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Returning to Kita

I have a long and lonely train ride ahead of me, to a long weekend traipsing back and forth between two hotels about a mile or so apart, carrying more bags than I probably need, spending money I don’t have on things I then have to drag back on the long and lonely train home.

Ye gods I love Kita.

We’re back for the third time, and as this is my seventh convention I’ve got a lot of people I’m looking forward to seeing who I only ever see at conventions, maybe getting a few games in with new people. For all this Kita is going to be shade smaller than in previous incarnations, it might not be quite so big a weekend as it has been in the past, but that won’t make it any less fun.

The timetable popped up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, so let’s have a look:


Click for full size


Registration opens at 10:00 for those who get there early enough, and there’s a couple of panels before the big opening ceremony. More importantly they’ve left an hour after the ceremony because it always over runs, smart move guys. Otherwise it’s a fairly relaxed day until the first party kicks off, a few panels for anyone who wants to dig right in, and more to the point I won’t have to wait until Saturday for the games room to open.

Also a geeky burlesque show, I feel that’s a no-brainer.


The last time I stayed at the Holiday Inn down the road from the Hilton they never had bacon for breakfast, but I’m still looking forward to a weekend of cooked breakfasts. Anyway, besides breakfast there’s also the dealers room to look forward to in between panels, and while I’m seeing a few gaps in my own scheduling plans, I’m seeing a lot of hard decisions. In the morning, do I go to my first ever Build-A-Mech, or go to the Performing panel next door? In the afternoon do I go for LARP 101 or wait the half hour for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (I love that game!).

The worst for me is after the Cosplay Parade. Without an event description I don’t pretend to know what the ATA industry panel will be (probably something obvious I’ve missed completely), and while the Cartoons: Not Just For Children aligns with my interests perfectly, there’s something so mystery box tantalising about the Untitled Kitacon Discussion.

As a metal-head, Saturday night is my kind of party, even as a non-drinker I shall destroy myself with biannual attempts at dancing interspersed with shouting myself hoarse. Or failing that I’ll go find a game in the bar somewhere, there’s usually a game of Cards Against Humanity, or someone up for whatever’s to hand.


Ignoring for just one moment the infamous Kita’s Got Talent and the ever entertaining closing ceremonies, Sunday looks like a fairly well packed day too. Getting Legless with the Legless may have to supersede the charity auction despite how funny that proved last year, and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer will be holding a luncheon that will likely be similar to his meal with Professor Elemental last year, although with 50% less dapper MC than the last time around. The man himself will return to perform in the evening before we are subjected to a long evening of cheese-tastic music. I’m sure Tim is thrilled.

Kita’s Got Talent usually presents us with a broader and more interesting selection of entertainment than does the more nationally recognised version, certainly a lot geekier. Finally the closing ceremony shall commence the winding down process as we come to terms with the end of another con, and another four months for me to sit and twiddle our thumbs until Amecon at the end of July.


So that’s my Kita ’16, although there’s still a few things left unknown, so until the conbook is firmly in hand nothing is certain, not even certainty! Oh, but do read the conbook because Tim has an article in there. Are you going? Have you already made your plans? If so come see us, we want to see everyone, all at once if needs be.

Otherwise we’ll see you lovely people on the other side.


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