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GeekOut Tube – New Videos

Are you subscribed to our GeekOut YouTube channel? We’ve done a few quick changes, there’ll be new videos going up soon and more… But what can you expect from the new and improved GeekOut Tube? What series are going to happen? Read on!

They say change is a good thing – and for our YouTube channel, this certainly could be the case. We’re now up to 30 subscribers, which is pretty nice to see. Hopefully we’ll keep expanding our YouTube channel, until we’re past the 200,000,000,000 mark. (Pro Tip: That’s a joke!) At the moment, the only series that we’re definitely going to be continuing on a permanent basis is our GOPlays Stonekeep series.

But what is happening to all of the other series we sort of started but aren’t continuing with on a permanent basis? Why have I stopped releasing GeekOut Plays Stonekeep articles too? Well, I’m thinking of getting a schedule going for our channel – To the point where I even have started to call the channel GeekOut Tube. This isn’t a huge departure from what we had, but recently I was able to tidy up how the channel page looks and added in a banner… And even started to change the names of all of the videos on the channel, so that they meet a much more consistent format.

Channel Art

Simple enough isn’t it? It didn’t need to be anything more than that, but if you have suggestions for what that should look like instead, let me know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. In the mean time then, we’ll be looking to release a minimum of 2 videos per week, but I’ll aim for 3 or 4. As well as this, I’m hoping to get podcasts going up on YouTube with a simple animation, akin to the GOInterviews Professor Elemental video.

We’re trying to improve our consistency, but really what I’m aiming to do is provide something that’s a nice bit of light-hearted entertainment. I’m not content with just talking over the top of a game, because let’s face it: far too many channels out there do this. It’s not enough to simply record playing a game, but to actually make some compelling content around it. Hopefully, those who have been watching my Stonekeep series will have seen me doing more and more editing, with titles and very precisely timed jokes, the giant “HIT” and “MISS” that appears whenever I am fighting, etc. If you’re one of the people who’ve seen these episodes, let me know: Does that work? Is my humour on point?

I ask all these questions because ultimately, the more I make videos, the more I realise I really am enjoying it. I want to know what works for people and what doesn’t work for them. For instance, regular commenter and all around awesome person, AngryJellyfish, I’ve seen them so much in the comments on YouTube and I know the episodes are being enjoyed, at least by someone, so thank you for your consistent input – It’s really appreciated, from the bottom of my heart! Hopefully in the coming months, we’ll get more and more content going. I’m also trying to record board games and doing filming and animation around that… So watch this space for those videos!

In the mean time then, if you’re wondering what we’re going to be doing over the coming weeks; here’s a snapshot of what’s to come:

  • The Skelebones from the East – Stonekeep #26 | GOPlays
  • Froggy Throggis – Stonekeep #27 | GOPlays
  • Dungeons & Dragons & Mental Health | GOCast #1
  • Console Wars – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion | GOPlays
  • Sushi Go! – How To Play | GOTables
  • Welcome to GeekOut Tube | Introduction Video

Do any of these videos sound like your cup of tea? How about the little bit of diversity I’m trying to pack into the channel? Let me know what you’re looking forward to seeing the most out of those, either in the comments below, or over on social media: Facebook and Twitter. Please remember to like and comment on any video you enjoy and please do subscribe to our channel. It’ll mean the world to me! Here’s hoping I can produce content that makes you laugh… Or if not; at least have laugh with me. YouTube is a medium I never thought I’d step into, so thanks to everyone who has taken their time to watch my little adventure onto the video sharing platform.


3 responses

  1. Cheers for the mention, as always! The Stonekeep videos are highly entertaining, and not just because of the game, your commentary and recent edits certainly add to it. :) And more variation can only be a good thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    February 15, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    • Cheers for this! Always good to hear what’s working and what isn’t working! Besides, I’m more or less doing the Stonekeep LP now because of 3 things:
      1) I loved it as a kid.
      2) Joel also likes it!
      3) It’s being watched – And I love that! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      February 15, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    • <- 26! :P


      February 15, 2016 at 11:23 pm

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