NaNo Update


After two failures to even start an entry for National Novel Writing Month, I foolishly decided to turn this year’s entry over to you, asking you to help me pick the genre, overarcing story, a cast of characters, and the remaining features.

To begin with, I am behind.

Not horrendously so, nothing I can’t recover I swear. I’ve picked up the pace quite dramatically of late so I should be able to finish on time, and I’ve just started the second act, so the narrative is now officially in full flow. So while I’m busy getting on with it, here’s a quick summary of what I’ve done so far.

Word Count

On average, to achieve fifty thousand words in thirty days you’d have to write about one thousand, six hundred and sixty seven words a day. I’ve been keeping a log of my progress so far:

  • Day 1 – 1,149
  • Day 2 – 1,934
  • Day 3 – 2,240
  • Day 4 – 3,215
  • Day 5 – 4,227
  • Day 6 – 5,738
  • Day 7 – 7,499
  • Day 8 – 8,516
  • Day 9 – 9,742
  • Day 10 – 12,175
  • Day 11 – 14,067
  • Day 12 – 14,618
  • Day 13 – 16,617
  • Day 14 – 18,207
  • Day 15 – 20,002

Ok, well that doesn’t look so bad, right? Considering that I’ve kept writing here twice a week, and I’ve still been going to work, and being social and so on and so forth, I don’t think I’ve done so bad. Well the good folks at NaNoWriMo can show you exactly how “well” you’re doing:


Ok, so I now have to write two thousand words a day (roughly) to keep up pace, not including whatever I do this evening of course. That’s only a mild increase, shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Well actually it may not be as easy as you first suspect. If you’re not used to dedicating time to sitting and writing, or if you’re having a bad day, or a busy day where inspiration doesn’t flow quite so readily then cranking out a couple of thousand words is hard going. Add that to the fact that I have grown accustomed to writing non-fiction articles on a day-to-day basis, making the return to narrative form in such a big way is one hell of a jump. I find I’m re-reading what I’ve already done, and I’m no longer so sure of the quality.

Work Habits

There’s an up-side. In this time I have been ploughing through season after season of House, as well as a few gallons of coffee, terrabytes of YouTube content, and a whole lot of reading material. I also have to keep taking time away from the incessant typing to go and live my life away from the computer screen, or occasionally I’ll be overcome by a wave of completely unrelated inspiration and have to go jot down some other idea.

As it turns out, making the switch from watching videos to music has been the biggest boon to my productivity. While having two screens does mean that watching and writing is entirely doable, it doesn’t make the video content any less distracting, and YouTube is worst of all! That said, you can strike a balance.

That song is free on Soundcloud, a link is available in the description on YouTube, and while I’m not a League of Legends fan at all, this is now a firm addition to my motivational soundtrack.


So how are you guys faring? How’s your novel coming along? Or will you be participating next year? Talk to me in the comments down below, or on our Facebook.