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On Kickstarter: Bears Vs Babies – A Game By The Creators Of Exploding Kittens

Traditional games have become such a raging success over the past few years, that it’s no surprise that some companies have gotten rather good at producing them. Two years ago, we received the world wide success that is Exploding Kittens from The Oatmeal. This game has been played so often at our meetups, that it’s sometimes tempting to buy a second copy of it, just so more people can get involved. Instead however, there are expansions for the game and now, The Oatmeal are back with a brand new title.


Bears Vs Babies is the title of the new game which if you hadn’t guessed features bears… and babies.

These aren’t the most typical of bears that you’ll meet either. I mean, a bear might actually have the head of a shark, a left arm that’s actually a chainsaw, a right arm that’s a fish and so on. It’s all a little bizarre, but never mind. There’s a bigger threat than these bears. The babies are out there and they’re fighting back in troves.

Bears Vs Babies promises to be a tactical game of baby eating, which sounds like a horrible thing to do, but then again these are killer bears we’re on about. A bear is built up of several cards, then someone plays an action card to simulate the feeding time. If you have more cards on your bear than there are babies, you win! If you have less, then you lose! Sounds simple enough, but if you know how to play Exploding Kittens, then you’ll understand that there’s a little more than meets the eye here.


This is the reward level I went for – I paid $38 in the end, ($3 extra for shipping).

See, whilst the game is just about having more cards than the babies have, it’s also a game about making the other players lose to the babies. Trigger your action when you feel your opponents won’t be able to win, then eat all the babies for yourself. If your opponents cannot defeat the babies, then their whole army is discarded – Just like that! So it’s a game about provoking babies at the right time.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Kickstarter campaign take to social media to get people to post photos to extend the scope of a game. Instead of asking for more money (Which they were only trying to raise $10,000), they decided to get people to post pictures of them doing Bears vs Babies related stuff. Things such as creating a 20 foot tall baby monster, or to take a picture of them eating something bears vs babies related. It’s all a little bizarre, but it’s a rather fun way to get people chatting about the game.

It’s fair to point out that Bears vs Babies really doesn’t need the Kickstarter platform; however, the publicity associated with using Kickstarter must be astronomical. I’m hopeful that this new game is just as fun and as varied as Exploding Kittens (and the expansion, Imploding Kittens), but now I will leave it all over to you. Do you think this will be as successful as their former title? What do you think of an already established company using Kickstarter? As always, let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

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