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Decorating Your Tree In The Geekiest Way – ‘Geekmas Tree’

Christmas Trees are a major tradition that a lot of people don’t really even think about; they just do it. Think about it for a moment – Where’s the logic in bringing a tree into the house and covering it in tinsel, baubles and ornaments? Really there’s none, except for the sake of upholding tradition. But it got me thinking for a moment: What if we broke tradition, by making it into our own? What if, just what if, we could keep the tradition of having a Christmas Tree in our house, but completely turn it into a representation of ourselves? Here’s my guide to decorating your tree this Christmas season.

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

‘Tis a season to be jolly, but by upholding original traditions so solidly, we sort of forget who we are in the process. Sure, it’s a bit of a formality, to see your gran and give her a hug, whilst enjoying a Turkey dinner. Sure, Michael Bublé really is a good singer who gets you in the mood for the festive season, but you’re going out of your way to hear and see things that aren’t in your blood. You’re not looking at a tree that you’re proud of: You’re looking at a tree that people wanted you to make… And I think I have the solution.

The inspiration stems from my favourite hobby, besides running GeekOut; Cosplaying. You see, if you have a Christmas Tree, you’re free to let your creativity run wild. You’re free to express everything you’ve ever enjoyed about the festive season. The typical market however will only give you baubles that are red, perhaps with some snowflakes on them… Ooh, if you’re lucky, you might get one with a snowman on it. Sod it, I say! Let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

Image taken from eBay

Image taken from eBay

Instead of that snowman bauble you were going to get, why not go one up? Why not make it Frozen’s Olaf on a bauble? Even if you can’t find one online, you can easily get yourself some clear baubles to begin with. Here’s a website that sells a clear glass bauble for £1.50. All you need to do is make yourself a stencil, which is really easy to do. Get yourself some paper and cut out the shapes you need. Then simply sellotape it to the bauble and wash the cut-away sections with some glass paint. Even if you don’t think you’re much of an artist, don’t worry! Have some fun with it: Look for an image of the character you want to put on the bauble and cut out sections of that.

Okay, so baubles are one thing: But what about those of you who want to get little ornaments onto the tree? Well, what if your favourite franchise is Pokemon? Yeah, we all love those Pocket Monsters and hey: I even recently wrote about the latest game in the franchise, Pokemon Sun & Moon. Well, if you want a relatively inexpensive way to get a lot of little ornaments onto your tree, then why not consider getting a bulk of Pokemon? Here’s an eBay listing for 144 tiny little Pokemon figures, for a whopping… £14.99. You can also buy just 24 of them for £4.69. Once you’ve received them, you simply have to super glue a Bauble Cap to the top of them and put a thread through it. Job done! Oh and if you don’t want to make things, some fandoms even embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Image taken from eBay

Image taken from eBay

Alright, so far so good and of course tinsel is still a must (let’s be honest, we all really like tinsel). However, we’re still missing something important… What about that all important Tree Topper? Well, I’ve got you covered there too! No more empty bottles being converted into an angel: Instead, why not think about going a little bit different? Want to show your love for Mario? Then why not get yourself a Super Mario Bros. styled Star for the top of your Christmas Tree?! Yes, this is a real product and it’s amazing.

That’s it from me for this article. I really hope you will take some of these lessons away and apply your geekiness to your tradition of decorating the Christmas Tree. But now it’s over to you to let us know: Do you do anything to break the tradition? Do you do anything geeky during Christmas? Have you got any geeky decorations for the Christmas Tree? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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