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GeekOut Updates – Nov ’15

Another crazy month with so many reasons to celebrate, GeekOut has passed 2 years old and we’re getting more views than ever before. We’re truly grateful for all of the support you give to both Joel and myself. Join me as I look through my favourite posts of the past month and a quick chat about the activities and projects we’ve got going on here on GeekOut.

Social Media

We’ve passed 1100 followers on Twitter (nearly 1150 as of time of writing) and we’ve passed 200 likes on Facebook. This is amazing, so thanks to each and every one of you. If you’ve not done so yet, please do hit the like button on Facebook as we post exclusive competitions to our Facebook followers. Now that we’ve hit the 200 mark, our next competition will go live this Sunday. What’s the prize you might ask? You’ll have to be on Facebook to find out!



We’re getting more interest with our meetups, we’re now closing in on 700 Meetup subscribers. Couple this with people from both Twitter and Facebook making their way to our pages and events, we’re keen to do more to make sure we end 2015 with a bang.

Novembers meetup is this week, on Friday the 13th. How unfortunate a date, but it also lies on Children In Need day. To commemorate this, I will be taking donations from people to celebrate the charity and will donate it along with £20 of my own cash. Along with this, we’ll be doing Magical Mishaps as our cosplay theme, so I will be donning a… Pikachu Onesie..? What can that have to do with magical mishaps? Well, pictures will be up on Sunday!

Next month is a big month, it’s December which means Christmas is around the corner. Of course, we can’t have a Meetup that’s later in the month because of this. So, for December we’re going to push it back to the first Saturday of the month, Saturday 5th. We’re really excited to be giving out a freebie for the first ever time, along with Santa Hats. Couple this with a Super Secret Santa event, Geeky Christmas music and some Christmas decorations, we’re going to have quite an exciting last meetup for the year. Oh there’s also a trophy for the winner of the GeekOut Challenge.




We just had a smashing record month. Honestly, the support and the feedback we get from you all is honestly staggering. I’m really excited to see GeekOut be as involved as it has been over the past two years, from a simple idea through to what we’re at now. We’re feeling slicker, we’re more on top of what we need to do and where we need to go with GeekOut as a website and we’re keen to do more.

With Joel mostly being out for this month, with the exception of Tuesdays and Top 10s, I’ve taken the helm even more. We’ve got some amazing guest article submissions coming on the site, so please do go and check out our GeekOut Guest Posts tag. The list will expand over the coming weeks, so do check back for more articles from our guests. We’ve been really excited to see such high quality submissions and we thank our guests from the bottom of our hearts.

If you’ve not already, please check out these posts:


Stonekeep 10 Thumbnail

The latest in the GeekOut brand is our YouTube channel. I’m producing a couple of episodes per week of Stonekeep and I’m also working towards getting all of my Theme Hospital videos up and going. Join us on Wednesday as we have another 2 Stonekeep videos and also check out my post on how to record YouTube videos on Linux – Or as I probably should name the article: How I Make YouTube Articles For Free.

We’ve got a long way to go before we do a major change to GeekOut, which will change the way we all interact with one another, but rest assured that we’re actively working to make this a realised success. We’re keen to hear from you all too… What should we be doing more of on this site? More importantly: Should there be more information for the Meetups on the website, or should it all be separate like it is right now? What more can we do to bring geek culture together? As always, comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter.

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