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YouTube is a one of the most inundated platforms for human oddness, and we’ve gone through some of the finer examples that fulfil various categories of weirdness BUT we’re trying to keep a tight lid on our family-friendly content, so any weirdness with too much nudity, bad language or gore… well, up to a point, we can’t get too tame in this category, so be prepared for things to get a little messy.

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The real beauty of the internet is the power to upload whatever you like, no matter how low the quality, how niche the target market, or how weird, and weird is exactly where the internet went. Dark, outlandish, wacky, surreal, eccentric, or just completely outside of the normal, we’ve seen it all and yet we can’t help but feel there’s still more to come. Weird is getting less and less weird to us and yet we still keep finding new and interesting ways to creep each other out or make us stop for just a moment so that our brains can catch up to what we’ve just seen.

YouTube is a one of the most inundated platforms for human oddness, and we’ve gone through some of the finer examples that fulfil various categories of weirdness BUT we’re trying to keep a tight lid on our family-friendly content, so any weirdness with too much nudity, bad language or gore… well, up to a point, we can’t get too tame in this category, so be prepared for things to get a little messy.

Here’s the Top 10 Weird YouTube videos.

Top 10

10) The Poptart Tragedy

Heartbreak, agony, love and loss were never so eloquently summarised, as in this saga of confession, trust and toasted pastries. The original copy-pasta/greentext story came during the swell of “I cri evertim” stories in about 2011, tales so badly written, spelled and worded that they are masterpieces in their own right, and usually culminating in a kind of moral or punchline.

The poptart tragedy may very well be the most famous of its kind, and certainly it was the first we thought of. Somehow we love a bad story as much as a good one so long as it’s bad enough to be both memorable and laughable, and this particular example tugs firmly on the heartstrings and funny bones in equal measure.

Or it’s just funny because it sounds stupid, and gets even more so when given a dramatic voiceover, either way you’ll end up wandering exactly what you just watched and why you’re still laughing.

9) Ooga Chaka Baby

The classic Ooga Chaka Baby! But pray tell, what on earth is this doing on our list? It’s just a dancing baby.

Actually, there’s a lot about this baby that really makes us laugh… because of how bloody absurd it is. It’s not only just a really weirdly animated dancing baby (though for the time it was relatively revolutionary), this was probably the first ever viral video. It actually pre-dates YouTube by quite a bit, but now lives merrily on the platform. I mean it’s bad enough when you watch a really drunk relative do a dance like this, but when you watch this animated baby get down to the groove…

… Wait a minute, what groove?! This is just some people chanting the words Ooga Chaka over and over again, with little to no context. That might be a little bit unfair, as there is a bit more to the song. Still, this video did start to breed really bad, similarly viral videos, such as the Crazy Frog. Never do we need another tragedy like that ever again

8) AMV Hell 3


Anime was weird enough before the internet got hold of it!

The AMV Hell series takes anime clips and edits them together with different audio and turned into a comedy sketch-show. It started with a couple of short experimental videos, no more than twenty minutes each, but now we’re at AMV Hell 7, the last five of which have been over an hour long, and there’s been two seasons of mini-cuts, special editions, competitions, and the… smutty versions…

So why pick episode 3?

Well, the thing about the series is that it takes already funny, memorable, and brilliant material and breathes new life into it, making for weirdly quotable comedy moments, and AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture does it better than all the others. It opens with the quote “At least I have chicken”, and only goes sideways through Evangelion, Azumanga Daioh, Hellsing, Azumanga Daioh again, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Azumanga Daioh, Sailor Moon, Akira and… well y’know. All mixed with just the right pop culture and geeky jokes.

Who’s thinking these thoughts? Who makes these connections? Lunatic anime fans, that’s who! Lunatics like us!

7) Nyan Cat

NYAN_CATLove it or hate it, we have all felt the effects of the Nyan Cat craze. When memes were really truly taking off and gaining a life of their own on the internet, this adorable little ditty came out and made half of the world excited to see it… and the other half trying to rip the eardrums out of their ears. That might be a little bit extreme, but some people find this meme so genuinely annoying and I think I understand why – It’s about the repetition and randomness of it all.

Nyan Cat is a perfect representation of all that is random and weird. It was a completely unexpected video, no warning about it, nothing. It’s basically the essence of the internet in one video: Cats, pooping rainbows, catchy tunes and… I guess pop-tarts? They might want to rethink that last bit, but ultimately, this video is the perfect encapsulation of all that is weird and happy. Where would we all be without you, little Nyan Cat?

6) Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared


The series has gotten no less unsettling since its first episode, but Creative was made all the worse for how little we could have prepared for the darkly twisted Sesame Street styled puppet show. Innocent characters are slowly drawn into darkness by art, a light shone upon the heartbreaking truth of their world, they are pawns of the media, made to indoctrinate, and do as their told… creatively!

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared had a successful Kickstarter campaign that has fuelled three more episodes, with one more still to come, and while they’re all mind-bending in their way that first episode took the world by surprise as our new fuzzy felt-stitched friends are hurled down the rabbit hole and into a world of flesh and glitter.

5) Salad Fingers

It’s sad to say that remembering the hayday of Newgrounds makes you a little long in the tooth so far as the internet is concerned, and yet so many of the greatest creations in Flash Animation got their starts in life right there, and creators such as David “Fat Pie” Firth was amongst the earliest stand-out talents with his bleak creation, the emaciated, green-skinned degenerate with a tactile fixation, living in a desolate, blasted landscape… Salad Fingers.

Across ten episodes that span a full decade of work, Salad Fingers becomes a universe in his own right, building a cast of characters from the puppets, mutants and freakish inhabitants to whom he (she?) ascribes special meaning, usually of his own creation. It’s made very clear that he is mad even by the standards of what few living creatures encounter him, as they seem almost fearful or loathing when he comes close.

The series is interspersed with grotesque imagery that is rarely over-played to the point where we become desensitised, and the sound design only further supports the shudders every minute sends down our spines. The series was one of the earliest “watch it if you can” challenges, and while it may seem almost tame by the today’s standards, to some of us it still carries a very special charm. Watch the other episodes at your own discretion.

4) Little Baby Ice-Cream

This is a special time…

Adverts are supposed to grab our attention, and that’s getting harder and harder when we’re constantly bombarded with it on TV, in cinema, on the internet, so adverts have to find new and unusual ways to stand out. Well that’s happened so much that some of the weirdest footage you’ll ever find came from the deepest recesses of marketing departments.

But is it the concept that makes this Ice-Cream advert so weirdly hypnotising? Or is it those eyes? The look of glee and ecstasy on his face with every mouthful he scoops from the top of his head seems to pierce you to your very core, as the eyes lost amidst the pale, creamy exterior widen with joy. Or perhaps the softly chiming music in the background, the soft voice telling you how great life is, and how ice-cream only makes it better? All of it comes together into one of the most haunting images you may ever see, and you’ll never forget Little Baby Ice-Cream.

3) Baaa – Cyriak

When you can watch a little lamb running on a field for some time, being ever so gleeful in his little pursuit for something, you can’t help but feel a little elated. This creature is so happy, so silly. The lamb even turns its head towards us, as if to let us know it knows it’s being silly. It sticks its tongue out and we now see this lamb is one of the most wonderfully elated animals on the planet at this moment in time. Couple this with some funny, silly music and we happen to have a wonderful music video to a happy lamb just running about on a field, like it would do on a normal, happy day.

But of course, it’s a Cyriak video, a man well known in the industry for having produced some of the most amazing animations on YouTube. His style is so unique, so distinctive, that it even landed him some jobs advertising for the BBC, and more recently, Adult Swim. So this happy little lamb has to stop being normal soon enough and start revealing what’s inside of itself. Honestly, when you see the change from a normal every day lamb to mecha-mega lamb, you know something has gone wrong somewhere in the evolutionary line.

2) Transfiguration – Olivier de Sagazan


This one might be the strangest one on our list, rather than the weirdest. Let me elaborate on this one a little bit, because if you watch the video, it might make absolutely no sense to you. Before you watch it; this is a performance. An art experiment performance; which means it’s going to be weird! The man in the video, Olivier de Sagazan, decided to do a whole series on these performances, which sees him taking on a transfiguration, a transformation if you like. Move aside Rammstein, your music videos get a bit weird when being artistic, but this takes the candle for strange videos!

He covers himself in clay and does some downright scary things in the process. The whole time is supposed to be symbolic of his mental state of mind, a state of change and if you watch it from a purely artistic perspective, it’s alarmingly smart. Channelling your frustrations away through this transfiguration – It’s powerful. However, not many people view it as an arty experiment, even though it’s more or less explained in the title. No, instead people like to view this at face value: a man covers himself in clay, paints himself up a bit, puts some hair on and cuts his clay face open with a big ol’ blade, then starts talking with a giant clay mouth. Is it our weirdest? Nope, but it’s certainly one of the most unsettling – and for that, I guess this one does its job nicely.

1) I Feel Fantastic

On the face of it, this video is downright disturbing. From the low quality video that we’re presented with, to the eerie music the being in front of us is singing to. Not to mention the lifeless, soulless sounding voice it has. This is one of those videos that cannot be explained, because the internet have tried tirelessly to get a hold of the creator of this video, always to be met with a blunt ‘no comment’. What’s worse are all of the disturbing theories about why the video was made, including a fetish for women’s clothing to allegations of a serial killer (I mean just look at that garden shot near the end!)

However, whilst the video cannot be explained, the thing you see singing to you can. Meet Tara the Android and she is utterly fascinating, in a really weird way. She’s an android that can communicate with humans in some of the most impressive ways. The video above is a really peculiar one about Tara herself, rather than focusing on the downright disturbing I Feel Fantastic video. Regardless of what the creator does with his time, I am glad that he made Tara. It’s weird as all hell, but damn is it interesting to find out more about the robotics industry? Tara is well known on the internet, but what some people might not realise, is that this android has been around for a very long time.

Honourable Mentions

How are you feeling? Uncomfortable? Disturbed? You should be, oh but we’re not done on this trip through the uncanny valley and over the hills of disconcertion right into your house to whisper strange things from under your bed while you sleep! As usual we had a hard time narrowing the internet’s finest and freakiest down to only ten entries and we had to leave so much out of the running that not even our honourable mentions list will suffice. Delve deeper if you wish but know that the iceberg goes dark when you go beneath the surface.

Here are the honourable mentions…


Perhaps the weirdest part about Charlie Sheen’s drug fuelled melt-down and the interview that made it very public, is that the first reaction of the internet was not sympathy, damnation, or even mockery really. No, the first thing we did was set it to music. Really catchy music too, somehow it became one of the most memorable songs to have come out of internet culture.

Now the interview’s contents are just a parade of gloriously strange quotes, perhaps the most famous being the Tiger Blood comment. Sheen was not exactly apologetic about his drug abuse during the interview and he’s not gone back on the whole thing either, he seems to have sobered up a little but he’s only playing up to his label in the roles he’s been picking up since then.

The interviewer knows very little about bipolar disorder, but damn if Charlie Sheen doesn’t know how to retort to accusations of… well, the truth.

React World

React World

This isn’t per se a video, but a sequence of events that happened surrounding The Fine Bros. When I first heard about it, I thought this was a company trying to protect their brand and that a few people got the wrong end of the stick. Then, I read more and watched more videos on the matter and hoo boy, this was a can of worms I never thought a very famous YouTube channel would open. If you’ve not heard of the disgusting idea behind React World, don’t be alarmed by what I’m about to say: They have since realised the error of their ways, cancelled the whole plan and we only have we, the people, to thank for it. Let me explain why:

React World was the idea to trademark the term React for videos. They wanted to trademark the mere concept of a react video, having not really thought about the fact that people were around before them doing react videos. Not only that, they were going to tell people they had to pay for the right to do reaction videos. Now, the issue is that the way they went about it was far too vague, especially too vague to be taken seriously. So the internet banded together and they produced stat after stat, law after law, you name it, they found it. Why were they working so hard to stop this? Effectively in its own special way, this is the same as internet censorship, or just profiteering off an idea rather than a product, which is something that we here in GeekOut are seriously against. Provide a valuable product, people will gladly buy that. Produce great content and be paid for your time… Don’t try to trademark your name which is an all-encompassing word “React”.

Whether their intentions were good or not, The Fine Brothers seriously suffered. From 14 million followers that was in nothing but a positive spin, always going up in numbers, to now losing hundreds of thousands of followers. The Fine Brothers damaged their reputation heavily this year… and it was weird, as only a little bit before, their videos were downright loved and possibly respected. At least they’ve cancelled all of this project.

And with that you can relax, at least as much as you feel comfortable doing so knowing what you know now! How did we do? What videos have left you with sleepless nights, or too confused and boggled to even speak? Come share your favourites with us in the comments, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Once again, thank you all for reading, enjoying and taking part. We’ll be back next week with your pick for a new Top 10.

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