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Comics: Silvertongue Issue 2 Review

Last year, we reviewed a comic called Silvertongue – It was a really fun read, so I implore you to go and check out our review from last year ASAP. This year however, the creator of the comic Fernando, has come back to me with Issue 2. Does the second issue meet the expectations set from the first? Join Timlah as he reviews this indie comic!

Silvertongue 30xx

If you don’t remember from last time, Silvertongue is a comic about an intergalactic law attorney. I’m not kidding – It sounds awesome and it was pretty awesome. Made by Fernando Sarmiento, known online as Little Nando, Silvertongue follows the (mis)adventures of Silvertongue Hernandez, who has a razor sharp tongue and a bit of an issue for keeping his plans simple.

We left the last issue with Hernandez in grave peril, to quickly catch you up with the wacky world they live in: Law has become a televised sport of kinds. Courtrooms travel around from state to state on a train, which means that the laws can change relatively easily. Sentencing is done live, people are brought to justice live and it’s all around crazy. Previously, Hernandez was helping a tribe of Indians get through a tough legal issue.

In this issue, Hernandez has to get himself back to the court room to deal with the fake Indian tribesman called Mr. King. Using all the help they can get, the Indian tribesmen try to bring the train to a halt before it crosses the border. Once it passes the boarder, the case will be closed. Meanwhile, whilst the train slows down, the court has to continue hearing the case – So will they sentence him in time, or will they fail in their trial?

Hernandez Badge

I really liked this second issue of Silvertongue. It followed on from the first nicely, explaining a few of the stranger things that happened at the end of the last issue. What I particularly liked was the development of Hernandez himself; showing that he’s mostly face and bravado. He’s got a lot of guts and because of that, it makes for great reading. Coupled the well written story with the incredibly good art, this’ll make a fine read for any comic enthusiast.

If this comic sounds good to you, then here’s some good news! The comic is available for less than £1.50 (Well it costs £1.49), which is less than some bottled drinks! You couldn’t buy many comics for this price, so why not go and check it out over on Comixology? Share the love – Does this sound like a good second issue? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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