April TV Hype

I can talk forever about the approaching war, and the theories of DC’s potential demise. And Spider-Man, and Apocalypse, and a thousand other things coming to the cinema over the next little while but there are other, equally exciting things afoot on the small screen.

Daredevil Season 2

Or maybe The Defenders Season 3 if you prefer. The staggering successes of the first season led to an almost immediate renewal, but it’s being shoehorned into a pre-planned structure to include the recent series Jessica Jones. It’s not certain yet as to whether or not Jones has been renewed but with Luke Cage on the way later this year that should account for that, and the presence of Electra and the Hand suggest tie-ins to our final team-member Iron Fist.

But what of this approaching instalment? Quite an unexpected addition, so could it be a filler arc, or something else altogether? There are already high hopes for Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, and some doubts concerning the involvement of Elektra whether Elodie Yung does a good job or not, but at this point Charlie Cox is above questioning. The new suit may have sparked some irritation amongst die-hards but it ties in well with the rest of the MCU style.

Daredevil returns this Friday, enjoy your weekend folks.

Game of Thrones Season 6

Complete with the slightly cliché cover of Wicked Game (larf) we got a fast paced trailer for the new season for the end of April. We’re delivered a lot of information in a very short space of time, the return of Mountainstein’s Monster, a return to Bran’s story with the ancient gods and the White Walkers, and a sort-of confirmation of fan theories regarding John Snow, who is looking less and less dead by the minute. I think that may have been Arya Stark doing a Jason Bourne impression…

Oh the teasing is strong with this season. This season is officially off the books, so even those who’ve invested the time into reading and comparing, pointing out entire absentee characters, inserted characters, story arcs and differences, they are left twisting in the wind with the rest of us lowly saps who got halfway through the first book and said “eh, I was enjoying this more” and settles down to some other series while they waited for a new episode. That said, I have a nasty tendency for spoilerific research, and I’m curious to see what becomes of Euron Greyjoy.

Game of Thrones will be back on the 24th of April, the day before Civil War releases. Contain yourselves geeky people!

Archer P.I

I protest that this is geeky. While the future of cartoon series for adults is a conversation for some other day, there are animations like this that hit some serious geek cred that- y’know what, I’ll do this next week, see you Tuesday for that.

Archer is going slightly of genre again, but instead of a return to Vice or back to spy-work, looks like we’re going into private investigation with moustaches. The strangely close-to-the-bone caricatures have proven to be superb at screwing up whatever they turn their hands to, including shark-jumping and unapologetic film homages and parodies, and the titular Archer may be utterly loathsome but as a cartoon character he’s kind of endearing.

Last time they dropped a trailer like this one we saw about half of what came up in it, the rest turned out to be Archer’s deluded ramblings, so will we be seeing colonel Archer, thrilling helicopter exploits or rodeo-clown Pam? Probably, and you can almost guarantee an underwater knife fight between Ray and Krieger, even though this is a shot-for-shot remake of the Magnum P.I. intro, somehow they’ll make it happen.

Across the pond he’ll be airing at the end of the month so Britain should not be too far behind.

Penny Dreadful Season 3

Oh how I wish I could explain how excited I am to see that Penny Dreadful has been renewed for a third season, in fact there’s very little I find I want to comment on in this trailer except that there are some amazing characters returning to a very bleak world that I have fallen utterly in love with.

Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett and Eva Green head up a cast of characters who bring together vampires, werewolves, and every gothic myth that could ever descend upon Victorian London, and this season looks like another win. I only hope to see something a little more Lovecraftian as the show goes on.

America can expect the new season in May, but history suggests Britain may have only a few days to wait their turn, and you can watch the first episode for free on YouTube right now. No really, now! I’m done here, you can go.

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