GeekOut Competition & GeekOut Posters

This month, we hosted our competition entirely on Facebook, with the winners to be announced on here today. Stay around and read on as we talk about the competition and what we’re doing with these strange things called posters that have been popping up slowly.

This month, we hosted our competition entirely on Facebook, with the winners to be announced on here today. Stay around and read on as we talk about the competition and what we’re doing with these strange things called posters that have been popping up slowly.

GeekOut Competition – The Winners

This months competition was simply to respond to a Facebook post that posed the following question:

What is Batmans favourite food?

Tough question, but it’s one that our Facebook fans took to! We had seven responses which is the most we’ve ever had for a GeekOut competition, but before we get into who the winners were, what were the prizes?

For two lucky runners up, they will receive a GeekOut First Edition Poster. More on the posters later in this article. For the overall winner of the competition however, we will be also handing 20 DRM free comics of the Ash Vs franchise. With the immensely popular Ash Vs Evil Dead being out there, this month, there was a humble bundle for all 20 of these comics. I donated money to charity and in return I have comics to give out!

Right then, on with the winners:


Paul Overton Justice!! well done!!
David Winterbottom There’s a reason the song goes: Banananananananana-nanananananananas Batman.
Congratulations guys, please drop a private message to the Facebook’s group page, or an email and let me know your addresses so you can receive your very rare first edition posters (only 10 of these were made! Maybe they’ll be worth something one day, y’know? eBay is a mighty strange place, just sayin’!)

The Winner

The winner of the GeekOut competition is:
“GuiGui Zhang Whatever his mother likes to make him of course!

… Oh wait….”

Congratulations to our winner, we’ll speak to you about your prizes!
That’s it for this months competition. Now what is this about posters?

GeekOut Posters

We have a bunch of A3 GeekOut posters ready to be given out. I decided to start taking my, ahem, design talents to the next level and start making some geeky posters. I figured the first poster would need to be a simple one. I went and spoke to a designer colleague of mine who gave me some of the nicest, most sage advice I think I’ve ever had: “Well, I’ve always liked your slogan… So just use that.” That was simple enough!

In the meetup, we have a running recurring joke about the GeekOut Goat. You may have seen pictures of people with a goat mask at our meetups, that is part of the ongoing joke. So, without further adieu, here’s the posters… Oh and my cat:

2015-11-11 19.14.24

Yep, there’s the goat. There’s some glasses. There’s our patented background (it’s not really patented) with our big red button in the shape of, yes, a goat with some rather geeky glasses. It’s a simple design which was a lot of fun to make. It probably took about six or seven hours in total to make it… But the majority of that was learning how to do specific things in GIMP. I took a picture of a goat, removed all colour except for a black outline of the goat itself, inverted it to a pure colour (white) and then worked in the colour of the button. Simple enough. When you look really close, you can see the pixelated lines on the red goat figure, which was an intended effect.

Now, I’m going to be ordering in 100 of these posters for the next GeekOut Meetup. For anyone who attends those meetups, the first poster is free and any subsequent posters they want will be a purchase of £1. I’ll be selling the remaining posters online (more detail on that when I’ve done it), for £5. That sounds like a lot, but that’s including postage and packaging to the UK. That’s second class, not tracked. I’ll offer other PnP packages too, as well as international. Furthermore, each sale will get one of our (highly professional looking) GeekOut business cards too (ooo!)

Why are we selling them for a fiver?

A fiver is a fair bit of money for a poster, even with postage and packaging, however we’ll explain the reason behind selling the posters so hopefully it’ll make sense!

The cost of the website is going up and up, we expect to become even more expensive in the coming year. We need more storage and we want to get better access to the code so we can do more with the website (a lot more). As such, I figured we needed to start moving into ways to get a few coin for the website. Couple this with the cost of the Meetup page (Approx £60 per 6 months) and the cost of the business cards, conventions etc… You can begin to see how much this hobby of mine is costing!

We won’t be making a lot of money off each poster sale, it’s not much past break even after the cost of the postal tubes and the postage charges… However we believe that if we can sell enough of these posters, we can begin designing new posters occasionally, as well as, hopefully, some more merchandise! So if you’ve got a few quid to spare, please consider buying a poster. I didn’t want to just ask for handouts and let’s be honest: We don’t offer enough to warrant a Patreon account. Maybe one day, eh? In the mean time, chat to us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to Geek Proud, GeekOut!

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