about the durability and the shape of the costume. The inside of the helmet will be quite snug… I can imagine this getting quite hot!

But to make this into a zombie, I’m going to take out a chunk of the head. I’m extending the top of the head a tiny bit and putting a foam brain inside. This is being made out of expanding foam, papier mache and of course paints. This won’t take long to make, but the worst bit will be the papier mache. It’s not that it’ll be hard (it won’t be), it’ll just be tedious. I’m not a big fan of papier mache, but ultimately it’s the right way to go with expanding foam. The foam is really good for getting a general shape, but it gets messy. The papier mache should make it a bit better, less flakey like expanding foam gets after sanding. However, depending how brain-like I can make the foam in the first place, there may be little to no reason to use papier mache. I might, instead, opt for fun foam. Ultimately, people shouldn’t be touching it – It should just look right and people should be able to see it exposed occasionally.


The rest of the outfit is relatively easy. The tunic shouldn’t be a problem, it’s just white linen with holes for the arms and the head. I’m not an expert at sewing yet (why the heck not?!) but I’m sure I can do that one! As well as this, I’ll have to make pauldrons – This will be tricky, but I think some more fun foam should be able to cover this. Thankfully, the pauldrons aren’t fully exposed, so this shouldn’t be a big problem again. As well as this, a long sleeved dark grey shirt underneath and some big gloves. Those will be quite easy to get a hold of.

The trousers will just need to be a black or a dark grey and then the boots will just have to be fun-foam boot covers. I’m also going to see if I can get ahold of some PVC pipe in the mean time so I can make myself a nice long sword out of cardboard and foam. The shield is laughably easy! It’s literally just a large rectangle! A while back, I bought myself a bulk buy of several pieces of A1 foamboard. These things have served me so well in costumes up until now. They have helped me create some of the coolest pieces I have and so here’s hoping it’ll be easy enough to make all of these!

Right, that’s it. Here’s hoping all gets sorted out this time and it doesn’t become one of these costumes that end up on the backburner. Hey, I’ve got quite a lot of Sunday left. I’ll keep you all up to date on the progress of this costume throughout the week. I have basically until Friday night to get it all sorted. So, have you got any Halloween costume plans? What about a full cosplay costume for Halloween? Or do you feel there’s a better way to do some of the things I’m going to be doing for this costume? let me know about hints and tips, too! As always, leave us a comment here, on Facebook or over on Twitter.


3 responses

  1. wait, where can i find your finisged costume?


    November 29, 2015 at 4:28 am

    • Gah, it remains undone due to time. It’s one I plan to have for my earlier conventions for next year though, so it’s not forgotten ^_^!


      November 29, 2015 at 10:31 am

      • hmmm ok, will wait for it then!


        December 1, 2015 at 7:37 pm

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