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Video Game Preview: Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure

If you like point and click adventure games, then you’re going to thoroughly enjoy Gibbous – But what is it exactly? What makes this a Cthulhu Adventure? Is it any good? Join Timlah as we look through the demo of Gibbous.

Gibbous logo

I was contacted by the team who have been working on this game, Stuck In Attic, who are a collection of game developers from Transylvania. They have demo’s available for Linux, Mac and PC, so everyone is catered for. If you’re a fan of the Monkey Island series, or even Broken Sword, then this game might just be for you. I decided to get some hands on time with the game’s demo and to look at the Kickstarter campaign they’ve put together.

The Game


Following the (mis)adventures of Buzz, we seem to be directly in the middle of a Lovecraftian horror adventure, where we’ve somehow obtained the Necronomicon. We’ve accidentally used a spell on our pet cat, Kitteh, who now is talking and isn’t exactly happy about this fact. Kitteh plays as the snarky sidekick, whereas Buzz is the somewhat plucky would-be hero. It’s a fun take on the usual Lovecraft stories and the best thing about the game is that it certainly feels like I’m playing an indie version of a LucasArts adventure game. I highly appreciate their comedic sense and the throwback references to older point and click adventure games, such as Monkey Island and indeed Broken Sword as aforementioned.

Whilst the game is full of references, don’t expect this to be a reference-a-minute game. There’s plenty to be seen and played through here. In the demo alone, there’s already a lot of voice acting, which shows the game is promising to get voice acting to the max in this game – A huge plus for an adventure game of this sort. Couple this with the beautifully well animated and wonderfully well drawn art style, I’m sure this is a game that will wind up to be a big success on Steam and beyond.

One of the most fascinating features I found about this game is the excitingly expansive voice acting work that’s already in the game. In adventure games, you spend a lot of time talking to other characters, so finding a game that seems to understand the importance of having a vast array of things to say is nice to say the least! Rather than bore you with details, I played through the whole demo and you can watch my play-through of Gibbous here.

Find out more in their official channels:

Gibbous Kickstarter Page

Gibbous Game Facebook

Gibbous Game Twitter

GibbousTheGame on YouTube

The Kickstarter

Gibbous Splash2

Developed by Stuck In Attic, with only a couple of days left, I would heavily recommend you check this Kickstarter out as soon as you can. As we usually share this here on GeekOut, here are the rewards that most people will be going for:

  • Pledge Fr 1 or more

    Approx $1 / 0.69 GBP / 0.88 EUR


    You support Gibbous. You stay in the loop. You’re alright in our book (of the dead).

    Access to private forums
    3 HD digital wallpapers and a heartfelt “thank you” and “fhtagn”!

    Pledge Fr 9 or more

    Approx $10 / 6.94 GBP / 8.84 EUR


    You left the shadowy temple early and snagged Gibbous before everyone else! Ye Olde Gods were smiling. Well, smirking.

    Access to private forums
    3 HD digital wallpapers
    Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure PC/Mac/Linux Steam key or DRM free download

    Pledge Fr 14 or more

    Approx $15 / 10.41 GBP / 13.26 EUR


    You point. You click. You worship the Old Ones.

    Access to private forums
    3 HD digital wallpapers
    Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure PC/Mac/Linux Steam key or DRM free download

    Pledge Fr 19 or more

    Approx $20 / 13.88 GBP / 17.68 EUR


    Maddening music from the outer spheres! In stereo where available.

    All rewards from Digital Cultist +
    Gibbous Original Soundtrack digital download

    Pledge Fr 19 or more

    Approx $20 / 13.88 GBP / 17.68 EUR


    You find visual delight in chaos. It’s a hobby.

    All rewards from Digital Cultist +
    Gibbous Art Book digital download

    Pledge Fr 24 or more

    Approx $25 / 17.35 GBP / 22.10 EUR


    You revel in music, arts and games – all dark, naturally – but you gotta have’em first! And cheaper.

    All rewards from Digital Cultist +
    Gibbous Original Soundtrack digital download
    Gibbous Art Book digital download

The money that you pay towards the game now will go mostly towards the development of the game, alongside the voice acting for the game. The voice actors we’ve heard so far are top notch, with the actual game being incredibly polished during the demo. I’m excited to see adventure games of this quality still being made, so I salute the ladies and gentlemen at Stuck In Attic.

Gibbous Splash1

As for me, I had a blast with this game, so I will be putting in just shy of £25 towards the game, as I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind seeing my name in the credits of a game for once in my life! Still, disregarding that, if you’ve not got much to spare, then don’t worry, the game itself isn’t that expensive at just below £7 during the Kickstarter campaign! I’d highly recommend you check it out at that price, especially considering the really high quality effort that’s gone into Gibbous so far.

Do you like the looks of the game, or do you feel there’s something missing? As always, please do let us know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook, Twitter or Reddit channels. Give these guys some support – They need it, as they’re so close yet so far!



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  1. Hopefully it can meet its Kickstarter goal. My love of adventure games has been reawakened by Broken Sword 5 and Day of the Tentacle.

    Liked by 1 person

    April 30, 2016 at 8:02 am

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