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Now I’m no rap fan, but there are two great exceptions to that particular preference. The first has to be Epic Rap Battles of History, as long time readers will know we are big fans here at GeekOut, and while I know that plenty of rap artists have clever lyrics, it’s rare to find any quite so educational. I guess it’s just that rap doesn’t speak to me culturally.

Of course if you’re looking for a rapper who taps the kind of culture I associate with, well then cast thy gaze at yonder pith-helmeted adventurer.

Brit, steampunk airship pilot, friend to geeks of all manners, tea enthusiast, former English teacher, and rather good rapper to boot, Professor Elemental occupies a niche he sculpted for himself in the music industry. Between himself and arch nemesis Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer they have cornered the market on upper-class lyric slinging that is more commonly referred to as Chap-Hop, a form that’s starting to spread amongst apologetic Englishmen with a love of song.

Elemental (or Paul Alborough without the helmet) has spread his brand to comics, toys, games, a plethora of other media works, and all in the name of a jolly good time. He’s a firm favourite on the convention scene, in particular featuring regularly on the stage at Kitacon, and milling around the crowds off stage too. It was here that I took a liking to his style and approached him for an interview, and despite his enthusiasm time and opportunity repeatedly got in the way until at long last we managed to squeeze in a few minutes on Skype for a quick geeky Q&A.

Here’s what we talked about…


Check out Ape Quest here, the story of the search for the Prof’s loyal orangutan butler Geoffrey through space and time, or have a gander at his other works here. Keep your eyes on the guest list at Kitacon, and on the billboard at your local venues.

And as always, a huge thanks to Professor Elemental for his time, and his unflappable cheer.

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  1. B and I are huge fans of the Prof – in fact we’re looking forward to seeing him this weekend at the Steampunk Yule Ball in Exeter. Looking forward to catching your interview with him!

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