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GeekOut Bristol Meet – November 11th: CHILDREN IN NEED

This is our monthly round-up of what’s happening at the next Meetup. We set the theme of the event, talk about what we’ll have on display and what we’re going to do, as well as talk about anything extra. This month, we’re going to have a very charitable meetup, where we try to raise money in advance of Children In Need. I’ve already requested my donation bucket, so here’s hoping we get one ahead of the big day. If not, no biggie – We’ll be raising money for the titanic charity event once again, as after all, we geeks could be the Superheroes that the poor children of the world need.

If you hadn’t guessed, we’re making the theme Superheroes, but it’s all in the name of Children In Need. We’ll look to raise money for the event, hopefully a good £100 if we’re lucky! All money we raise on our posters will be added into the Children In Need pot, so finally people can buy a GeekOut poster and also donate to charity at the same time. Plus, further to this, we’ll be running a charity competition – And this month, the competition will be a £2 donation to enter, just because it helps to raise funds for the event. Nevertheless, the competition for this month is now ready and I’m proud to announce it here.



With Superheroes as our theme, if you’re intending to come along, please do so in the best superhero cosplay. Alternatively, come along as a Superhero that you create – Because what’s better than coming along dressed as Trousersman* or Miss Truly Outrageous*? Regardless, be prepared as the troops will be rallied to create the ultimate assemble of heroes, by a true hero. Just you wait to see what I turn up in (providing my superhero attire arrives on time)! The truth is, you can’t see THIS hero.



For once, the competition will be a £2 entry fee, which we will be enforcing. You do not need to take part in the competition to donate and you don’t need to pay to enter this event: You can still enjoy the event for free, however entry for this competition will begin from the moment you walk through the doors. A sheet will be handed to each contestant when they’ve spoken to me and paid their deposit and the results will be judged and read out at 9pm. It’s a little different to what we usually do.

All you have to do in this months competition, is come up with the ultimate superhero. Points will be awarded on a democratic vote – so, to make things a bit different this month, there will be a democratic vote for who has the best superhero. Hopefully we find the one superhero the rule them all. Funny, serious, cool, sexy – You name it, we’ll accept it. I might try to collect them all as well, so we can share the images and writing afterwards. There will be custom made DnD sheets for you to create your superhero, stats and all. Full explanation will be on the sheets and in the next few weeks I’ll share the sheets with all of you on here.

If you’re not an artist, don’t worry! We’re not expecting wonderful drawings, just we want to see what it is you have in mind. So long as we get the gist of what you’re trying to show us, we’ll be happy!

1st Prize: 1st Place Medal with ribbon, £25 Cash, a GeekOut Poster of your choice and 3 Steam Games

2nd Prize: 2nd Place Medal with Ribbon, £15 Cash, a GeekOut Poster of your choice and 2 Steam Games

3rd Prize: 3rd Place Medal with Ribbon, £10 Cash, a GeekOut Poster of your choice and 1 Steam Game

There may be more prizes to follow as well. Hopefully we’re doing something a little bit different this month, so I hope this months theme goes down well with people. But as always, let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you going to show up to this one? Let us know below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

*Guyyyys, please don’t steal my totally original characters! Bonus points to the Truly Outrageous reference.


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