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Kickstarter Highlight – Super Axe Boy

Do you like retro video games?

Do you like new twists to retro styled video games?

Do you just like video games in general?

Then you needn’t look any further, it’s time to take a look at an up and coming video game about all that is super and retro, courtesy of a Kickstarter Highlight.

Super Axe Boy


At the time of writing this article, there are only 3 days left on the clock for this campaign. So we’ve come a bit late and it’s not looking like it’s going to meet its funding goal, unless it gets picked up rapidly. I think it’s a wasted opportunity too, as this is looking to be a superb game in the making. I hope that even if the campaign is unsuccessful that the dev continues to make this game and releases it – Or tries again on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and so on. In the mean time however; what is Super Axe Boy and how does it look so far?

A quirky, fun 2D-in-3D platformer with a unique environment, Super Axe Boy is an evolution from the classic run and jump on top of enemies. The game features the protagonist, Axe Boy himself, who is a lazy lumberjack. One day, Axe Boy wakes up to see the world has been invaded by an alien beaver race known as Beaverians whose ultimate goal is to build an intergalactic burger franchise. You read that right, this is a story of human-abducting Beavers from space who are out to make their own burger franchise and you are a lazy lumberjack, the only means to stop them.


I have been thoroughly impressed with the visual style of Super Axe Boy, which looks like a far cry from your typical indie game. It’s nice to see an indie developer push the bounds of what it means to be indie and the gameplay looks smooth and fun. Along with the highly humorous style of the plucky platformer, this could be an indie hit at some point. The developer has taken to Kickstarter in hopes to raise funds for assets, music, testing, marketing and to bring the game to consoles. The game is planned for PC, Mac and Linux release.

Matthias, if you are reading this, I would gladly help test this game to hell and back. It’s a sweet, quirky platformer and as a Linux guy, I love to see the release of games like these. Now, what are the rewards for backing this campaign?



Pledge €1 or more
Every Euro/Dollar counts. You will receive a big telepathic “Thank you!” as well as a thank you email.

Pledge €9 or more
Get a digital DRM-free copy of the PC version of the game, once it is released.
You will become part of the online community of and will receive all updates first-hand. Furthermore, you can participate in polls and surveys and have a say in the development of the game.

Pledge €15 or more
THE GAME (PC and console)
Get the PC version of the game and choose one of the available console versions for download.
You will receive a digital PDF handbook of the game too.
Includes all prior rewards.

Pledge €19 or more
Get the game + a digital copy of the soundtrack for a discounted early bird price (limited quantity available).
Includes all prior rewards.

Pledge €25 or more
Get the game + a digital copy of the soundtrack.
Includes all prior rewards.

Pledge €35 or more
Get all the prior rewards + an exclusive physical Super Axe Boy backer pin + your name under “Special Thanks” in the game credits and on

Pledge €49 or more
Get all prior rewards + an exclusive Super Axe Boy t-shirt in the size of your choice

Pledge €99 or more
Receive an awesome physical gift box that includes

  • + Super Axe Boy backer pin
    + T-shirt
    + Signed postcard
    + Printed Super Axe Boy handbook
    + all prior digital rewards

So even if this project doesn’t come to light, I hope the developer keeps this up as it looks like a great up and coming indie platform title. It’s a crowded market, but this is just a little bit different enough, that I’d like to see it. What do you think of the title? Let us know what you all think in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter or if you really like the looks of it, go throw a few quid in the developers direction on the Kickstarter page, before it’s too late.


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