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GeekOut Bristol Meet – 15th October: TRICK OR TREAT

Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down my spine, whilst sticks and stones may break my bones, the geeks will be out this night. Yes it’s true, GeekOut Bristol Meet is taking place once more in our favourite haunt, the Old Market Tavern. So come join us as we shake down the skeletons that make up the next meetup. We promise we won’t get up to too much mischief.


Once more, we’re going to our favourite venue and we’re going to have it all done up with our favourite decorations for a trick or treat themed gathering. When it comes to getting geeks out and playing together, nothing beats one of our meetups – and this month, we’ve got two brand new chilling games to add to our collection. We have a Simpsons Horror Special Top Trumps set on the way and we have a classic game called Zombies!!! on the way as well.

As always, we rotate what games and what books we bring with us. We’re going to make sure that we bring a set of books and comics that are different from last time, as well as a different selection of games. From the zombie horde survival Zombies!!! to the wonderful shenanigans that is Dixit Odyssey, this is going to be a GeekOut meetup that has a vast range of interesting activities and people.


We’re looking to beat last months record of 71 people, but we know that’s going to be a gargantuan of a task. We’ll be holding a Trick or Treat themed competition as well, where people will have to suss out the tricks of the tricks in order to win the treats. The winners of the competition will receive the following (with more to be announced):

First Prize: ???, £25 cash, 3 Steam games, GeekOut’s Tricky Treat Poster

Second Prize: ???, £15 cash, 2 Steam games, GeekOut’s Tricky Treat Poster

Third Prize: ???, £10 cash, 1 Steam game, GeekOut’s Tricky Treat Poster

Our classic GeekOut poster

Our classic GeekOut poster

If you read those prizes correctly, you’ll have notied there’s going to be a brand new poster for this meetup. We’re going to make a super limited batch of these, which we will sell on. If you’d like one for yourself and you’re in mainland UK, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I’ll hold one back. But yes, we will be showing off our design as soon as we can and I’ll be sure to show what these posters will look like in the coming week.

Of course, we’ll be eating in a local dinery before we go for our geekery, but of course, we’ll be a shock to the locals. We’re bringing Halloween early, because we love the holiday. It’s a time of celebration and tomfoolery… And the Old Market Tavern will be in on it again. After how successful the Butterbeer was, they will be providing us with a blood punch. Oh yes, another unique drink exclusive to GeekOut South-West. As well as this, whenever an attendee purchases a drink, they will be offered a treat by the bar staff.


As always, we’ve got so much going on and there’s so much time to get this one set up. From crazy decorations, to amazing trick or treat costumes, we’re going to have a ball this month. But now it’s over to you – What do you think of this months theme? Are you excited to see our third poster? Hey, feel free to let us know if you want one of our previous posters as well. Until next time, leave your comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

2 responses

  1. Seventy one people? Blimey. Keep that up and you’ll have to organize a Geekout SW conventions to accommodate so many attendees.

    Liked by 1 person

    September 18, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    • This might already be in the pipeline. Might.

      We’ve got over 1,100 people registered to the meetup page alone :)

      Liked by 1 person

      September 18, 2016 at 9:22 pm

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