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Video Game Review – The Night Christmas Ended

What’s not to like about the story of a little – Wait, let me try that again: the story of a big-for-his-kind goblin who is out there to save Christmas? Not because he wants to, you understand, just that Santa promised him a lot of gold. In fact, so much gold, it’s Santa’s weight in gold! That’s got to be a lot of gold, so off our goblin goes to save Christmas from some evil ghosts who fire lasers. Hmm, we’ve seen a lot of lasers recently.



Developer Giant Goblin Studio
Platforms Steam (PC)
Windows Release December 2016
Genre Shooter
Price on Steam £3.99 (Steam Storepage)



As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, is that this game features a goblin who encounters Santa. He is in serious trouble, Christmas is about to be ruined for everyone! By pleading to the goblin, Santa hopes that Christmas can be saved. But as anyone know about Goblins: They really like their gold. So, after some bargaining, the goblin decides to help Santa, in exchange for a lot of gold.



My initial excitement for this game meant I was going to do a Let’s Play of it… However, let me get this part out of the way with immediately: I ended up making a decision to not do a Let’s Play title on this. Don’t get me wrong, it plays fine and controls pretty well actually. The issue is that we do try to keep our games relatively PG-13 on our channel and there was a lot of swearing involved by the little goblin. If swearing doesn’t put you off, then don’t worry, this might be the game for you. It might not be the game for your children however! With that out of the way, let’s continue with the meat of the review.

The gameplay is pretty simple: You play as a goblin who moves left and right in a box grid. You shoot your gun/lasers at everything that is shooting at you. Pretty simple. There are two modes to fire in as well, which are what make up the meat of how you play the game. You can only fire upwards, or in a diagonal-upwards fashion. So you can either be in the “machine gun” style, shooting several lasers at the same time, or you can be in the “blaster” mode (I don’t know if there was a technical name for this mode, I apologise,) which does more damage, but at the expense of not being able to fire as much.

Couple this with a gun that likes to overheat (because they kinda do,) you’ve got yourself a nasty little dilemma. You can go trigger happy if you’d like, but this plays against you. You can decide to fire lightly and sparingly, but this might mean you get a build up of enemies to deal with. With the fact you have to fire up, some of the ground units can be a bit of a pest: but some of them aren’t that bad at all, so long as you’re willing to get close to them. Most things die in one or two hits. With the exception of bosses, of which the primary trio are a bunch of floating heads.

Oh and if you walk into the wall of the square map you go to – You get punched by a massive spring-loaded punching glove, shoving you back into the middle (or back to some capacity). This can be really detremental, if there are enemies nearby, they will hurt you. You can also shoot innocent birds (Which the goblin seems to really like).

To quote the developer, who I reached out to before this article:

I think gamers can expect to be surprised. We have filled the game with all kind of details (like the birds you kill for no reason besides you being an evil little goblin). We have slaved hard to create a good variety in the game. (Was inspired by the good variety in Super Mario Galaxy)

He’s certainly not wrong! There’s a lot of variety, especially once you pass the earlier levels and there’s plenty of little extras in there. For £3.99: I really can’t say anything too bad thing about it!


I hope the developers read this and I hope they don’t mind me saying that the game isn’t the prettiest. I don’t think they’d pretend as much either. Still, the sprites look practically as they should do, so I’m not upset by this, especially for the dirt cheap price I paid for the game. If I had to make a comment however: Whilst blowing up enemies is indeed fun, the blocky mess they explode it sometimes meant I couldn’t see when a debuff (or a power-down, or whatever you want to call it) was on the floor. These were represented clearly as skulls which, upon approaching, made a deep, ominous sound… So those were well executed. I’d just say: tone it down on the blocky deaths guys! Other than that, it’s a charming little shooter.


NSFW: If you have kids around, this game might not be suitable for you. There’s your swear warning!

This might be my favourite part of the game. Guys, I don’t know why – but the music in this game is actually ridiculously good. It’s a mixture of metal and typical Christmas music, meaning you get a heavy guitar riff to go along with the joyous sounds of Christmas music. It’s wonderful! However, the voice acting wasn’t the greatest. But again, for the price I paid, what can I really say? It’s not fair to expect top quality voice acting and on top of that: What the heck can be said for a goblins voice?! Who am I to decide what a goblin truly sounds like? He’s amusing enough with his little nasally voice!



This was a thoroughly entertaining little title to pass some time. If you’re just looking for a game to kill time with over the Christmas season, for a Christmas themed game, it’s actually quite entertaining. As previously mentioned, the only real reason I didn’t do a let’s play of it was due to all the swearing… However, I did put up a video of the game above, so please feel free to watch and subscribe to the uploader! But, what do you think of The Night Christmas Ended? Do you think it’s a fun little shooter? Have you got this for yourself? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.


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