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Video Game Review – Superfrog HD

Rescuing princesses from the clutches of evil witches who are jealous of a happy couples relationship, along with pummelling baddies with a sidekick that makes an ‘oink’ like noise, whilst simultaneously going splat? Wearing the dandiest of all capes, whilst gliding gracefully through the skies and being unyieldingly slimy? This can only be an older game and it is: Superfrog HD. But is this game as super as its title makes it out to be?

Superfrog HD


Superfrog is developed and published by Team 17, the same company who makes the immensely popular franchise; Worms. However, most people are unaware of Team 17s past. Way before they were making games about worms blowing one another up with holy hand grenades, concrete donkeys and super sheep, the small British company were making games for the Amiga. Interestingly, Team 17 has their roots in the demoscene, so I’d highly recommend reading up about their history… But one of the games they had on the Amiga was this little charming child-friendly game: Superfrog.

Team 17 is indie at its core and has been around since 1990! It’s one of the longest standing independent developers out there and they will remain this way for a long time more. I’m proud to have been playing their games from my childhood into adulthood. I’m a proud Team 17 fan, so this review, like many, could be a little biased and filled with nostalgia (Disclaimer right there!)



In true fairy tale form: There once was a prince and a beautiful princess who were about to be happily married. However there is an evil witch out there who sees this happy couple and decides that smiling and happiness is a bad thing, so goes to kidnap the princess and turn the handsome prince into a frog, even though she gets happiness out of removing others happiness, but shh: that’s a small plot hole! Sad and now alone, the frog is looking in the River of Despair when suddenly he comes across a strange potion… So naturally he drinks it and lo and behold, it turns him into Superfrog!

If you don’t believe that’s the story, watch the opening to the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.



You control Superfrog, a frog who dons one of the most spiffing capes in all of video game history. In true platformer sense, you have to collect items, such as coins, cherries, bananas and other such nonsense objects. Along with this, you can collect two powerups: There are wings, which allows Superfrog to use his cape to help him glide gracefully (for a small period of time) downwards. Then there’s the Super Splat, which is basically a little ball that Superfrog throws. It oinks, so I like to call it super oink.

In the HD edition, as Superfrog was originally released for the Amiga, there have been very few changes, however there have been a few additions. For instance, with the integration of Steam achievements, you now have more purpose to go and collect the items, more than just for scores sake. You also have more purpose to kill a specific amount of enemies and to go and collect their new golden lily pads.


Catchy, fun and nostalgic for those who enjoyed the Amiga version from their childhoods. For those who didn’t get to play this game on the Amiga, it’s still a fun and charming little OST. I’d highly recommend checking out the above YouTube clip of the original Superfrog theme tune. Once you’ve heard that, feel free to check out our gameplay video where you can hear the updated version in the background!


Check out our Superfrog HD gallery:


So okay, this is just a kids game and as such I can’t rate it on the same scale as I would rate, say, Super Mario Bros. which caters to everyone. However, Superfrog is a solid little platformer for those looking to pass a few hours. You won’t get anything truly innovative out of this game, but it does leave you with a sense of glee that so few games can do. It’s probably because of the whole joyful theme of the game: From the smiling trees to the happy bees, you’ll be left shaking at the knees. This game knows how to make you feel happy and it’s a solid game in its own right. As such, I’d say if you’re looking for a small pass-time, this might be the game for you!

Watch the video, see how silly and cutesy it is and let me know what you think in the comments below, or over on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Please remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe and let us know what you think!


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