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Hello from Kitacon Karnival 2016

We’ve been slow to update people this weekend because we’re at the convention. From Joel and Timlah, hello! Just a short post for today and tomorrow’s post will be up late, but please do look out for it, as it’ll contain loads of images of the event and more. But before we go into next weeks articles, here’s a few things to note.

Raveachu didn’t quite work out. We got to the venue with it all in one piece, but then the ears fell apart. So that wasn’t so good. The Pokeball necklace didn’t quite work and then when we went to the night club, it was too bright for the tail to be allowed to glow properly in the dark! Well that’s pretty damn awkward, don’t you all agree? So that was a shame, but hey, we have a pretty lovely picture of me in raver gear still (and I will say, my boots are fabulous!)

2016-03-26 17.25.53

The issue with the Pikachu ears was actually a little bit clumsy on my part: I stepped into the taxi to get to the venue once we had our hotel room sorted and the ears clipped the roof of the taxi and just snapped. I’ll be remaking those and making them better at some point, because they were inexpensive and super fast to make anyway. One day, there will be a raving Pikachu damn it! But we still got a funky photo up.

The event for me has been pretty hard – I’ve had a seriously bad cold, which has been very chesty the whole time. I’m frustrated about that, but there’s nothing that can be done – So I’ve been taking it pretty easy throughout the event. Still, it could be worse – I could have decided to have not turned up, then I’d have felt really bad! I’m glad I’ve still come to Kitacon, which I’ve given the nickname of “Idlecon” because I’ve spent so much time being idle. That isn’t the events fault, but my own!

Kitacon Karnival Party night 1

Well, we’re here for the last day now. Time for us to get our glowsticks back out, as tonight is the last nights party. I hope you are all having an awesome weekend and please remember, next Saturday is our GeekOut Bristol Meetup! We’d love to see you there. Throw us some love in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. We simply love chatting to you guys – and it’s been great meeting so many people who have read our stuff here this weekend. Thanks everyone!


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