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Raspberry Pi – My Personal Project

The Raspberry Pi is a subject I’ve sort of dipped my toes in many times in the past, but recently my little brother started talking about it. He then promptly decided he wasn’t interested in it, but it made me think… What would I do with a Raspberry Pi? When I thought about it, I came up with a list of three inventive uses for the Raspberry Pi. Now that I’ve been musing over this for a long while, I think it’s time to lay down my hand and see what you all think about what I would do with one.


The Raspberry Pi is ultimately a teeny tiny computer, with power that makes earlier consoles weep and moan. How can something so small and cheap not only rival them, but often be better equipped than them? How can the company, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, keep afloat by making these so damn cheap? Well it’s because they’re not really in it for the profit. However, I’m sure they get enough to be able to make do! We love you, Raspberry Pi Foundation.

I’ve yet to get myself a Pi, but I am considering getting one over the coming months/early next year. However here’s what I would need for my project:

Total Cost: £74.99

I’m sure I have an SD Card lying around somewhere.

This project wouldn’t be cheap, but basically the idea is simply to have a wall organiser of sorts. It’s a low-stress use for a Raspberry Pi, however this follows on from the exceptionally clever idea to turn your Raspberry Pi into a touch screen Google Calendar. However this isn’t where I would stop. A lot of what I do with GeekOut takes time and I often forget the order I should be completing my tasks… So sometimes, a post might go up an hour or two later (Sorry!)

With this in mind, I’d have at least two, perhaps up to three screens I could swipe between.

CalendarHaving Google Calendar in a nicely presented view on a touch screen device would always be a good thing. This would be the first thing I set up. I’m quite an organised person when it comes to days and my family and I share our holidays and events on Google Calendars. But further to this, I could add in anything to do with my Geek events into the calendar. By having this personal organiser to my side, I know I won’t need to go to Google Calendar on my computer any more, but rather just a quick swipe to check out what’s happening within the week.

I’m sure by following the instructions in the instructable, this should be a pretty easy win.

Task ManagementI will have to work on the design of it, but basically I work on websites like Trello to keep on top of all of the projects we have here on GeekOut. There’s a lot of older projects that have been put to the side. However simply enough, I need to have a system to input tasks (perhaps via my main computer) which then feeds into the tasks screen on my Raspberry Pi. Could this be done with a simple android tablet? Probably – I do have one of these lying around too, not doing too much right now.

Finally, if there was one more thing I’d use it for…

Thunderbird_17_on_UbuntuThunderbird… Or perhaps Claws… But basically an email client.

Considering the Raspberry Pi can have Raspbian as a distribution, I am sure there is a reasonable email client for the light-weight machine. With this, along with Google Calendar and a task screen, all to help me get through a productive work day, everything can be done with a few touches of a screen, rather than having two tabs and an email client open at all times here at home whilst I work on GeekOut projects.

Whilst this may or may not come to light, this has basically been what I would do with a Raspberry Pi. A simple task organiser of sorts, along with a touch-screen calendar view to show the days activities and email client all rolled into one. Potentially, I could do all of this with my tablet which is just sat upstairs currently a bit upset with me as the charger has given out (boo!) Nevertheless, what do you think of my idea for the Pi? Do you have anything that you’d do differently than the above? Let me know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

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