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AmeCon 2016 – Cosplay Masquerade

In case you hadn’t heard, both Timlah and Joel have been out at AmeCon 2016 this past weekend. The festivities are still ongoing, however we thought we’d share some of the amazing cosplays that people have put onto the stage. Join Timlah as we check out Saturdays Cosplay Masquerade in our latest gallery.

Unfortunately, some of the images are a little too bright, due to there having been a big spotlight on the cosplayers. There were no press passes handed out to websites like us, so we just had to sit back and enjoy the cosplay: But that’s not the GeekOut way! We wanted to celebrate the amazing work the fellow geeks of the workd put into their cosplays. So without any further delay, here is the AmeCon Cosplay Masquerade 2016!

That’s all for our gallery – What do you think of the amazing work put into the costumes? Are you a fan of cosplay and what do you think about the setup? I personally thought it was interesting they went with the live feed as hosted by Ame-Chan. There were some technical hitches with this, however as you can imagine, it was highly experimental. I’ll be discussing this in more depth this Friday, when I give my full review of the convention. As always, thanks for joining us, please remember to leave us a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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