Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things

Life is full of great and wondrous things. Some things you know are great, worthy of our laughter, our applause and our support. There are some things which are so bad, that we just don’t talk about them. But what about the things which are so bad that they’re actually pretty damn funny? There’s a lot of things like this out there and that’s why we’ve been so vague. Join us as we have a look through our Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things.

Life is full of great and wondrous things. Some things you know are great, worthy of our laughter, our applause and our support. There are some things which are so bad, that we just don’t talk about them. But what about the things which are so bad that they’re actually pretty damn funny? There’s a lot of things like this out there and that’s why we’ve been so vague. Join us as we have a look through our Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things.

We’re not limiting ourselves to anything in particular here. This isn’t an anime, or a video game, or a technology list. This is a list of all that is hilariously bad. I think you’re in for a treat if you’ve not heard of some of these.

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10) Goat Simulator


This phenomenal game, Goat Simulator, is all about living a day in the life of a goat. Exciting stuff, because now you can do what goats always do: Run, galumph, trot, lick things and let them get stuck to your tongue. Oh then there’s invading a Deadmau5 concert, headbutting humans off the top of cranes, climbing ladders with your head…

The point is, this game is so bad that it’s good. It was made to be a game that they kept all of the glitches in, but the cynic in me says they made it intentionally in a specific way. For instance: The tongue stretches a really long way… Really, really long. It seems like anyone who was truly programming a tongue mechanic would have considered this. However, it doesn’t matter, as the game was a huge success and it’s highly amusing. Bugs and all.

9) Game Grumps

This is a YouTube channel which follows two guys, Arin (Known as Egoraptor) and Danny (from bands such as Starbomb and Ninja Sex Party), playing video games. They don’t go very high on the list, as really the channel is highly entertaining, but we thought we’d give a special nod to them on our hilariously bad list for a few reasons.

Some of the things they say are taken and turned into animations, which in themselves can range from stunningly beautiful to downright awful (intentionally). These are often funny snippets with an animator to go over them. Game Grumps are also pretty bad at video games, according to their community. Whilst I don’t think they’re that bad (anyone who can remain sane after Sonic Boom is far better than I), the antics they get in through some rudimentary gameplay knowledge gaps is hilarious in its own rights. Also, I now really want to play some FROLF

Check out the Game Grumps antics here.

8) Time Cube


An infamous website which discusses one man’s idea that there are actually four days in a twenty-four hour period. He justifies this as each day being a square, thus there are four corners which divide the days up. Six hours passes by, one day passes us by. It’s quite a simple bit of philosophy, isn’t it?

Actually no, the website is full of insane ramblings and basically how this man can save you. In his mind, education is for fools. Nevermind though, the website has been up since the 90s and hasn’t been changed much since it first came out. He’s a well-known man, so I guess that’s always a plus? No one has taken his words seriously yet, but who knows..? Perhaps he was right all along..? Or perhaps it’s just a crazy rambler. Check it out here.

7) Half Life: Full Life Consequences

Allegedly written by a nine year old, Half Life: Full Life Consequences is one of the most infamous fan-fictions on the internet. It’s not very well written and overall it’s a bit of a weird read. However, the story didn’t really hit any form of notoriety until a YTMND (You’re The Man Now Dog) was made of it. But that wasn’t the end of this fanfictions rise to internet stardom.

No, it wasn’t until the video linked above did it really begin to reach the heights of its popularity. Coupling the story with a GMod animation, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Shame it was considered a bit of a laughing stock. I don’t see why, the story seems really well written. I might be lying.

“Its time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences” so he had to go. You can check out the original story here.

6) Predictive Texts


Don’t you hate it when you’re texting someone and you end up saying something completely different due to predictive texts? So do most of the world, including the recipient, but at least you can feel assured that people out there find your misfortune to be hilarious. Myself included. I don’t actually use predictive texts, which means I have to type every letter, but I feel fine knowing I won’t say another and end up texting your mother.

However, if there is one thing we should be thankful for, it’s that we were introduced to the concept of Damn You Auto-Correct. Whilst not strictly PG what so ever, some of these DYACs are so funny in that they’re completely out of the blue. The only reason this wouldn’t get higher on the list is many of them are doctored, which makes them a lot less funny… But there are some very genuine auto-corrects in this which ends up making it one of the silliest websites and indeed, one of the strangest features of smart phones.

5) FoodFight!


With an all star cast, including anthropomorphic dog detective Charlie Sheen, Hillary Duff and Christopher Lloyd, how could this go so wrong?

Foodfight! is a 2012 fully animated film with such a star-studded cast, that it could have only gone wrong. We’re listing this because the film is so cringeworthily bad that it needs to be spoken about. It needs to be shared with the world, we need to see what happens when people give incompetent writers a script and an idea of here, make a film about food brands coming to life. Because that’s what this is. Brands come to life.

Charlie Sheen is the protagonist in this as Dex Dogtective, as he goes out to save his girlfriend, Sunshine Goodness from… Something. With loads of licensed characters from famous food brands, Foodfight! had a really hard production life, which actually is quite interesting. Still, it’s so bad and so cringeworthy, a film aimed at children yet filled with very obvious innuendos and slurs, that it’s hard to believe this exists. Still, get your friends around and watch yourself some Foodfight! It’s considered the worst animated film of all time.

4) DOOM: Repercussions of Evil

“No! I must kill the demons” he shouted The radio said “No, John. You are the demons”
And then John was a zombie.

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Oh and you can read the original Fan Fiction here. I don’t think much more needs to be said about DOOM: Repercussions of Evil. It’s downright hilariously bad and that’s why it’s in this list. If you want to know a bit more about what it is before you go and read the actual fan fiction: This “trollfic” dates back to 2002, where it was a simpler time with less fictions in general. The story follows John Stalvern as he fights off demons and undead only for the biggest plot twist in any literatures history… He was the demons!


3) The Day of All The Blood

Another trollpasta! What’s going on in this list!? Well, this is the most insane, the downright silliest, the utterly most contemptible of all trollpastas ever written. Featured on, featured on YouTube, oh you name it, it’s been around the block and it knows how to make you cringe. This is a story about all of this blood.

Let me walk you through this one. A man started bleeding crazily, to where it was a lot of blood. There was so much blood that it filled up an elevator. There was so much blood that it was basically quite an inconvenience for everyone. It even attracted all of the vampires ever… This was enough to tip the scales and make humanity strap the man to a rocket and send him off to space. The worst part of all of this is that this man was you, or he was a lady if you are a lady and you forgot this ever happened. To be fair, this was me as well once, so I know this story. I have a pretty good memory of that day in fairness. It was the day of all the blood after all… And I felt heavily inconvenienced myself.

It’s a trollpasta that was made to poke fun at other creepypastas at the time. Using a lot of cliches that were already out there, Day of all the Blood is a prime example of what you can do if you want to write crap… and have a laugh with it.

2) Florida Man

A Twitter feed makes it all the way to number 2 on our list of Hilariously Bad Things… How is this possible? How can a Twitter feed be so bad that it’s so funny? This isn’t any old Twitter feed, this follows in the footsteps of a hero that nobody wants or needs. This is Florida Man.

In this Twitter feed, you get to read about all of the stupid things that happen in Florida. Apparently, it’s not one or two dumb things, like you might see in a typical headline… It’s almost a daily occurrence of dumb things. Sometimes, Florida Man might get his head stuck in a bin. Next he might try to rob a store whilst dressed as Darth Vader. He’s not your typical hero now, is he?! But Florida Man is indeed a hero to many.

Check out their Twitter feed here.

1) Birdemic vs The Room

Since the dawn of humanity, we have looked for things that are so bad, that we can only describe them from linking other peoples experiences. Here, we don’t have one of these. We have two of them. Two things that are so bad, that I can only give you a very brief description and a video for each of them. This is the final battle for the ultimate in stupidity. This is it guys, this is Birdemic vs The Room.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror by James Nguyen

Legendary is how you describe the stupidity of this film. With shots that don’t seem like they were real shots, with scenes that seem like they were made for a parody and one kindly old lady, we happen to have had Birdemic grace our screens. With some random love scenes, wooden acting and ridiculously bad audio quality, with shifting fuzziness to boot, we don’t see much about what the film has to do with birds at the start.

It isn’t until mid to late in the film do you see some poorly done CGI birds come in and drop… Er… Bombs. Or something. They kill people by flying past them, somehow. It’s crazy. It’s so poorly done that you can’t help but laugh at it! You can even watch our main character go to work, drive around a lot and boom. Scene done. Hoo boy. This’ll take some beating, but of course there’s one movie so infamous, it deserves to be in this vote.

The Room by Tommy Wiseau

This might be the most cringe inducing movie made and it’s known as one of the worst movies made. So there’s a parallel between Birdemic and The Room from the offset. The Room is by a man called Tommy Wiseau who also stars in the film as the primary protagonist. This is supposed to be a love film, for the record… But it comes across as insanely creepy and downright disturbing. It’s so bad, that the director himself has changed what it’s meant to be, saying it’s actually a black comedy.

So the film is all about a love triangle, a strange one at that. There’s people watching people do… things… And there’s a lot of toing and froing between the people who are supposedly in love or not. It’s so hard to determine what’s going on in this film! If you thought Troll 2 was a bad enough film, Birdemic and The Room go above and beyond. Now it’s down to you to decide which of these two films is truly the most hilariously bad thing of all time (according to GeekOut readers.)


Honourable Mentions

There are some things that are so hilariously bad, they deserve at least an honourable mention.

Bethesda Glitches

Bethesda, we really do love you, but you’ve become synonymous with having a plethora of glitches. The Elder Scrolls is the franchise I’ve been most happy with, from the days of Daggerfall and Morrorwind, right up to Skyrim, I don’t think Bethesda can make any bad decisions in the world of Tamriel. But what they can do, which we’ve seen countless times, is create buggy games. Don’t get me wrong: I could not do better, but The Elder Scrolls on release are usually pretty buggy. Skyrim, took the proverbial basket with this one though.

In the above video, we see an adventurer taking on a forest troll. He uses a Dragon Shout: Ice Form. This turns your opponents into a block of ice for a small amount of time. Skyrim is very smart about gravity and force, so if you use this move on an enemy who is on the top of a mountain at a decline, they’ll slip and slide down it. When they hit a peak at the bottom of the mountain however, the games physics got mightily confused. It would think that it was launching the enemy off, but instead of just flying off, the enemy would fly all about. This isn’t the only glitch Skyrim introduced. Couple this with dragons who could be blown away with a Dragon Shout and characters legs twitching heavily, randomly… Bethesda, we love you!




Check out more about the original creepypasta on

This isn’t really a creepypasta, but rather something known as a trollpasta. It’s a highly amusing short story about a guy who happens to be enjoying quality time with his beloved. All of a sudden, his phone starts to ring. He answers the phone and a voice on the other side asks him what is he doing with the voices daughter. Upon finishing the call, the guy is confused and asks his beloved about the strange phone call he just had. His beloved explains that she doesn’t have a dad…


Sorry. My jimmies just got rustled.


There we have it. We’ve had our list of things that are just hilariously bad. I mean we probably should have mentioned ourselves… That’s pretty bad in a funny way! Nevermind, vote below for next weeks Top 10 and vote above for your TRUE WINNER of this list. Is it Birdemic, or is it The Room?! YOU DECIDE!

Have you been thoroughly entertained with our list of things that are just so bad? They’re all bad for different reasons, but they’re all bad in their own rights. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not, but either way we felt these all deserved a mention on our eclectic list. As always, what did you think of the list? Is there anything you’d disagree with here? Do you have any suggestions for what should have, or could have made it into our list? As always, let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter. Join in the votes, let us know what you want for next weeks Top 10 and we’ll see you next week! Good grief, it’s December next week!!!

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  1. Have you seen Dominator? It’s a fantasy/horror movie filmed in 90s CGI with characters voiced by Mark & Lard and Dani from Cradle of Filth. It’s awesomely awful.


      1. Be warned this is 90s CGI and the whole movie looks like a bad PS1 cut scene! Charcaters even comment on how badly animated they are. But it dios feature a train made of skulls and it definitely fits the criteria of “hilariously bad things” :)


    1. I have seen Cradle of Fear, the truly awful slasher flick where he plays the summoned demon. Sadly undeserving of a place here but still laughably bad


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