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GeekOut Bristol Meet – Christmas ’15

This past Saturday, the Bristol geeks got together once again to celebrate all that is geek. This post contains this months gallery, some information about the events and potential things for future events and just the general catch up as we do every month. Join Timlah as we look through the GeekOut Bristol Meet – Christmas ’15.

Many new people came to this event, which happened to be one of our largest events to date. I was thoroughly excited to have people get together for another meetup, however this month had a few features that made it different to most months. Notably was the addition of the Super Secret Santa event, which was where people had a limit of £10 to buy a Secret Santa present for anyone. Literally, you could buy a Hello Kitty doll and it ends up with someone who is in love with Transformers. A bit of a gamble, but GeekOut in return after a night of Secret Santa got a new game: Love Letter! Thank you to our lovely secret Santa.

When people left the event, we gave them a free poster for attending. If you missed out on your opportunity to get a poster at this event, or if you were unable to come to the event, we’ll be selling our posters for £5 including postage and packaging for mainland UK. More details to follow for international sales. With more books and comics than ever before, along with board games and video games, such as our two star video games; Worms Reloaded and Quiplash, this was a huge event and it felt big. Free Santa hats were given out to everyone who attended, too!

Thanks to Pete, the designer and friend of 1001Up, next time we get a trophy, we’ll be getting a Grophy instead (a goat trophy). It seems the goat will be our official mascot going forward, so hurrah! Gareth also had a great offer to GeekOut: To help Kim and Phil of 1001Up with their SpecialEffect charity event, Gamely Giving 2016, Gareth has offered to give the prize for an event they act as judges for. We’ll be having a cosplay competition with a two pound entry. All of the money will go towards SpecialEffect and Gamely Giving 2016. The prize on offer is a bespoke cosplay or LARP costume (minus props) made for the winner. Thanks Gareth from Boni d’Age Costumes and thanks Kim and Phil from 1001Up!

Were you at this event? The pictures will be uploaded to Facebook on Friday 11th December, so feel free to tag yourself in then. As always, thank you so much for reading and thank you to everyone who attended. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year from GeekOut Meetups. Please leave a comment below, or if you’d prefer, message us over on Facebook and Twitter. Join in the conversation and we’ll be back for GeekOut Meetups early next year (Friday 8th).


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