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YouTube and Me: Stonekeep Highlights

Having been playing this dungeon crawler for quite some time now, I’ve come to some conclusions about it: Some I was unable to draw when I was playing this as a young kid. I used to find this game so tricky, but am I finding the same now, as a grown up? Join Timlah as we talk through the game so far.

Stonekeep Dungeon Crawler GeekOut Plays Episode 30

I’m going to go straight to the point and say that this has been a really educational experience for me, not just from a gaming point of view, but from a video editing perspective as well. The whole time I’ve been playing through this series, I’ve felt elated. It’s like I have met up with a childhood friend who has so many intriguing stories to tell me… And I’m just helping this friend to tell me the story, through a more elaborate means than they’d ever imagine.

Considering I’d never edited a video before I started doing GeekOut Plays Stonekeep, I’m proud of what I’ve done so far. Over thirty episodes have been recorded, a proper Let’s Play series. It’s such an exciting thing to do – and I never thought I’d ever get myself on YouTube with people actively watching what I do. Are they just watching for the game? Is it for my added commentary? It’s hard to say. But all I know is that I’m getting some nice regular views on these videos, so I won’t be stopping from doing them any time soon. Besides, I want to complete the game and I want my journey to be recorded for all to see!

This video marks the first time one of the segments made me a little miffed with it… But I am glad I had common sense aboard!

I think the things I’ve learned the most include just how “primitive” gaming was back in the early 90s. Considering this game was out in the 90s, it was phenomenal for its time. The technical knowledge needed to have made this game at the time is simply mind blowing. Heck, even by today’s standards, although we’d probably get better looking models, it’s still quite a technological feat. It impresses me to know that people actually acted as the enemies. These were all recorded people, then put in game: Character Digitization. It’s seriously amazing and thinking that video games were only just blasting off at this point, it shows the team cared loads. No wonder this game was delayed so much and cost so much over budget. To think, I got this game for very cheap on GOG.

Another thing I’ve learned from this series: How to actually make a Let’s Play video. It’s nice being able to record gameplay, sit back and laugh about it, explore the intricacies and just generally play it to win. It’s nice to know that whatever I do in game is going to be seen (unless I edit it). It’s also interesting, from my point of view, to be able to figure out what will sound funniest, or cheesiest, or just best to people. I’m keen to do more Let’s Plays in the future, including Final Fantasy IX. Just a matter of: When am I going to do all this? I’ve loved learning more about fonts, how to animate pictures into a video, how to edit down to the very frame – It’s been a fascinating roller-coaster and I’m glad you’ve all been there for the ride.

This might be the maddest one I’ve done. It’s not my most edited video of all, but it’s amongst them! I learned a LOT about the program I use in this video and I really enjoyed the ending! I also enjoyed the Pokemon reference!

However, it’s with a heavy heart that I’ll need to slow down on these for a little while. Only until Kitacon is over! We’re getting ourselves prepared for the convention, so for the next three weeks, I won’t be making any more GeekOut Plays videos… But no worries, we will be on the week of the 11th. If you’ve been enjoying the series to this point, let me know in the comments below. I’m always keen to tweak my knowledge of Let’s Play videos and learning about what people enjoy, what they don’t enjoy etc. In the mean time, this was just a small post, basically to raise awareness this is still going and hey: We’ll be back soon! Thanks for your support, please do share your thoughts in the comments below, or  over on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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