Top 10 – Gratuitously Violent Characters

It’s grisly, it’s over the top, it’s explosive, it’s gory and frankly it’s unnecessary. We love it! When a character’s heights of violence have become so visceral and excessive that it’s borderline funny in how exaggerated it is, then the character becomes something truly and ridiculously memorable.

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It’s grisly, it’s over the top, it’s explosive, it’s gory and frankly it’s unnecessary. We love it! When a character’s heights of violence have become so visceral and excessive that it’s borderline funny in how exaggerated it is, then the character becomes something truly and ridiculously memorable.

Grab yourself a mallet and a big bag of dynamite, and join us in a blood party of epic and stupid proportions as we count down through our Top 10 of gratuitously violent characters, but be forewarned because while we try and keep things civil around here the characters listed do not. Some of the content may be bloody, brutal, and even unpleasant.

Don’tcha just love it!

Top 10

10) Mr Torgue – Borderlands


“I probably shoulda set you up with a sponsor beforehand but I am F#@!IN’ DISORGANIZED AS S*#& and was busy suplexing a shark wearing a bolo tie when I should have been setting up sponsors. You may ask, “Who was wearing the bolo tie, you or the shark?” Answer: YES.”

WOOOOHWOOOOH EXPLOSIONS!! …is basically the corporate motto of Torgue, and CEO and spokesman, musclebound hulkster Mr. Torgue. Torgue High-Fives McFlexington is everything that is stupidly manly, and embodies practically everything gratuitous, although he’s not quite so bloodthirsty as others on this list, mostly it’s the endless pursuit of explosions.

There are a lot of interesting features about Mr Torgue. He’s bisexual, he has an implant that bleeps his swearing, and his granny gummed a man to death, but who cares? That’s not the point of this list and that is not the point of Mr Torgue! His purpose is to blow sh- stuff up and promote badasses to positions of godlihood by showering them with guns!

9) The Crow – James O’Barr

The Crow

For anyone who has seen the film of The Crow, it’s a very good rendition of the comics. The comics are brutal, depicting scenes of murder which are done in a way that only a comic could do: Hyper violent. With many a weapon, The Crow is about a vengeful soul who has come back through his soul carrier, a crow. He comes back from the dead to get revenge on those who did him wrong… And the consequences are brutal.

From tieing a man in a car, filling it with petrol and letting it explode off the side of a pier, to throwing people out of windows, off of rooftops and straight up shootings, The Crow isn’t afraid to kill. What’s worse is this town barely bats an eyelid: After all, if a vigilante is going around taking care of business for them, why should they care? It’s not like the wrong-doers in this series are any less violent than The Crow himself.

8) The Whole Roster – Mortal Kombat

18+ WARNING: Highly graphic content. You have been warned!

In a list of gratuitously violent characters, how on Earth could we ever forget the whole roster of Mortal Kombat? To quickly recap with what everyone knows about the franchise: When it first came out, it caused such panic and concern, that it was the main factor to creating an age rating system for video games. No more were games for children and people who really liked to eat Power Pellets – It was now opened up for violence.

Of course the Mortal Kombat crew are equally as violent as the Tekken roster, or the Street Fighter. Yes it’s as violent as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, too. There’s only one thing that tips Mortal Kombat over the scales in such a drastic way, that it could genuinely shock people. Fatalities: The very reason the games were so revered and loathed by differing parties. Tear out your opponent’s spine, eat your victim’s head, uppercut them into a bed of spikes. Whatever you do: Just make sure you’re not on the receiving end of the fatalities.

7) The Punisher – Marvel


Marvel’s best known executioner, Frank Castle’s well known story of brutal revenge turned mission to cleanse the world of the worst of humanity features the former soldier’s talents brought fully to bear. Unlike other heroes, Castle has no qualms about using guns, grenades, torture, and extremes of violence to make his point abundantly clear – no crime should go unpunished.

As a comic-book character he frequently gets short shrift, but trips to the big screen, and the more recent Netflix manifestation with Jon Bernthal have given us a real look at the brutal violence that the Punisher is willing to mete out, but the best of all may be Dirty Laundry, a short film which shows a temporarily retired Frank Castle trying to live a normal life, and ends up brutalising a bunch of street thugs before walking away, leaving the last one soaked in Whiskey, and with a lighter between him and his victims.

6) Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare On Elm Street


Horror icon Freddy is one of those characters whose gory murders are remembered forever. But don’t just think that he is just some horror villain; he’s far worse than that. He’s the type of character who is able to instill fear into his enemies, just by feeding off of their nightmares. But that doesn’t make him violent unto himself, (that’s another story altogether) he’s much more. He’s your worst nightmare come to life.

With those trademark claws, he often likes to rip through the guts of his enemies. Able to shred through his victims with ease, he kills simply because he enjoys it. To make it worse, Freddy’s main victims are children – He simply can’t get enough of killing the children of Elm Street. What’s worse, some of them are teenagers who are just learning about enjoying a good romp. Ahem! Talk about a first time experience.

5) Pyramid Head – Silent Hill


In Silent Hill 2 we were introduced to a monster that would become symbolic of the series. The towering manifestation of James Sunderland’s deepest sexual thoughts in its’ large metallic triangular helmet is amongst the most cosplayed, parodied, pastiched and blatantly ripped off creatures in video game history, but what of violence?

Though its pace is ponderous, once pyramid head catches up to you you’re on the wrong end of a five-foot long knife, or possibly a spear, or possibly just it’s horrible strength. A pair of them execute Maria by impaling her whilst she’s suspended upside down, and in the Silent Hill film, the Red Pyramid skins a woman with it’s bare hands with just one sickening pull. There’s no question, whichever version you see it has but two desires, one carnal, the other visceral, and you want no part in either.

4) Woodland Critters – South Park


The adorable Christmas beasties from a fairytale forest love people, and only want to meet new friends to help them along their journey, to allow entry for the antichrist into the world. Well satan-worship isn’t violence, but these conjurations from the depths of Eric Cartman’s labyrinthine imagination are not merely limited to blasphemy.

We rarely see much more than the occasional dance in blood puddles and playing with human entrails, we’ve heard much worse when Kurt Russell encounters them in Imaginationland during the escape of the evil creations. There are certain things not even South Park can get away with, and the Woodland Critters do them. Suffice to say that even the assembled Slasher-Villains like Kreuger and Vorhees are freaked out by them.

3) Necromorphs – Dead Space


They’re effectively zombies; The only thing they want to do is to kill and gather up more dead bodies to become Necromorphs. They have no regard for anyone, or anything. You can be a good guy, or even a baddy and they won’t give a flying hoot about that. They aren’t conjured up out of hate; they’re literal embodiments of death. They are in fact already dead, so what harm is a few more corpses to litter space?

They’re there to wreck you – To slice at you – To shred you into pieces. With tooth and nail, they will not only kill you, they will make you fearful for your very existence. They come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you’re more likely to be killed by one of these guys than not. Mark my words; they will kill. Decapitation, limb removal experts, you name the way you don’t want to die and they’ll do it!

2) Lucy – Elfen Lied

Lucy Elfen Lied

Anime had a lot of contenders in the violence department; I mean there were at least 2. Nah, just kidding, there were dozens. At first, we thought about Guts, who is the go-to man for violence… But he wasn’t quite violent enough. Then we thought about Nosferatu Zodd – Not violent enough (but still brutal)! But we were struggling with our inner emotions, a conflict so deep, so tragic… That we had to pick Lucy from Elfen Lied.

For those of you who don’t know of this lady, she’s a mostly naked character. Yeah, I’m not going to beat about the bush here, don’t take her supposed vulnerability for granted. What they probably didn’t realise until they started watching, is this woman with mysterious powers is able to use telekinetic attacks and skills as she sees fit. But who are her enemies? Just about anyone, really.

She’s a bit of a schizophrenic, hearing different voices in her head – And she doesn’t trust easily. When she feels lied to, how does she respond? Murder. When she’s looking for a house for shelter, how does she repay her hosts? Murder. In fact, if anything, you’re lucky if she considers you a friend. Just don’t you dare lie to her: She’ll chop you up into little itty bitty bits. She’ll dismember you, she’ll cut you up and she’ll make sure your families lives are hell.

1) Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane – Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire


The elder Clegane brother has always had an aggressive streak, once burning half his brother’s face off just to prove a point, and he was never taught that it was wrong, quite the reverse in fact. His brutish violence earned him wardenship of a castle as badly melted as Sandor’s face, a place at the head of the Lannister army, and has even bought him a return ticket from death.

The Mountain’s other exploits include decapitating a horse in one swing, pulling a man’s head apart like a melon, and killing a guy whilst he was peeing because he said mean things about the queen, and by the sounds of things the iceberg has more to give. Rumours tell that he killed half his family, and that the staff at his castle often vanish mysteriously. We’ve yet to see the real power of the newly reborn Mountainstein’s Monster in Game of Thrones, but we know he’s harder to kill the second time around.

Honourable Mentions

We’ve just seen some of the most violent, some of the most sadistic and some of the most downright gory fighters and killers. Now brace yourselves as we look at two more encounters you wouldn’t want to go face to face against in a hurry!

Gandhi – Civilization


Image Credit:

What are you looking at us like that for? Just because we put Ghandi in a list of gratuitously violent characters doesn’t mean we’ve got anything against him. He’s here for a reason and those of you who know your video game history well enough will know why he’s in this list. This man is responsible for many a player to regret ever crossing his path. He’s a wanderer, he’s a peaceful trader, or so you would think.

Due to the way the game was made, leaders had an aggressiveness set. Well, Ghandi’s aggressiveness was a little bit peculiar in the original Civilization. He was set to be hyper aggressive, often declaring war and even dropping nukes on his opponents before anyone could really have a chance. This was funny; so it was added into future games as a bit of a laugh. Way to go developers, you turned this nice guy into a homicidal maniac!



A classic fantasy class makes the list, if only into the honourable mention section. From the pulp tales starring Conan of Cimmeria, all the way to the psycho Krieg in Borderlands, barbarians and berserkers have a license to not only kill, but pulverise, and dismantle the bodies. There’s only one feature that defines a barbarian, a combat form driven by primal fury, doesn’t matter if you’re holding a gun or a sword twice your size, if you hold it with purpose and with a distinct lack of regard for your personal safety, you’re a barbarian my lad!

Generally barbarians are considered dim witted, uncultured, and dangerous, but some of them can be big, cuddly teddybears, and just like bears they are able to tear a living being to tiny shreds with a minimum of effort. The term was often used by Romans to describe Gauls, Goths, Celts, and the terrible Picts, the ancient Scottish tribes who drove back an empire with brute ferocity and the ability to withstand the Scottish winter.

Are they gone? Oh thank goodness, we can now come back out of our homes and not worry about being decapitated any longer. That was one of the bloodiest Top 10’s we’ve ever done and so thank you for helping us settle on this list. But now, we turn back to you once more to help us decide what our next list is going to be!

Now this one’s over, it’s time to take a deep breath, as we’ve avoided being sent to an early grave. What did you think of our gratuitously violent characters? Were they bloody enough for you, or do you think we could have found even worse than these guys. Do you agree with our ordering? As always, please remember to leave a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 – Gratuitously Violent Characters”

  1. How could you forget that lovable menace, that white rabbity thing, the little buddy, Max from Sam & Max? There might not be blood but he’s certain gratuitous in his violence!

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    1. I mean, gratuitously violent is usually somewhat graphical in this context – Whilst he is indeed psychotically violent, I think he’s juuust missed the mark, compared to what we had lined up!

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  2. Mr Torgue a definitely good pick… but what about good old Krieg? He’s not only gratuitously violent to others, he can be gratuitously violent to himself if you specialise towards the Hellborn tree. Plus “I’M GONNA PUT MY PAIN! INTO YOUR SOUL!”

    And… I may sound generic with this suggestion, but what about Joffrey? I know he’s the default pick for violent GoT characters, but thinking about it, any of his violent behaviour is more without reason than any other character.
    Ramsay uses his sadism to climb higher on the ladder
    Clegane uses his rage because Tywin or Cersei orders it so.
    Joffrey? He just did it because he could, because he was the king (Or, at least when he shouted it :D)


    1. Both good calls. Torgue vs Krieg was a very close call, but Krieg had popped up in a list before, and I felt Torgue was just a bit more over the top. Krieg is my favourite PC by far.

      As for Joffrey, interesting pick, I feel like we may have jumped for the easy and choice there without thinking deeply enough


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