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Video Game Review: Table Top Racing: World Tour

If you’re a fan of racing games, this one’s for you. If you’re a fan of Mario Kart, this one is still for you. This is a straight up silly little racing game made by Playrise Digital, a game that naturally will remind you of the classic racing game, Micro Machines. But do these little toy cars stand up to the tall task of being a racing game, or does it come last place?



Developer Playrise Digital
Platforms PC, PS4
Windows Release January 31, 2013
Genre Racing
Price on Steam £10.99 (£14.21 for a bundle)




We’re going to skip any story for this, as there’s no story. Unless you want to say the campaign mode is the story mode, which it most definitely does not count as one in my eyes. Regardless, the game plays really well and hey, not all games need stories. This is a title all about racing around a track in a variety of different race types. It’s about unlocking faster and faster cars, increasing the stats of the cars, getting some cool body paint and getting the funkiest wheels to go on your car too. Then it’s about going very fast around a predetermined track, learning it, mastering it and getting better at it.


With single-player and multiplayer support (both online and up to 8 local players), this is a game you can play to kill an hour or two at a time by yourself, or as a bit of a party game with your friends. You can also go online if you’re really competitive, to play against other drivers from around the world. There are different race modes, modes like the combat race, where you play a game similar to Mario Kart. It’s simple and easy to pick up, driving around a track to get power ups, which benefit you in the race ahead to get first place.

Over time however, you will find more game modes and different race tracks to ride on. With DLC being developed for this title regularly, you can bet there’s going to be more to do over time. Speaking of the DLC, one does instantly unlock a new supercar and one instantly unlocks 2 racing cars. As you go through the game, you come to realise that there are 3 different types of car: Cult Classic, Racing Car and Supercar. These represent the three difficulty brackets.


There’s plenty of challenge when you first try out certain races, such as the timed laps, but once you get to grips with the limited amount of tracks and the rather curious handling of cars with drift ability, you begin to get better quickly. Having played this title on the PS4, I felt the controls felt tight and responsive, although sometimes the cars felt devoid of any weight. However it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s supposed to be a game with toy cars.

Finally, there’s plenty of content squeezed into this compact game. Yeah it’s a little on the light side in regards to the amount of maps, sure there could be more cars, but for the completion-ist, there’s plenty to see and do. If your goal is to just beat the levels, that might be doable in a day. If you intend to get all the secret coins, then it’s a lot more challenging, with different routes that the map can take.


The music in this title is really good fun, a blend of modern music and great DJ style. It’s not exactly a mind blowing mix of music, all songs by people you’ve basically never heard of, but it sounds right in game and gives you a good vibe as you play through. Couple this with the perfect engine sounds and the noises of crashes, you’ll be suckered right into the charismatic sound of the game. It’s not going to win any audio awards, but it’s going to keep you thoroughly entertained.


As per usual, we believe that seeing is believing here on GeekOut South-West, however it’s worth noting that this game is visually wonderful. It’s really clean and fun to look at, from the little tabletop levels, to the specifically designed Yo! Sushi level, you can bet that there’s plenty to feast your eyes on. Now for our gallery:



So sure, this game isn’t perfect: I mean it’s not that tricky, nor is it very long. It’s not even going to change how you play racing games, at least it shouldn’t do. If anything, this is a lighthearted title that clearly was a labour of love. It’s not the best… But at the price on Steam as of time of writing, it’s worth a look! Especially if you’re looking for party games.

It’s time to turn down the tinny gearbox now, we’re out of track for this review! What do you think of all of this racing madness? Is this a title you would lift up, or like the above cars, would you simply bin it? As always, please leave your comments below or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


2 responses

  1. I think I have this in my library as it was a PS Plus game. Need to play it one of these days cos I loved Micro Machines back in the 16 bit days.

    Liked by 1 person

    September 16, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    • I tell ya now – It’s really good fun. It’s better if you can play it online or with friends, but the single player is sweet too. Highly humorous! :D

      Liked by 1 person

      September 16, 2016 at 6:52 pm

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