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GeekOut Bristol Meet – 13th May Events

At GeekOut Bristol, we like to make sure that people come along and have a great time. Timlah runs the event, mostly by himself, but with help from some really great friends of his and GeekOut, he makes sure the events get bigger and more entertaining. Join Timlah as he looks through what’s coming up for this May’s event.

Our meetups in Bristol are one of the most popular geek events in the south-west in terms of sheer numbers of registered members. In an effort to make it bigger, I’m going to start putting out monthly emails to everyone who is signed up via the meetup page, so everyone is made aware as to what we’ve got coming up. We’ll also explain what’s going to happen in the coming months activities here on the website before the Meetup and Facebook event holding pages are updated. This month, I’ve gone a little bit overboard on what will be happening at the event… And I hope people will enjoy it and embrace the new feature!


One of the problems I’ve noticed with the event is that effectively, although there’s always something new, it is always the same in some respects. I love it the way it is and I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, welcoming group of geeks to represent what we do at our meetups. Some are highly enthusiastic, some are highly conversational, but everyone is there to meet their fellow geek in a safe environment. On Wednesday, Chris will be covering off an FAQ of our meetups, so if you’d rather not have to ask the questions on the Meetup page, we’ll always have a place to link people to.

As I mentioned, every event has a relatively similar vibe, although something different happens or comes along every time. For instance: last meetup, we all went for Pizza Express for the first time and we had a whopping 16 people turn up, which is amazing for our “Foodie pre-meets”. Normally, we see a maximum of about 10 people, so seriously, thanks to everyone who came along. You rocked, even if we were all so damn smoking hot we set the fire alarms off (… it wasn’t actually us, honest!) Now, going forward, I want to make the event just that little bit more unique every time…

NEW FEATURE: Monthly Themes

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 23

I’ve half-heartedly had themes in GeekOut for a very long time: I’ll vaguely mention a cosplay theme and perhaps encourage people to bring something along for said theme, but starting with next months event, we will have a proper themed environment. Expect pictures, activities and more relating to the theme. So, without further adieu, what is our theme for May? Since it’s Friday the 13th, it can only be bad luck!

I’m working on getting some “cracked glass” decals for mirrors, as well as black cats, ladders and more. I’m also going to provide everyone* who attends this event with a GeekOut Die, a D6 which bares the GeekOut logo. It’s a small token of my appreciation for everyone who turns up, so thank you very much to everyone who comes and makes our events what they are: whether you’re new to GeekOut or a seasoned veteran of the events, we love seeing you there. You guys are the driving force behind GeekOut South-West and you guys are why I’m working hard to bring you more and more.



Medals not part of the prizes this time..!

The competition for the month will be a nice, simple quiz. Nothing fancy, just a quiz. This will take place at 8pm, so be sure to be in the conservatory area at 8pm sharp and we’ll get cracking on with the quiz. There’s no entry fee and there are some truly great prizes to be won, which include the following:

  • First prize: £15 cash, a First Edition GeekOut Goat poster and 3 free Steam keys
  • Second prize: £10 cash, a GeekOut Goat poster and 2 free Steam keys
  • Third prize: £5 cash, a GeekOut Goat poster and 1 free Steam key

The quiz will be general geek knowledge, so expect a few questions on comics, some on anime, some on video games, books and literature, sci-fi, fantasy, you name it and it’ll likely make a feature in the quiz. There’s also a second part to the quiz, which is a picture round which will take place throughout the entirety of the quiz. Be sure to check us out for the quiz!

Glowsticks come out

I’ll pretend “Rave” was last months theme… Nah, that’ll be for another time!

If you’re part of the GeekOut South-West Meetup page, you will receive an email via our Meetup page on the 1st of every month going forward. It’ll be a completely custom email each time, a properly branded one, which will explain the events coming up and talking about how the last event went as well. It’s a small way of sharing with everyone in our giant group that we are an active social group – and we love to see everyone come to these events. As always, share with us what you think about the ideas above in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. What do you think of my idea to theme every event going forward? Let me know if I’m getting a good idea for what people want, as well as what we’ve already got. Until next time, take it easy and have a great Sunday!


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