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On the Tenth Day of Christmas, GeekOut South-West showed to me… A Top 10 list full of Furby. On the — Wait, that’s not how this works is it? We’re not actually going to do ten whole days of Top 10’s, but instead, we’re going to show you our Top 10 favourite Top 10’s from the GeekOut South-West website. So, here’s some basic rules of our list this time:

  • It has to be a Top 10 we wrote.
  • It has to be a Top 10 we loved.
  • It also has to be one of our more popular Top 10s.

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Top 10

10) Top 10 Hilariously Bad Things

When something is so bad that it actually becomes good, they become something that is hilariously bad. That was the whole premise of this one, with nothing more in mind for it. What we ended up with, was a list that was thoroughly entertaining, even if we do say so ourselves. So from madness such as the Time Cube and genius such as Florida Man, we knew we were onto a winner here.

Okay, so it’s not really all that viewed, as it’s such a niche thing to talk about – and those who do talk about this, talk about it a lot. From the incredible Bristol Bad Film Club, through to websites dedicated to all that is terribly funny, this was a crowded one to dip our toes into. But we had a lot of fun writing it.

9) Top 10 Rodents in Gaming


You’d think there’s not a lot to discuss on the matter of small rodents possessed of constantly-generating incisors within the limit of their appearances in games, but the accumulated cast of rats, mice, squirrels and a smattering of others, we actually had quite a few omissions that had to be bumped off the end of the line… and not a single rabbit! Not sure how we pulled that one off, although I seem to recall dismissing Max (of Sam and Max) because of the rows of jagged and clearly vicious teeth he possesses. That’s no ordinary bunny-rabbit!

This is another one of our lists that was well received and well liked, but more to the point one that we loved to make and that gave us a great deal of enjoyment to assemble, debate, and outright argue over. Among my favourite entries are the ones that can’t be adequately confined to a single example and require a small collection to really some up the entry, in this case more of a miniature infestation.

8) Top 10 Swords


Let me get straight to the point here and give you a little tip – Our wits were sharp in this weapon-packed Top 10. We looked at swords in all shapes, sizes and forms, so we could figure out what was the best sword out there. We believe the best one won, but more importantly, we had some good feedback via the comments, Facebook and more.

We looked into more obscure swords too, some anime got involved, some video games and some films. It’s not at all surprising that a quarter of the list went to anime, considering how common sword fights are in series. From Bleach and Inuyasha to Soul Eater, there were plenty of blades to keep you happy. Just, not the same Blades you might encounter in The Elder Scrolls franchise, if you get what I mean?

7) Top 10 Creepy Toys


As nerds we have an unapologetic fondness for the wonderfully weird, but we dabble too in those things that are weird and downright unpleasant. There’s something in the dichotomy of the adorable nature of toys that makes any trace of creepiness suddenly exaggerated and unnerving beyond reason. We had a lot of fun putting this one together.

We’ve included a few things you may not have originally considered until given time to consider, some you may have forgotten or never even heard of, and a few that have picked up a strange mythos for no readily apparent reason, but so inventive and haunting that we couldn’t help but include it. We’re not along in loving the creepy content either, you guys also shared your favourite weird toys, and voted solidly to follow it up with a list of Creepypastas.

6) Top 10 Trees


This is somewhere high up in our choices of lists to revisit, expand and reconsider. We put a lot of care and attention into our lists, carefully pruning away the bad ideas and allowing the good ideas to flourish. And yet you’re always there to tell us exactly what we did wrong. Keep that up, it gives us more ideas.

So while we propped up the Whomping Willow and Gildergleam, we may have neglected a few items we were less aware of like the Roda Tree from Ys: the Vanished Omen, and the creepy trees that appear amidst the SCP files.

5) Top 10 Boxes


In this list we celebrated containers, cubes and rectangles designed to hold within them all manner of… contents. These boxes had to be something remarkable in their own right such as the Discworld’s Luggage, nameable for having wondrous contents like Valve’s Orange Box, and above all possessing of great geek-credibility.

You’d be surprised how many boxes were considered, addressed, or dismissed outright. No mere blocks such as those you might find in Minecraft or Portal, simple cubes need not apply. All of these boxes serve a purpose, and we repurposed them for your entertainment, ranked them by quality and stacked them up for your perusal.

4) Top 10 Goats


Ah bleating heck, of course we had to mention freaking goats on our Top 10 list of Top 10s. But of course, what did you expect? We would always praise goats, considering our mascot is a damned goat! We’ll be going more into our goat-y side in the not to distant future, so don’t you worry: it’ll be more apparent that Gordon is indeed our mascot one day. Still in the mean time, why did we pick goats?

Did you know this was somehow one of our more popular Top 10s? Like, we had a good time writing it, as goats are oddly amiss in a lot of media. So when we remembered one, we felt great about it. Sure, there was Goat Simulator, but it was simply amazing to remember the Khazra from Diablo as well.

3) Top 10 Ugly Pokemon


These Pokemon might not make any beauty list, but this is our second most viewed Top 10 ever, drawing only a little bit behind our number one slot. However, at one point, when Pokemon Go came out, this list got a lot of attention. I mean, we were logging on to see our stats at like 7am and having over 70 views at that point, which for our little blog was truly something staggering to behold.

This also proved to us that Pokemon certainly wasn’t like flogging a dead horse, as a lot of people seemingly like our Pokemon Top 10s. Perhaps we’ll have to do some more of that in the not too distant future? This wasn’t the only Pokemon Top 10 up for consideration either. The other one is in the honourable mentions list: We couldn’t have 2 Pokemon themes in the Top 10 list itself, now could we?

2) Top 10 Bears in Gaming

Bear Simulator

This is the beginning. We loved this list, and it all began over a weird conversation about bear-based Magic decks, and it went on to launch such weird ideas such as deciding to list boxes, food, goats and balls. It’s an incredible thing to see how far we have come. In the early days of “the list” we were bearly organised, looking for something niche, not panda-ing to an audience but not presenting such polarising debates as our wizard list…

Grizzly something! I don’t know, Tim does most of the puns.

From that day we pledged to address those ridiculous things that nobody else was discussing, and while nobody may be looking for what the best trees are from gaming history, we aren’t giving up. While the list may go into hibernation from time to time, we promise to hit you with our most ridiculous ideas whenever we can.

Like bears.

1) Top 10 Crazies in Anime


Okay, let me give you a little bit of context, as to why one of our oldest Top 10’s is our winner here.

This list made it not just to the front page of Google, but if you type in “Crazy Anime Characters”, we actually were (at least at some point) number one. This has never happened before, because being number one means your content is the best on the internet for that specific thing. When Joel and I were watching this article get more and more popular, we were flabbergasted as to how this could be.

Was it the fact it was a collaboration? Was it the fact it was a niche that hadn’t been fully tapped into, considering the famous WatchMojo have only just gotten around to it? Who knows why it took off, but it did… and we had fun writing it. This is hugely important to distinguish right now… Because without that one Top 10 that made it big for us, we probably would have not returned after we stopped doing it for a handful of weeks.

Thanks to both Kevin Kutlesa and our friend Dave who assisted in writing this one. It’s truly been epic.

Honourable Mentions

Not all of our Top 10s get the same viewership, not all of them are as popular, nor are they even as agreed with… However, sometimes, we reflect upon some of our Top 10s and think “We really loved doing that.” Whilst these two Top 10s are two that were certainly well read, they don’t quite make the grade due to them not being quite on the same level as the above ten. But we still love them both.

Top 10 Disturbing Pokemon


To have two Pokemon Top 10s in the list, would be a little bit cheeky. However, let’s not take away from the fact that this was definitely one of our most popular posts, not just in Top 10s, but ever. This was one of those top 10s we did early in our career in writing Top 10 lists. To think, this one was written all the way back in 2014… That’s a long time for us to have been writing these lists.

Of course, it’s the ‘inferior’ of the two Pokemon lists mentioned, however it’s clear to us that you all love Pokemon as much as we do. Don’t worry, 2017 will provide you will more Pokemon lists, especially with how groundbreaking Pokemon Sun & Moon has been thus far.

Top 10 Discworld Books


I’d have felt a little conceited putting this into our list of lists, because this was the only list I ever assembled, ordered, and wrote from beginning to end on my own. Still, I wanted it to be mentioned for what it meant to me.

Terry Pratchett was a huge drive for me to seek writing as a hobby, a major bond between myself and my father, and his death hit me harder than any of the 2016 deaths put together. This was the only way I could think to honour him, by plying the skills he inadvertently encouraged me to develop. I want to thank you all for chiming in with your thoughts and feelings about the late great, and for joining me for my list.

Ho, ho, ho, this has been the season to be jolly and to read through our back catalogue of Top 10s. Hopefully you had as much fun over the past years as we have, however we’re always looking for more feedback on what our future Top 10’s should be like. Do you have a suggestion for a Top 10 to make the votes in the future? Do you think we should release a GeekOut South-West Top 10 eBook?

As always, thanks for reading our articles over this past year and into the new year. We hope we’ve constantly evolved and are at least amusing! But, what do you think of our list this week? Do you think we’ve got our best Top 10s listed here, or do you think we’ve missed out? Is there any type of Top 10 you’d like to see more of? As always, leave a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

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