Top 10 Goofy Protagonists

We love being a little bit silly here on GeekOut, so because we’re in the spirit of the season, we thought we’d have a list that was equally as silly as the season itself. Wait a minute, that’s not right – Christmas is a time of love, good will and cheer. Ah well, for the most part the list we’ve comprised of features some silly characters who would spread some Christmas cheer.

We love being a little bit silly here on GeekOut, so because we’re in the spirit of the season, we thought we’d have a list that was equally as silly as the season itself. Wait a minute, that’s not right – Christmas is a time of love, good will and cheer. Ah well, for the most part the list we’ve comprised of features some silly characters who would spread some Christmas cheer.

Not all of them though. Just because you’re a little bit goofy doesn’t mean you’re always a happy go lucky kind of character. Goofy comes in many shapes and sizes, as you’ll see below! In this weeks’ Top 10, we’re counting down our favourite 10 Goofy Protagonists, whether they’re happy, slimy or simply silly.

Top 10

10) Amazing Frog – Amazing Frog?

Amazing Frog

If you’re a frog, you’ve got not much going on in your little slimy life. You hop around, you chill out on lily pads, you eat flies and that’s all in your days’ work. Alternatively you could be a Super Frog, or a typical prince who has been turned into a frog, or play frog golf. But what happens when you encounter an Amazing Frog?

As well as all of the questions we have for the creators of this game, such as ‘why’ and ‘what’, we also want to say ‘Nice one!’ The frogs in Amazing Frog are basically ragdolls which you can run around as, or go splat into the side of buildings, cars, blimps, zombies and more. In doing so, you accumulate points and unlock sillier outfits. The Amazing Frog likes to tells us things, as it’s a bit of an eco-warrior, always striving to put old TVs in the dumpster (Because you know, this is normal). To top all this off, when running around trying to do whatever an Amazing Frog does, it’ll just randomly fart, loudly at that!

9) Twinsen – Little Big Adventure


Twinsen is the chosen one of his planet, Twosun. He’s a capable adventurer of sorts who is always looking out for the greater good, especially the greater good of his family and his friends. However, whilst he’s quite a sane, normal individual on a surface level, deep down, he might be one of the goofiest characters out there.

See, Twinsen seems to have a problem with his limbs. He really likes to exaggerate everything he does. From walking with a slight lean backwards, to running really quickly into walls and hurting himself, Twinsen is a master of being a ragdoll. When he wants to be aggressive, he’ll start to move with a swagger, which makes him most irritating to his enemies. When he’s trying to be sneaky, he’ll start to do some of the largest steps imaginable to tip toe around a room. Don’t even think of turning sporty mode on, his whole body sways with him as he gets running. Oh and just pick an item up: WHAT A PECULIAR LITTLE DANCE HE DOES. Does he think he’s a plane?!

Either way, Twinsen is goofy and lovable… and this is a seriously underrated gem.

8) Finn the Human – Adventure Time

Now compared to the rest of the land of Ooo Finn is the most normal, which in a way makes him as weird to them as he would be to the rest of us. He’s just a kid in the world’s biggest adventure play park, one that actually severs limbs and kills people in horrible and apocalyptic ways, but he’s super happy despite the fact that a leaf sword grew him a new arm. He’ll occupy hours at a time singing songs about stuff around him, composing tunes by face slapping, or playing weird pseudo-reality games. He attacks every challenge with a passion that borders on the preposterous, but he’s just this guy, y’know.

Finn the Human is the greatest hero the Candy Kingdom has on their side, a mighty warrior with a pure heart and an earnest attitude, which often comes as a package with a slightly daft outlook on life and weird little habits. Seems like it was something he was born with too, and along with building a pie-throwing robot, creating a wide and experimental range of expletives, and exhibiting a range of facial expressions even his shape-shifting dog-brother could pull off, he’s a full range of goofball!

7) Wario


Farting is a power, right?

Wario is basically the evil Mario. But all you have to do is look at his games such as WarioWare and Wario Land to realise that really, deep down, he’s not really so much of a bad guy. He’s more like a chaotic neutral. He does things to benefit himself, no matter how it pans out. Which leads us to playing his WarioWare games, short mini-games that he’s devised out of… Who knows what hell hole… Just to make you play his games and make him money.

But that’s not the only reason why he’s goofy. When you see him in Smash Bros, he fights by farting at his opponents, butt bashing them, riding a very combustible motorcycle and likes to bite people with his massive mouth. His style is very odd and out there, his ethics are questionable, but often we find ourselves rooting for this bad guy… and often, we root for him from his own eyes.

6) Abe – Oddworld



If farting is a super-power then only one creature in existence could possibly top Wario, and even then that’s a maybe. The former-slave Mudokon leads a revolution of his hunch-backed and clutzy brethren and helps them into freedom using his mind controlling chant and the ability to open portals, an abilities that only open up in him when he realises his enslaved kin are about to be massacred wholesale. Abe is not strong, smart, or all that graceful, but bless him he does his best.

Abe’s Scooby-Doo style of sneaking and bad-head-cold voice do not an awe-inspiring hero make, nor do the bulbous eyes and scrawny limbs but they do make him adorable, in a weird and wrinkly kind of way. And that little chuckle whenever his oppressors die (or whenever he leaves an exploding fart trap) also help build a fiercely lovable character that’s almost impossible to take seriously.

5) Goofy


Well this one should have been an obvious pick for the Top 10 itself, shouldn’t it? He’s not exactly the wackiest of all of the characters in our list, but he still needed a mention on here. After all, this list was named after him, wasn’t it?

Goofy is a hard one to place, because you don’t usually follow him in the traditional protagonist sense. He’s more of a supporting character. However, when your accent makes you say “huh, gawrsh” instead of oh gosh, you’re immediately a little bit… Goofy. He’s also been the protagonist of two of his own movies (Which were funny in their own right). He’s not exactly brainy, but he does show some incredibly bravery in its place, especially in Kingdom Hearts. Love him or hate him, Goofy is an iconic character who has been around for a fair while now and he’s going to stick with us for as long as Disney and Kingdom Hearts stays.

4) Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo – Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo


No I didn’t forget how to write a coherent sentence in the title of this section, his name really is Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo and he’s from a series of the same name. We reviewed Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo on this website, back in the early days of GeekOut’s existence, but what could make this admittedly strangely named man such a strange character (if his name doesn’t convince you already)?

Coupled with a weird name, Bobobo, as he’s known to friends, is out there to fight Tsar Baldy Bald the Fourth, who is trying to make everyone Bald. His attacks include using his nose hair to whip through his opponents and one of his best attacks is Snot For You. If this wasn’t goofy enough, he’s huge and sports the most impressive blond afro I’ve ever seen. Bobobo is a very abnormal character and will often spend his time trying to wig out his opponents (and often even his friends). Heck, in one episode he demanded his companion, Beauty, carts him around as he wanted to know what it’s like to be a sandwich.

3) The Mask

No living human being is goofier than Jim Carey, and no role better suited his mad-cap antics and limb-heavy performance than the 1994 adaption of the Dark Horse comic book series The Mask. Of course hiding his face behind a CGI mask animated so heavily it very nearly stole the show only served to make the role that much more wacky, if a little less dark and aggressive than the source material which was a little more Joker and less Wile E. Coyote.

Loki’s entertaining little toy makes the wearer a super-powered reality bending mischief maker with no conscience and a deep desire to fulfil every dark urge of its’ alter-ego. In the case of Stanley Ipkis, this makes him into a real-life cartoon character, able to manifest puns, summon over-sized mallets and tommy-guns from his pockets and turn into a whirling rumba-hurricane, a rumbacane if you will.

2) The Tick


Justice does not lurk on rooftops, he stands there proudly, a beacon in blue, giving a soliloquy to an audience he doesn’t even know is there. Evil is everywhere in “The City”, and its schemes and its’ plots are as ridiculous as the hero who stands in its way! Now the Tick has no back story, no name, and no sense of social reason, protecting the citizens despite the fact that he couldn’t hold a rational conversation with any of them, although he has a far easier time talking to the plumbing.

Despite the fact that he’s more commonly found smashing his way through buildings and criminals alike, his down-time is filled with constant vigilance and new and hitherto unthought of plans to stop evil in its tracks, sprinkled with such nuggets of ingenious philosophy as “Squeeze the milk of life into your dirty glass and drink it warm.” Little wonder that Arthur has been swept up in the big blue crusade, the shaking wreck needs a strong and uncontrollable force to guide him along an erratic but probably righteous path.

1) The Animaniacs

It’s practically impossible to keep a straight face when there’s baloney in your slacks, good job they’re not trying. Prisoners of the Warner Studios water tower, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner head off a cast of similarly wacky characters including ambitious rodents Pinky and The Brain, Hello Nurse, The Goodfeathers, and their oft tormented caretakers Dr. Otto Scratchansniff and the security guard Ralph. It was a series rife with parody, subtle humour, slapstick, and comic overacting ingeniously woven together that crafted a generation of kids who somehow still balance intellect with a failure to grow up. That’s us by the way.

Much of the parody holds true today, and a certainly all of the comedy would still be good today, and YouTube is still filled with clips that are good for a LARF (poik) and teach us the lessons taught to us by the wheel of morality, and Good Idea Bad Idea (never dry clean your pets). So if you’re in the mood to feel really really smart while watching something stupid, crazy, animanie, cockamamie, Citizen Kaney, try the Animaaaaaniacs!

Honourable Mentions

Characters can be downright wacky at times, but none the less, these two characters needed a nod for being a little bit of an oddball too. Whether they’re considerably as goofy as our Top 10 however, that’s a question for another day.

Crash Bandicoot


Anyone who fondly remembers the 90s Sony mascot will reminisce over the times he used to end a level by doing his little dance. It’s a highly memorable dance which has spawned some amazing parody dances in the process, but that’s only one of the Bandicoots goofiest habits. As well as this, he was a bandicoot that wears jeans and big old trainers for crying out loud. How silly can you get in terms of character design?

Oh right, I guess him having a Wumpa fruit bazooka wasn’t goofy enough to make this list either. By collecting Wumpa throughout the game (100 giving you an extra life), you could fire them as ammo in some of the games. Where did he even keep that thing!? Who knows, but over time and the more enemies he defeats he gets crazier, with goofier powers. From a massive bodyslam attack, double jumps and Wumpa bazookas, coupled with his fascination for running around with Tiki masks on his face, Crash has earned a place in our hearts… and an honourable mention on this goofy list.



Yeah, he’s back again.

This makes Deadpool‘s sixth entry in a Top 10 list, but hey, he’s a pretty epic guy! He’s got great all-round comedy value, whether it’s breaking the fourth wall, cramming himself into a kids’ ride or pretending to be Ryan Reynolds, he’s always gotta work in the gags, and that’s why we can’t wait for the film.

What else can we say on the subject of the merc with a mouth? Not a lot. His seventh outing might well just be a heading.

We’re done, we’ve gone all goofy now and we’ve had enough of the downright insanity. Now it’s up to you to get involved. Remember to vote for next weeks’ Top 10, of which we’re snowballing out of control for a winter themed Top 10! Let us know what you thought of our list: Have we missed any one? Your suggestions are always read! Please comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.

Author: GeekOut Media Team

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