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This weeks top 10 is bought to you by Timlah – Sorry that you’re feeling unwell Joel! Get well soon buddy. But this weeks Top 10 was helped by GeekOut Bristol’s very own Jake.

Balloon Boy

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Let’s face the facts here – Children know how to be downright terrifying at times. They lurk behind your door and say “Hi!” Without any hesitation, knowing they’re going to send you into cardiac arrest. They’re brutal, malicious, terrif– I’m being a bit dramatic here, but you get the point. Sometimes, especially in media, kids know how to be scary. But that’s fine, because they make a great list for our Top 10!

So if you’ve ever seen a child and gone “I don’t quite like the looks of them”, then hold your phone, check through this list and be scared with me. Trust me: Some of these kids will make your spine chill!

Top 10

10. The Kids – Psychonauts


Psychonauts features children who all have psychic abilities of kinds, be it the power to move things with their mind, to access one another’s minds, or worse. These kids who all have psychic powers are gathered into a summer camp for gifted children, to allow them to learn and control their incredible powers.

Something closer to an honourable mention, but it just slips in there for me – there is something incredibly unsettling about all of the children in this game. I mean, it’s just the visual style, although there’s something to be said for an academy of children with rather gifted abilities in general, but just looking at these guys is enough to make you feel a little uneasy. It’s part of Tim Schafers stylised approach to games – Heck, he’s the Tim Burton of video games.

9. Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer is a story about a boy who basically had a pretty bad life – There’s no beating about the bush on this one. Jeff the Killer is a psychopath who comes into your bedroom at night, tells you to go to sleep, then proceeds to jump at you with a knife. Isn’t he a lovely guy? Actually, there’s a good reason for him being so messed up, which involves the way people treated him at a party.

Now, the story of Jeff the Killer isn’t particularly scary unto itself. In fact, it’s not that well written in the grand scheme of things, as we’ve mentioned on previous Top 10s. However, he does get the nod in this particular Top 10, because he is supposed to be scary and hey, he was one of the most copied Creepypastas around. Malicious and evil, I wouldn’t want to meet a real life version of this guy anywhere!

8. Isaac – Children of the Corn

Isaac - Children of the Corn

Isaac is the leader of a cult called “The Children”, who worship a dark entity called “He Who Walks Behind The Rose”. This entity is an evil depiction of Christ, which if that isn’t a scary enough thought by itself, then I don’t know what is.

Isaac is known for being somewhat of a preacher for his cult, slowly but surely converting all of the children in the fictional town of Gatlin. Once the children were under the power of The Children, Isaac would order the kids to kill all of the adults in the town. Anyone who was above the age of 19 would then be killed off, including those from their own cult. It seems though that Isaac might be immune from suffering the same fate, as he was blessed by the deity itself. It’s no wonder that his kid is to be both feared and respected.

7. Samara – The Ring

Samara - The Ring

“Seven Days!”

These words are synonymous with The Ring and of course, anyone who has watched the ring knows exactly why this girl is here. She is hella creepy and of course, with creepiness comes scariness! Crawling out of your television after you have watched the infamous film within the film, she is a messenger of death, ready to show the world why she is suffering.

In showing the video tape to people, she is spreading the virus she created, known as the Ring Virus. She created the virus to make people feel her pain, although this is rather vaguely explained. All we know is, she is a hermaphrodite who wants people to share in her misery.

6. Alice Liddell – Alice in Wonderland

Alice Liddell

Now, Alice by herself isn’t all that scary. She’s just a little girl who is lost in her own Wonderland, which has a lot of scary stories surrounding it; such as the idea that she’s in a coma and much more. Whilst the theories around Wonderland are quite scary, it isn’t until you delve into American McGee’s story for Alice Lidell do you see that she is quite a scary, devious, messed up little girl.

Remember, Alice is supposed to be between the ages of 8 to about 12. She runs around her very warped Wonderland carrying all sorts of items with her: The Vorpal Sword, for instance, as she does need to slay the Jabberwocky. But in American McGee’s Alice? She just needs a blade on her, to decapitate and humiliate her opponents. Yes, the Vorpal Sword is a formidable item, but that is just one of the many weapons at her disposal.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering if we based this entirely on one game… Look up Through the Looking Glass. That’ll give you an interesting insight to the mind of young Alice Liddell. Life itself is but a dream…

5. Balloon Boy – Five Nights at Freddy’s

Balloon Boy

“Hi :)”

The moment you hear that, happy, innocent little greeting, you know you’re about to get messed up to some capacity. Balloon Boy, if the game was just him and no one else, isn’t all that bad. He doesn’t kill you; instead, he opts to allow his animatronic friends to do the killing for him. Instead, Balloon Boy, affectionately named BB, has a far greater ability than any bum rush to kill a security guard.

BB is able to stop you from doing your job. He is a figure who is utterly frightening just being there. Holding his balloons, BB just stands and mocks you, laughing knowingly as to what’s about to happen to you. The moment you see him, you know the worst is about to happen. You will be killed… But one question remains: How long do you have until his friends come to feast on you?

4. Salim/Pride – Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood

Salim Bradley, the child of the Fuhrer King Bradley, is known as Pride in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and in the Brotherhood anime series. He’s a child, just a kid, who possesses enormous power. He is second in line of the Homonculi too, which makes him quite a formidable opponent, but to make matters worse, it’s the way he shows off his insane powers that makes him quite scary.

He unleashes his hands from the shadows, grabbing his victims and cutting them from a comfortable distance. He was however the first Homunculus, meaning that his power is far greater than that of the rest of the Homonculi. With the exception of Father himself, Pride is a powerful and outright scary little child, capable of executing people whilst keeping a watchful eye on his victims from the dark.

3. Little Sisters – Bioshock


With these little girls in the Bioshock franchise, you knew one of two things was about to happen. You were going to get very lucky and catch one by itself, or you were about to go face to face with a huge hunk of metal in the Big Daddy. Whilst you could attack them, doing so posed the threat of being attacked back by their metal companions, which, let’s not lie, were pretty terrifying.

The worst thing about the Little Sisters wasn’t the fact that they’re so good at lulling you into a false sense of security, but it was the fact they walked around carrying a knife to butcher the corpses they would reap ADAM from. The games energy and currency unit rolled into one, these girls were the prime example of what can happen when science and necessity goes way too far.

2. Chucky – Child’s Play


Everyone knows Chucky, whether you want to remember it or not. Now, technically, much like Salem before, Chucky is actually an older man, trapped in the body of a doll. It’s to this end then that we’re really bringing it home on the technicalities. Whilst Chucky is indeed Charles Lee Ray, a murderer trapped in the body of a doll, he is still just a doll with the appearance of such. Now, this doll must be terrifying for a few reasons…

… How the hell didn’t anyone figure to throw it into the fireplace? I mean, he runs past it a few times and is chucked near but never into the fireplace. Even an evil doll would die via disintegration. Instead, people were happy to allow it to stab their legs (and then worse). People seemingly were okay with being overpowered by a doll – Even in this day and age, I cannot understand the logic, unless it’s through nothing but pure fear itself.

1. Giygas – Earthbound


The ultimate evil itself, the destroyer of planets – True terror incarnate. Giygas is an alien that came to Earth with the intention of destroying it. After being looked after by an adoptive mother, its life was looking a lot better, until his mother was killed and the only real memory of her remaining was her song. Now the children of Earthbound, Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo must travel to collect all of the sounds memories in their sound stone.

Now, this is a weird pick for number one, all things considered. After all, he is a being that has been spread out across time and space. He is ultimate terror, but he is a child when you go to kill him… But the thing is, place yourself in Ness’ and companions shoes. They would be confronting this cosmic terror, the fate of the world in their hands and they have this… thing… telling them “I… FEEL… H…A…P…P…Y.”

Ending this Top 10 on a technicality feels a little cheap, but what worse is there than the ultimate evil? The ultimate terror – Unleashing itself upon the world and the only way to stop it is to go back in time and stop it before it was even born.

Honourable Mentions

Now that we’ve had the crap scared out of us, it’s time to look at two more mentions of truly scary kids. They didn’t quite make the cut, but hey, they’re scary none the less.

Devil Goat – Goat Simulator

Devil Goat

GET IT, CAUSE KID?! I’m not kidding any more, if you’ve not played Goat Simulator yet, then where the bleating heck have you been? This game is full of the silliest, craziest bugs that they could have possibly squashed into one game. If you think I’m just hoofing around this entry just to make more puns, you couldn’t be any more right! I know, these jokes are a little gruff, but don’t worry! There’s a reason this makes it into the list.

Whilst it’s not actually scary, it is really quite funny. It’s supposed to be a devil goat for crying out loud, which is funny enough to me. Goats are synonymous with The Devil, therefore why not go a little bit more extreme with the references and get yourself a devil goat? I mean, it’s just like a regular goat, only that it seems to have gained some psychic powers. Telekinesis doesn’t seem so bad, though. I’m sure there are worse things a Devil Goat could do!

Cubone – Pokemon


When you were a child, you might have been lucky enough to play the original games of Pokemon, Pokemon Red and Blue (or green if you were from Japan). At some point, you must have gotten through to the Pokemon Tower. If you did, then you would have experienced the Lavender Tower at some point and the secrets that were held within. From the terrifyingly sad music of Lavender Town, allegedly causing children to commit suicide on the original release for its terrifying high frequencies, to the ghost from within.

The ghost was that of a Marowak, an evolved Cubone. Cubone is a child-like Pokemon that has lost its mother. This is sad enough, but the terrifying part about it, is the fact that it wears its own mother’s skull on it’s head. I mean, I don’t know about you, but if I saw a child approach me whilst wearing a skull, I would probably have given up a long time ago and said “nope, I denounced everything and am listening to the pope of nope from here on in”. Oh Pope of Nope, take me into your faith… “… Nope!”


I’m going to have nightmares now, thanks a lot everyone who voted for this list of our Top 10 Scary Kids. But never mind, the cold sweats are now over and it’s time for you to help us come up with our next Top 10 list. Please remember to vote for our next topic and hey; we don’t mind – The harder the better really.

I found this months list pretty hard, as I was going mostly solo throughout. Thanks to Jake for helping me out with this list, also let me just send this out to Joel: Sorry buddy, I hope you get better soon (But it wasn’t me who gave you that! There was con flu going around and you know it!) What did you think of this week’s list? Do you think I hit the nail on the head when it comes to scary kids, or are there worse loose out there? Did I get the ordering wrong? Let me know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll see you next week for another Top 10!

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  1. Great list as always! :3

    Random question though, and something I’ve been curious about, what’s the spoiler policy when you write a Top 10? How much would you normally allow?


    1. There’s certainly a time limit. If something’s suitably old/popular then we pretty much let it fly. Anything fairly new we try at the very least to warn readers first. If we’ve dropped any spoilers on you (or anyone for that matter) then we apologise that our judgement was off


  2. I would’ve included Lucius from the video game Lucius, son of the devil, scary mute kid, kills people for daddy, gets away with it.

    Or even Damien from the omen, the original child creeper :P

    There are also those 5 kids in WoW who always walk in a perfect pentagram.

    And of course, Isaac. Let’s face it, Isaac is a scary kid…and just gets scarier the more stuff you collect

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    1. Definitely not to Isaac – Isaac himself isn’t scary. He’s just unfortunate and a little bit creepy. Creepy isn’t the same as scary – And that’s why I purposefully opted to not include him… Although I did consider him at first.

      Damien however – now THAT is a good call! I didn’t even think about that.

      Pentagram kids would be a no from me – as again: Creepy. Not scary.

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      1. Pentagram Kids lead to a scary moment. If you follow them, then at the house where they gather you’ll suddenly hear “YOU WILL DIE!” in a deep horrible elder-godly voice :P

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      2. Who knows man? Maybe they were summoning some weird stuff hahaha.

        But at least we agree on Damien. Speaking of there’s a BBC series now called Damien which deals with him as an adult discovering his heritage and role

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