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The Matrix Was Rubbish

I knew the title would get your attention and now forgive me while I bathe in the internet rage, even now I can feel you scrolling to the bottom of the post and furiously typing. Okay yes, I am trolling you and now I ask you to excuse the click bait beginning of this but I really thought The Matrix was probably one of the worst films I have ever seen. When you have finished throwing abuse at me and telling me that I can’t be a “Geek” if I don’t like The Matrix I’ll explain why.

I have always been the kind of person who wants to go to the cinema and have an experience, I want to be touched by some sort of emotion, it could be laughter, sadness, fear or any other kind and The Matrix didn’t do that for me. I remember very clearly at one point crying while watching the very powerful Million Dollar Baby, there was obviously enough that made me feel something for the characters to be affected this way. I don’t know much about cinematography but as a writer provoking emotion can be really hard. I am pretty sure that the art of capturing an audiences’ attention in a film is also no easy task.

The film was not helped by the fact that every time I saw Keanu Reeves in the film I could not help but think of the Bill and Ted films. To me, he was playing a similar character and I certainly felt no emotion from him as an actor. I say that if a film’ story is good you can throw away the special effects and rely upon the storytelling but this is only if the story is told well. The Matrix I feel tried to blind it’s audience with special effects to make up for the fact the story-telling was poor.

The thing is no matter what you try to tell me about the film it’s really hard to change another person’ opinion. Which neatly brings me onto what this post is actually about. We at GeekOut like to believe that geeks come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of opinions and we are all entitled to them. Life has taught me is that no matter what happens you will always find diversity and radicals in almost every culture and it’s up to you as a person who you bond with. I think it’s a really important as a lesson to learn to accept that other people within the same culture may have a radically different opinion from you.


I never deny that The Matrix was successful as a film and I know why, but this does not change the fact I really didn’t enjoy it. My opinion on the film is not aimed directly at one person, their race or religion no it’s aimed at the final product. I try to never tell someone that their opinion is wrong unless I have facts that can back up my statements. I do try to get people to try to open their mind and try to see the other person’ opinion. I encourage a healthy debate but in no way to I encourage you physically or verbally attack someone for having a different opinion to you.

This is also where I get to say that I also don’t see what all the fuss is about Star Wars and then quickly leave the room ;)

Love and rockets
– Chris


5 responses

  1. I found The Matrix intriguing at first, but it has not aged well with me since then. The second and third movies in that series were of lessening quality.


    May 25, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    • I have been thinking more about why I disliked it so much and I can certainly say that I didn’t really care what happened to the characters. For me there was really no emotional investment in anyone involved and that is certainly what my brain goes looking for. I can say the same for The Blair Witch Project which I thought was bloody awful, I just wanted the characters to die.

      Liked by 2 people

      May 27, 2016 at 9:11 am

      • Meanwhile, I adored the Blair Witch Project, which I cite as an excellent example of a tension building horror. Why? Bloody hell, the whole film had us fooled! I thought something was going to happen, but no: Nothing did.

        It was us, making the events of the film scarier than it needed to be. It’s clever, but it’s not a good “story”, per se.


        May 27, 2016 at 5:24 pm

      • I know what you mean. I basically numbed out while all those shell casing were hitting the floor.


        May 27, 2016 at 5:32 pm

  2. Everyone has different tastes so no biggie. I think the first film was solid, but the sequels were disappointing. Some flashy action sequences marred by a lot of silly babble.


    May 26, 2016 at 10:21 am

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