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Is SUPERHOT super hot?

SUPERHOT is Available for Windows, SteamOS & Mac via HumbleBundle & Steam (RRP £17.99)

SUPERHOT has been on my radar for some time. I played the original demo probably two years ago and was very impressed so when they decided to Kickstarter the game I went ahead and backed it. I must admit I was really looking forward to play the final release, so I picked up my copy on it’s official release of 25th February 2016.

For those not in the know SUPERHOT is a first person shooter with a difference, its main feature being that time only moves when you do. This concept alone is a little hard to explain but imagine time always being stopped until you move which can be as simple as moving your head in any direction. Once you learn this you begin to understand just how powerful this ability is but also how much you rely upon moving in any game. You have to remember activities that cannot be stopped mid-way like jumping or throwing and picking up an object both of which take up what could be vital microseconds.


The game has a very styled look, the main man’s taking on a look of an old computer system, it even has a little mini game in it called “Tree Dude” which alone is hugely fun and frustrating. The actual first person side of the game again has a very unique art style with the entire environment taking on a white hue with pickups being black and your enemies being these “Red dudes”. Now I don’t want to give any spoilers on the story play through but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience no matter how short it was (approx 2-3 hours). The story mode is about 25 or so levels that slowly introduces you to more concepts and more red dudes. It makes the whole story really interactive by forcing you to type on the keyboard to reply to a conversation you are having and even at one point quit the game. This reminded me a lot of Arkham Asylum where you meet Scarecrow at at one point the game fakes a reset and starts all over again. It’s immersive gameplay like this that I really love.

Once the main storyline is done it opens ‘endless’ and ‘challenge’ mode which is really where the core of the gameplay is. In challenge mode you take on the story again but with different challenges added, only being able to make Katana kills for instance. Endless is as you guess it, the red dudes keep on coming in more and more waves getting harder and harder. There really is not much more to the game which to some people might find disappointing for the price but I am more than happy with. I’ve played it for about 6 hours so far and I love to be able to just fire it up and kill some red dudes and put it down again so can see me putting many more hours in so the game is worth it.


I need to touch on one major negative point before I sing SUPERHOT’ praises. It crashes on my system a lot. I had to replay through several of the storyline missions just because it would get to a bit and then bomb out. Now this may be down to a lot of things but I am hoping if it is the game that the developers patch it because there is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a good ‘endless’ run and the game crashing out on you.

With that said I must say that this game although brings nothing majorly innovative in the form of graphics it does bring style and feel in spades. The feel you get throwing an object at someone, risking jumping over a table grabbing their gun and popping them with it to only throw the same gun at the next oncoming red dude and stealing whatever weapon they have. You also have to remember that guns take time to reload and you cannot re-fire them until they have done so. The game hints at the status of any gun you’re holding, simply by using the crosshair and you begin to listen out for that all too familiar click of the next bullet in the chamber. Guns seem to have a random amount of ammo in which is not indicated on the HUD at all. When you run out of bullets, you learn to throw the gun at the next incoming red dude then plan how you’re going to survive.

It’s not often I say believe the hype but I am really glad that I invested in this game. It’s not perfect but I know games that cost £60 that are not perfect, it is by far one of the best games I have recently played and it deserves to be acknowledged for what it does. It’s getting a lot of negative reviews on Steam because of the shortness of the story but this game is not about the story, it’s about the experience and feel, an interactive art project if you will. When you manage to chain together some moves it makes you feel like a true badass and that alone makes me want to play it more. Now if you forgive me I need to go kill some more red dudes.

Did you invest in SUPERHOT? Are you happy with your investment? Why not tell us what you thought of the game and your thoughts on if the game is worth the price despite the short storyline.

Score: 8/10


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  1. For those people who are interested in buying SUPERHOT they just release a patch today –


    March 3, 2016 at 10:01 pm

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