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Top 10 – Forgotten Memes

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Memes – They’re the reason a lot of things happen on the internet these days. From the adorably funny Doge meme which created the DogeCoin, to the legend of the Numa Numa man, memes have come and gone over the years. We look back at some of our favourite memes that were not only fun when they were around, but we’ve actually come to forget about them in general.

This list isn’t to say that nobody remembers these memes, that’s far from the truth. A lot of these memes will be remembered always – However, the majority of the people who were on the internet probably saw this, laughed about it and promptly forgot about it. Join us in our nostalgic fuelled Top 10 of internet frenzy.

Top 10

10) I Like Turtles – Zombie Kid

I Like Turtles

Haha, yes he does. The zombie kid is one of the most adorable instances of a child who doesn’t have a clue why he’s being spoken to – and that’s great! Perhaps his parents told him “whenever a strange person approaches you, tell them that you like turtles.” Perhaps, it’s this boy’s quest to become an NPC, instead? I mean, with that kind of riveting dialog tree, you can only expect to see this kid go off to tell us all about collection quests.

All jokes aside, who knows why this kid decided to tell the news anchor that he likes turtles. Who knows why he’s supposedly a zombie. But ultimately, it was this kind of video that made people question why the hell it was funny, but we all laughed at it. Well done, zombie kid. You truly are an internet legend!

9) Charlie Bit My Finger

Here’s a video that perfectly sums up a great many facts about children and childhood:

  • Children are adorable
  • Children are dangerous and are constantly developing new ways to inflict pain upon you
  • The relationship between siblings is a strange amalgam of affection and rage

Back in 2007, Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr became unintentional internet stars in the classically fleeting way of internet stars everywhere. The video was originally intended to be viewed by their grandfather in America, a short record of family life, but it now exceeds eight hundred million views. The family continued to produce videos intermittently throughout the years but none have achieved the same level of flash-in-the-pan fame enjoyed by these two brothers.

8) [NSFW] Moar DOTS – Onyxia Wipe Animation

Warning: A World of Warcraft raid leader gets very angry in the video above. Please do watch with caution if you’re upset about dragons, or more specifically Onyxia being attacked, a whopping 50 DKP minus, or many whelps. Now, handle it!

This video might be one of the most infamous World of Warcraft videos to ever come about. Couple this with things like Ventrillo Harassment, it was an oddly easy game to get people really wound up about. There’s something about having to work with practical strangers over the internet which can really boil your blood. But no one could ever be as angry as the raid leader of this amazing wipe.

Someone managed to go into the whelps, which was a really bad idea at level 60 when fighting Onyxia, one of the entry raid bosses to World of Warcraft. Onyxia’s lair was basically just the Onyxia fight (and a few trash mobs before it). When Onyxia’s lair was revamped for Wrath of the Lich King, I was expecting the same kind of encounter. Unfortunately, the revamp means it only takes one person to go into the whelps to “Handle it”. Still: We can all enjoy the trickiness and difficulty of running a vanilla raid with the above video.

7) Trololololo – Eduard Khil

Eduard Khil was an amazing man who made one of the happiest, loveliest songs imaginable. However, the internet is a funny place and decided that it wasn’t just an expressively happy song about being back home: No, no! The internet decided that the whole way through this 1970s classic, the man was indeed saying “Trolololo”, a kind of trolling laughter of sorts. Well done internet, you’re always finding the truth behind matters.

The video was very sweet and the most amusing thing is that this video finding its way to fame on YouTube saw a resurgence for Eduard Khil before his sad passing in 2012. He was beloved all over the internet for being one of the happiest men you could ever hear. In tribute to Eduard, watch the original Trololol above and look up his song, which is called “I Am So Happy To Finally Be Back Home” (Or something along those lines; there’s a lot of misinformation about the name!).

6) Planking

A work that became a genre in itself that will also be forgotten in a matter of a few short years. Planking was the “art” of holding ones’ prone body rigid in awkward places, ones that are either incredibly difficult to balance in, hard to reach, or just generally make you a public nuisance or a decidedly boring friend. Seriously, if you must plank, plank well.

A.K.A “the lying down game” or “face-dancing” in its early iterations, the more ambitious also attempted Batmanning which required hanging upside down by the feet, requiring a great deal of shin strength, which came at far greater risk of brain damage. Arguably Horsemanning is the earliest version of planking, the act of composing a photograph to appear as a headless body which began back in the 1920’s. Famous Planks include the seven doctors suspended for planking on duty, and Darwin Award winner Acton Beale.

5) Dancing Baby – Ooga Chaka


Widely held to be the first internet phenomenon, a real piece of internet history and arguably the beginning of memetic culture spreading to the web. A simple CGI animation that was quite impressive in the late 90’s, created as an animation project to demonstrate anatomy, motion and to showcase the software, it has spread and has begun a legacy that goes on to this day. It depicts a baby in a diaper dancing roughly in time to Blue Swede’s Hooked on a Feeling, these days more popular for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ok, so Dancing Baby hasn’t aged very well, but twenty years of technology advancement in a field as profitable as CGI animation will rather date a piece. We’re not arguing for quality or comedy value, here. What we have is some real culture, an artifact of the information age, a piece for the internet museum… the meme-seum? No, that doesn’t work.

4) I’mma Firin’ my Lazor/Shoop Da Whoop


A parody of a Dragonball Z scene where Cell is turned into a lazer-shooting monster thrown together in MS Paint with a massive red mouth and pop-eyes, that caught the imagination of the internet, and has spread like wildfire. Anywhere where a face can be applied, or from whence lazers can be shot. And yes, lasers is the correct spelling, but these are most certainly lazers, they may even be lazors depending on your point of view.

Well known internet comedian and animator Dominic Fera created a long series of animations entitled The Lazer Collection, very similar to ASDF, surreal and spontaneous comedy that also spawned another parody character, Dr. Octagonapus who springs from nowhere to fire lazers from his oversized facehole. There was a four year gap between the last two Lazer Collections, which I think is testament to the fading of the meme in itself, but love for random explosive energy beams and angry yelling seems to have been diminishing for the last five years or so. Well no, we still love all that, it’s just the Shoop Da Whoop variation that’s getting a bit tired.

3)All Your Base (Are Belong To Us)

Movies are all the rage for turning into music, but so are video games. We’ve seen more than enough media covered in the previous entries to our Top 10 list, but there’s so few entries that are as dynamic or impressive as All Your Base (Are Belong To Us), one of the internet’s finest videos. Whether it’s the game’s incredibly fun broken English, or it’s the very random pictures that are put into the musical video, there’s something for everyone to find amusing about this video.

It’s amusing to think that I was able to quote and sing along to this entire video at some point. I think adding in quotes like “What you say?” really helped to drive the point of this video home. The game as far as I’m aware is supposed to be incredibly good fun and it’s called Zero Wing, from 1989. I wasn’t even born back then, but to think it would be turned into a meme from as early as the late 90s. This is one of the original memes from Newgrounds!

=1)  Advice Dog / They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

This is a battle between a YouTube giant and an image standard setter, see our reasonings why these two are Joel’s and Timlah’s Top Forgotten Meme and vote for which you think is the superior meme!

Advice Dog

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Advice Dog is pretty much the motherlode so far as memes go. The original was a simple image of a labrador head against a rainbow background, with captions in impact font giving… just great advice, stuff that you need to know like “Steal the candy from the medicine cabinet” and “Be retro, get scurvy.” When the blank, uncaptioned image achieved 76million get on 4chan it only snowballed in success, spawning countless others in a similar style, such as:

Advice Dog’s catchy format is now the basis of trashy meme creation, and its’ echoes are still felt today. The similarities to meme-characters like Joseph Ducreux, the most interesting man in the world, and Scumbag Steve can all be traced back to a common ancestor. Similar in many ways to Lolcats, but a unique and distinctive branch of its own right… like pachyderms. Sadly the original was buried beneath a pile of lookalikes, and their popularity was crushed by Adult Swim having the audacity to enjoy our in jokes and put them on TV.

They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard

They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard was at one point one of the internet’s most ridiculously overplayed songs, which frustrated and amused people day in, day out. This video has been viewed so many times, with loads of re-uploads from random people who just likes to upload videos for the views adding to it. The fact of the matter is, if you were on the internet around the year 2006, then you likely bumped into this silly ditty at some point.

The great thing about this song is the fact it helped to spawn so many others that were hilariously well made. The fact that one person can make these kinds of videos was truly eye-opening as to the kind of editing talent that exists in the world on YouTube and as indie music productors and film directors. After this happened, many more videos like this started being created. What I’m getting at is, without this video we might not have had some of the greatest video memes of today. Don’t take my word for it, who wins? Advice Dog, or They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard?


Honourable Mentions

All your memes are belong to us. These memes might not have made it into our Top 10 list, but they deserved a mention, as hey – These memes had some impact on the way the internet was back then!

Bi-Winning – Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is one of the most oddly lovable goofballs, even if he is a truly bad person on top of everything else. Whilst he was good when it came to things like the Ice Bucket Challenge when that was a thing, he has also been involved in his fair share of questionable content, including this now legendary interview when he was explaining his drug habits and how he felt he was… and I quote… Bi-Winning!

However, the internet being the zany place that it is saw that Charlie Sheen wasn’t talking about Bi-Winning so much. No, he was actually doing this interview to be made into a song! Of course, a mash-up! So people took the interview, took some of his words out of context and gave him a “sick beat, yo”. Above is one of the best Bi-Winning songs out there, but there were hundreds of the videos made! All spawned by one interview. Now THAT is Bi-Winning on YouTube!

The Game


You do not get to stop playing, you don’t just get to decide. If you forget for a really long time, congratulations, but saying that you don’t play just makes you undeservedly smug and boring. Of course, announcing that you just lost the game loudly in a room is a sure fire way to lose every friend you had in it. It’s a deliciously troll-ish thing to do to leave the words “The Game” just lying around, dropping it onto forums, or otherwise hinting or alluding to it in such a way that you can safely cause some other schmuck to lose without the fear of losing yourself… except for when you thought about doing it.

You’re still playing, but the reason why we felt the need to enter this into Honourable Mentions for the sheer irony of this being a meme dependent on memory, and ones power to forget. It’s funny! See? See what we did? Ah screw it, you all just lost.

This was the Ultimate Showdown (of ultimate nostalgia) through the times of the internet. Whether you remember Mah Boy and his Dinner, or even Fry’s Squinty Eye, some memes stay with us forever and some just happen to be forgotten about. But don’t fret! We will never forget, it’s our jobs geeks to make sure we keep reminding everyone about these funny nuggets of internet history. So, whilst you’re at it, why not pick our next Top 10?

That’s it for this weeks’ Top 10, thank you for joining us as ever and now it’s really over to all of you. Did we help you remember your Lolcats from your Nyan Cat? Do you think we got the order around the wrong way? Did we forget to mention your favourite one? Considering the enormity of this topic, we could easily do a revamp of this particular topic in the future – but how was our list? Did we disappoint, or do you approve? Meanwhile, go comment below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit and in the meantime, we’ll leave you with this…

Son I am Disappoint


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  1. Ah yes, Ventrillo Harrassment. The Duke Nukem one had me in stitches.

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    May 15, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    • I loved Ventrillo Harrassment. It was one of the best series around. Duke Nukem was hilarious as was the World of Warcraft Nerds ones – The best I ever saw was this one from another channel though:

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      May 15, 2016 at 9:56 pm

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