Traditional Game Preview: Temp Worker Assassins

Chris, our very own Catharsisjelly, has been busy cutting out cards and working with tokens to bring us a new game on Friday. Fresh off Kickstarter, what is Temp Worker Assassins?

If you are coming along to our little geeky get together on Friday try to hang around and look out for me when I arrive (around 6 or 7pm). Say hello and remind me that I carry upon my person a little Print and Play version of a crowd-funded card game called Temp Worker Assassins. Yes, once again we have been blessed by wonderful creators who have sent me all the relevant files, to which I have spent my lunch hours over the past few days cutting up these cards with a guillotine. I’m not the most dexterous or accurate person in the world so forgive me if the cards are a little wonky and don’t look their best.


The game has been in development for the last three years and finished it’s Kickstarter funding at the end of June 2016 and I dropped a message to David Newton (the creator) to see if he had any review copies that I could bring to our meet. Of course, he said yes and sent me the files but sadly I have not been able to bring it to a meet until now.

So what is the game all about? To play the game players take turns placing assassins in an office with the aim to kill as many full-time employees as possible. Each player has to make one of two main choices, they either choose to occupy a department so that they can steal new stationary cards or attempt an assassination. Each employee has a toughness you must overcome and if you are successful you gain the gold bounty on their head so to me it feels a little like how Munchkin plays but we really won’t know until we play it on Friday. We have linked a little induction video lifted directly from the website to give you an idea.

I must say the artwork of the whole game is really good, Adam Bolton has done a fine job of producing a great art style for the game and I’m looking forward to receiving my full copy towards the end of the year. You can find out more work by him via his Twitter accountGatehouse Comic and Where’s My Shoggoth. As potential players, we ask you to take a few things into account.

  • None of us has actually played this so there will be a learning curve.
  • The game that we have is a beta version and not final
  • Constructive criticism is welcome

We will at some try to get a chat with the creator at some point and find out a bit more about him and the origins of the game. I’m really excited to test out the game, and will continue to cut out the cards and try to absorb the instructions. If you’re attending the meetup and want to get involved with our first playthrough then drop us a line via the comments section, Twitter or Facebook or even via our Meetup.

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