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Meetup: 1,000+ Members and Counting

For those of you who aren’t aware, as a website/blog, we’ve been around since September 2013. In this time, we’ve met many people, we’ve done many competitions, we’ve ran many meetup events and we’ve constantly gotten bigger and better. As of yesterday, we’ve surpassed 1,000 Meetup members. Join Timlah through this celebratory look at what we’ve accomplished as GeekOut South-West.

GeekOut South-West started life as one man in Bristol, looking to find more geeks in the South-West and indeed in Bristol to meet for geeky banter and drinks. Nothing major; it was like a night out but with geeks instead of with “the lads”. As a self-proclaimed geek, this man was looking to bring people together, not just himself, but many people – to see friendships made and to see people enjoying a good board game, or a good chat. When we started, we had no funding, we had no contacts, we had nothing. We just had our funny little old website and an over enthusiastic geek.


Then when he got serious, the Bristolian geek decided he needed to get more geekdom out of his life. He needed to cosplay out in Bristol, he needed to see literature shared and comics read. He needed board games and he needed more people to use and to write on his website. All went well, as in February ’14, he took to Meetup, which escalated his event immensely. The events before joining the Meetup website would get around 10-12 people; not just a small number of friends! In fact, he was proud of his events up until that point. People would get a pint, they would chat about geek culture and geek stuff, such as what was good on TV and what was good in video games. They would get a board game out and they would laugh the night away.

Then, the fateful night when he ran his first Meetup-based meetup and more than 20 people were there? Things looked like they would only get better. But admittedly, seeing so many people, he became scared but at the same time, he became a better host. He had to learn, he had to learn not just for his own sake, but for all of the attendees of the Meetup. Lo and behold, the Timlah you know today has been shaped through his own group – and in turn, he has done all that he can for the Meetup to make it get bigger and better.

GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 30

It’s official ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got over 1,000 members of the GeekOut South-West Meetup group. This is something that 2 years ago sounded impossible. It sounded like a sick joke, made up by someone who just wanted to sell a programme to someone. Something akin to making people say “Wow, so if I work from home, I can earn £300,000 a day too?!”. So here we are with 1,000 people, that’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of mouths, a lot of brains, a lot of geeks. What sort of venue can fit 1,000 people? It has to be a big venue. But that’s the number we’ve now reached.

I’d just like to say, to all 1,000+ members… THANK YOU!

This week, this Saturday 11th, we’re hosting our June edition of the GeekOut South-West Meetup. Hopefully you’ll be there if you’re Bristol based, or UK based and able to travel. Hopefully, we’ll keep getting bigger and better… And who knows what the future could hold? A convention for GeekOut? Wouldn’t that be the dream? But who knows. The future is a long, wonderful thing that we should be thinking about. I hope you guys have some opinions as to what our future of GeekOut should be. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on our Facebook, Twitter and Reddit channels.


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