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AmeCon 2016

As fun as Kitacon was, truth be told there’s one convention that I’m looking forward to far more this year, and mercifully I do not have much longer to wait. We spoke about Amecon way back in September when all there really was to discuss was a date and a venue, well as of Sunday there’s a hell of a lot more to talk about, the committee gave us a big update about the current state of affairs. So let’s have a look at the shape of things to come.

We’ve mentioned already that rather than being in the Britannia in Nottingham they’ve moved to the Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry. This is beyond an upgrade, despite being an otherwise enjoyable Con the Britannia was a catalogue of errors for AmeChibi. Warwick was the location of my first ever convention, Ayacon Apocalypse in 2013, the lecture theatres, the amphitheatre, the facilities on site, even the proximity of the otherwise mediocre accommodation build to make the best venues, and the events taking place were a big help. But this we already knew.


To the news updates then, we have the beginnings of a timetable forming. The traditional cosplay masquerade will be on Saturday, and an Omake variety act on the Sunday for those wanting to put forward a bigger performance, and throughout the weekend the cosplay competition will be judged with winners revealed  as part of the closing ceremonies. There are also plans for a cosplay ball, which is currently undated, but in the past these things are usually held on the Sunday too. The harvest for AMVs has already begun for the end-of-con AMV party, something they ran during AmeChibi last year, not great for partying but still a great watch.

As for other events, submissions for events are currently closed, and while that may not prove to be final it certainly seems to imply a timetable is being put together. We know nothing of the specific events, but currently what I do know is this: as someone who has put his event into the ring for consideration I was treated to a first draft of the timetable all the way back in February, a draft I am not permitted to share because it’s unfinished, but I am on it! So assuming little enough changes between now and July I will be hosting my first ever panel.

If you’re attending keep your eyes peeled for “Finding Confidence” or words to that effect. The irony here is that it will be my first time speaking publicly, but it will be the culmination of a journey that has taken me from someone barely capable of conversation to somebody who sincerely thinks they’re capable of pulling this kind of nonsense. If you find yourself overcome by nerves or in the grip of anxiety you could do worse than come and listen, I’m not promising that I can help, but I’ll sure as hell try, and it’d be nice to see some readers there.


As yet to be discovered, we do not know what guests to expect, or what the timetable will look like when complete, but as of this moment, with months still to wait for July 29th, I am excited for Amecon 2016. Perhaps I have romanticized the Arts Centre for starting a journey that would forever change my life, but if all goes according to plan it could also see me end the same journey, and start another far more interesting one.


4 responses

  1. Anna Radford

    I am thinking of going to amecon as I not gone to amecon at all and yet heard it is a very good conversation as I have gone to kitacon four times but I am guessing.
    I thought of maybe helping out at amecon but I know at times it better to go around and enjoy the conversation like it is and not worry.
    I want to let it slide as I booked ticket to go to amecon but I know amecon seems to move around the uk but only now looking at amecon.
    Anyway good luck on the panel (I looking around the internet to give me some better idea of amecon and I am just likely worry about it being cancel but it is likely that is not the case).

    Liked by 1 person

    May 18, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    • Nice to hear from you Anna!

      If you’ve been to Kitacon, then you’ll like AmeCon. Feel free to look out for Joel and I, for the record! We’d be glad to sit down and play a board/card game together :) We chat to everyone haha!

      Regarding the event cancelling, this is very unlikely. It’s one of the bigger conventions of the UK and it’s more or less sold out (but I have noticed there are 6 tickets available..!) I’d say, go for it – You’ll love it if you enjoy Kitacon :)


      May 18, 2016 at 5:18 pm

      • Anna Radford

        Thanks for the help.
        I finally book and pay to go even if I might only be able to go sunday and I am to believe your panel is that day.
        I will be good to meet you both even if really I need to look for what one of you look like so can find you.
        It is going to be a fun experience even if it will feel more like a trying it out and likely I will have fun in my own silly/fun way.

        Liked by 1 person

        July 22, 2016 at 4:17 pm

      • Absolutely! It’s going to be lovely to meet you :) Feel free to come chat to us at any point at the convention – You’ll know who we are after the panel is over!

        I’ll be the one who’s dressed up and recording the panel and Joel is the one speaking :)


        July 22, 2016 at 4:27 pm

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