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Top 10 Gods

For the love of all that is holy, we’re back for another Saturday Top 10. So for God’s sake, pull up a chair and have a gander through these ancient scrolls that we’ve uncovered, telling us all of the power of these beings. They might not always be physical, but they’re certainly righteous in their own way. So whether or not you’re a believer, this list has been made to try and convert you to our beliefs.

GeekOut Top 10s

Ah, bless you for trying to resist these divine puns.

Top 10

10. Lorien – Babylon 5


Do you like your sci-fi heavy on the religious symbolism? Can I tempt you with a war between angels formed of pure light and actual demons where planets get blown up? How about if the protagonist meets God?

Yup, most of Babylon 5 follows the squabbles of the First Ones on how the younger races should be encouraged to grow and develop, the Vorlons argue for introspection, regulation, and peace; the Shadows for conflict, freedom, and growth. In the middle of their fight, Commander Sheridan sacrifices himself in an effort to stop them, and in the process encounters a being known as Lorien: The First One.

Lorien came before the others, helped them grow and develop the same way they are trying to shape the young races now. He can also breathe upon the embers of a life and turn it into a fire. Though seemingly flesh and blood, and having presumably begun somewhere and seemingly capable of ending at some point, he may very well be mortal. But what other title could you give the father of all sapient beings than “God”?

9. God Entity – Futurama

When people say that they think the universe is out to get them, or maybe that they have to put into the universe what you wish to get back from it, it’s almost like a new-age way of praying, a slightly modernised take on God. Enter the God from Futurama, literally a big, thinking galaxy that thinks, talks, and has some kind of major influence on the larger universe.

Most commonly remembered for debating the finer points of omnipotence and being responsible for minor species with Bender:

“Y’know, I was God once.” “I saw. You were doing rather well until everyone died.”

God is also the protector of the time code and is responsible for keeping time in order, as well as influencing minor facets of life in so subtle a way, you can never be sure he’s done anything at all.

8. Player – Populous


We deliberated for a little bit on this one, as instead of yourself in Populous, we were going to have yourself from Black & White. But then as we spoke about it, we sort of remembered that Populous was the original God game. So without Populous, we probably wouldn’t have had the epic encounter that is Black & White – Plus it’s nice to have a new title enter our Top 10 lists. So here’s for a few facts about the game…

You play as a tribe of people, who are being led by an omnipotent force. You are that force, able to decide what your people do and how they go about capturing other tribes. In some cases, the goal is just to lay waste to the enemies. In other cases, you might be required to convert the enemies to your cause. Regardless, you’re a powerful entity who can deliver some devastating and catastrophic consequences unto your enemies.

7. Vecna – Dungeons & Dragons


Archmage, turned lich, turned deity, Vecna has taken a few major shifts on his way to top of the villainy pyramid, and earned some major enemies on the way, including traitor, vampire, and former friend and ally, Kas, and the demon prince of the undead and second mightiest demon in the world, Orcus. It’s also been a rather costly procedure, losing a hand and an eye on his way to Godhood.

Do the Hand and Eye of Vecna sound familiar? They should. They’re amongst the most powerful cursed artifacts in the world, granting the bearer immeasurable magical power in exchange for their actual hand or eye, replaced with the withered and hideous prosthetic. Nothing like a chunk of God to give your party’s spellcaster a boost.

If you’re looking for a good story of DMs trolling their players, look no further than the Head of Vecna.

6. #493: Arceus – Pokemon


As always, if there’s a Pokemon that fits the bill, we like to think of them and include them in our lists if we feel they’re worthy enough. In this example, not only is this Pokemon worthy enough, it basically fits the bill perfectly. Arceus is listed in the Pokedex under number 493 and has the highest combined base-stats of any Pokemon in all of the games in the franchise. Not only that, but Arceus created time and space!

But what stops Arceus from being higher than number 6 on our list, is the fact he’s highly containable. It just goes to prove that even if you do encounter God, in the realm of Pokemon, you can capture and contain that God – and make it do your bidding instead. Where’s your God now, Arceus?!

5. The Truth – Fullmetal Alchemist


This is a hard one to explain, but it’s effectively Fullmetal Alchemist’s version of “God”. In a series so hellbent on having characters determined to undermine the abilities and the existence of a God, they sure don’t half have a Godly character. Call it what you want, call it a divine being, or call it a gatekeeper – There’s one thing it’s most well known for. That’s for the verbal truth bomb it drops on the original Homonculus.

It might be a stretch calling The Truth a God, but there’s one thing that’s certain: It sees all, it knows all and it’s there to deliver the final verdict. Speaking of delivering last rites…

4. Anubis


“Anuuubbiiisss~ My soul is so light~ Like this feather, I can fly!” – A pretty cool metal song about Anubis.

Ah yes, the God of embalming and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology and Gods. Anubis is one of, if not the most iconic God of all of the ones on this list. Well known for baring a Jackal’s head, Anubis determines if someone can pass onto the afterlife by his scales. He weighs the deceased’s heart to see if they’re heavy hearted or not and then sends them to where they should be.

The artwork for Anubis above is from Smite, a MOBA that’s a little bit different. Playing as a God, it’s up to you and your Minions to go and defeat the opposing team’s Gods. Heck, who wouldn’t want to be the God of the afterlife?!

3. Raiden – Mortal Kombat


Raiden is one of the most iconic characters from Mortal Kombat – and he’s certainly one of the most powerful. A God of thunder, not unlike Thor, who is able to wield tremendous power. Able to control lightning like it’s just a part of him, Raiden is able to infuse his fists with electricity and zap his enemies, frying them.

Depending how much you know about the franchise, he ranges from just some dude with a funky hat, to a God who fights in a tournament with mortals and immortals alike. Go on Raiden, you should FINISH THEM!

2. Sheogorath – The Elder Scrolls


We love you Sheogorath! This isn’t the first outing for the Daedric prince of madness in our Top 10 list, and that’s because he’s just plain awesome. We disagree on the subject of Oblivion at GOSW, but the Shivering Isles DLC is nothing short of a masterwork of chaos, from the moment the room you stand in dissolves in a cloud of butterflies, to every mismatched word out of Sheogorath’s mouth.

Personally I prefer running around Skyrim with a Wabbajack – turning people into gold, or cheese, or turning them into immortals that immediately hate me and fleeing for my life, cackling like a loon – after probing the mind of Pelagius III and blasting the living hell out of his personal demons, all to the polite narrative of the delightful host, who guides you, offers his stunning insights into the mortal mind, and threatens you with joyous disembowelment.

That’s what we love about Sheogorath. You can never be sure if you’ll survive a conversation with him.

1. Loki


Just to be clear here, Loki the norse god is who’s earning the top spot here but we’d be out-and-out lying if we said that the Marvel villain didn’t help, especially with Tom Hiddleston’s performance to back it up.

Loki is either a god, or Jotunn, or maybe both. He is definitely a shapeshifter, because in his pursuit for gratification he has fathered demigods, wolves, world-encompassing serpents, and an eight legged horse to whom he was the mother! Good for you Loki, way to keep things progressive. Many of his offspring are participants in the end of the world, Ragnarok, although I suspect we won’t be seeing Sleipnir in the third Thor film

He is every bit the trickster in the original mythology as in the comics, perhaps far worse, and every Edda paints him as rowing and deceiving the gods, eventually being tied to rocks with the entrails of his sons, with a serpent above him constantly dripping venom. That’s what you get for bringing about the end of times.

Hon mention

Oh my god, that’s it – We’ve finished the Top 10 Gods – but wait a second, we’re not finished here! No, no, my mortal friends, we have two more entries that at least deserve to be mentioned in the same vein as the immortals above. Both of the next two characters were considered for the main list, but just missed out for one reason or another.

Morgan Freeman – Bruce Almighty

Everyone knows of Morgan Freeman and it’s with this in mind that I’m indicting not his character, but Morgan Freeman himself from Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman played as God in the hilarious Jim Carrey classic, however people don’t really remember that film because of how cool the God was – They remember it because of how cool Morgan Freeman was playing God in this film of divine powers.

Imagine if you could have the powers of a God on Earth. That’s the premise of this film – So instead of doing good things, Bruce decides to use his Godly powers to cause drafts to blow up ladies skirts and check their undies out. Stay classy, Bruce – But of course, as the film goes on, the issues with being a God becomes apparent… and it gets to be a very hard thing for Bruce to handle by himself.

One Above All – Marvel


Best Stan Lee cameo ever. Amongst the many divine and godlike entities in the Marvel universe (Cyttorak, Master Weaver, Franklin Richards) almost all of them have influence within their own universe, and often have copies in other universes who have their own continuities to follow.

One Above All appears from time to time as the grand overseer of all the whole multiverse, a creator and watcher of the lot, outside of time, outside of existence. It’s form is inconsistent, its motives inscrutable, and its power immeasurable. Because it’s the author, and he can do whatever he likes, he is the comic-book god of everything.

Oh my God, it’s all over with. We searched far and wide for the best Gods we could find, but alas, we came up with these?! Still, even if you don’t believe in us, we believe in the list we’ve put together. Heck, we even considered Kratos from the God of War franchise, however he’s merely a Demigod! Pah! But now you must cast your divine verdict down upon us, as to what you think our Top 10 for next week should be.

So I ask of you, do you feel the power of these Gods? Do you think we’ve put the right bunch in, or did we really miss the mark on this one? Is Loki the best God, or should we really have put Thor in there? Was Zeus a better example? As always, leave us a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. If you provide information or justification which exceeds one of our Gods, perhaps we’ll even slip your comment into the Top 10 itself?


3 responses

  1. Murray

    I know pantheons/collections of Gods aren’t allowed, but the suggestion is just all of them at once.
    The Chaos Gods, Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle (Warhammer 40k)

    Each god has their own respective MO along with hating a rival god, with intricate lore and theories about their existence, any one of them could’ve made a worthy rival (My personal pick would be Nurgle, papa Nurgle <3)

    Liked by 1 person

    October 8, 2016 at 8:38 am

    • There’s definite scope for a Pantheons list, but they’re a good pick. I’d have picked Nurgle if we were to nominate only one, Khorne gets all the glory, nobody appreciates Papas gifts


      October 8, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    • Nice picks! I’d go with the easily pickable Khorne out of these. This is because: Everyone who plays Warhammer 40k, (or at least follows it,) knows Khorne’s name!


      October 9, 2016 at 9:35 pm

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