GeekOut Bristol Meet – December 31st: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Finally, Timlah says it’s time to reveal all about the New Years Eve GeekOut Meetup.

Aha, you didn’t think we’d leave you with absolutely no information about what’s going to make our New Years Eve event so special now, did you? It’s a short event, which requires that you sign up to it – So clearly we’ll be doing something a little different. Well, finally, it’s time to reveal all about the New Years Eve GeekOut Meetup.


I’m not a fan of leaving things too late. It means that you don’t have time to prepare anything, nor do people have a chance to fully absorb what they’re going to be dealing with. If we left this much longer, people might forget we exist and decide to go off on a tangent. Oh, speaking of tangents: I’ll be announcing January’s meetup some time before Christmas. It’s only 4 days left as of the time of writing this… However, please read the following disclaimer.


The New Years Eve event is a little exclusive. I mean, we’re going to actually turn people away if they’ve not signed up. If you’re a regular to GeekOut Bristol Meets, we might be a bit lenient, but do not take that as factual evidence that you’re coming to the event. But, it’s going to be a fun night regardless! Now that I’ve gotten the disclaimer out of the way once more, let’s go on and talk about what’s going down!

Disclaimer End

Right then, no one likes to be told that they have to follow rules, but we have to set these rules due to the nature of the night. Guess what we’re going to do for this event? Well that’s why you’re here. Read on.



Hah, we’d never forget to do what we can for gaming. We’ll have a select of board games, but nothing as major as we normally have. We’ll cut it down to specifically social games, rather than 1-2 player games. This means we will not have chess with us. I know, you’re all terribly disappointed aren’t you? But don’t worry… We’ll still have Monopoly! Aren’t you happy?! … No? Oh…

Still, we’re also going to be bringing along Quiplash/Drawful 2, Cards Against Humanity (With a brand new set… which will be kept secret ’til the night – This might be a one off special), One Night Ultimate Werewolf and more. The GOCade will be getting some slight upgrades from last time, so expect that to be returning too.


GeekOut Cosplay Competition 1302 23

So I thought hard about whether or not to do cosplay for this event and I decided: Yes. Absolutely. We definitely should do something a bit crazy and over the top for this… And it came to me. My god, did this ever smack me in the face with a big slap of “This might not work, but we should damn give it a try!”

Mishmash cosplay isn’t a real thing, but why isn’t it? Bring along cosplay (or costume) pieces that really should not work together. Become an amalgamation of all sorts of different characters in one go. Got a favourite set of gloves for a costume? What about a set of robes? How about a silly hat and googly eyes? Perfect! There’s a costume. This is daft, this is silly, but let’s see how weird we can make this in our celebration for the new year!



That’s right: Another competition, which will start at 8pm, with an aim to be finished by 9pm. The competition is actually going to be relatively tame, but ultimately an awesome way to show off your geekiness and to bring in the new year in the right way. In this competition, you simply need to talk to us all about what your geek plans for 2017 are and how you hope to achieve them.

Are you wanting to go to Japan to go and sight-see in 2017?

Perhaps you’ve got a lot of anime to watch?

Wait, don’t tell me: You’re gonna be gaming through the whole year?

Whatever your plans, write them down before attending the event. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I’ll give you a brief, a pen (or pencil) and some paper at 8pm when we start. We’ll be sharing the best ones on social media. When we say best, they can be funny, they can be inspiring, they can be just a damned good idea. They should represent who you are as best as you can… And you must do it in no more than 150 words.


Ah yes, as always, there are prizes to be won, so here we go:

1st Prize: £25 cash, Random Mystery Gift & Prize from the Old Market Tavern, 3 game codes and a poster of your choice.

2nd Prize: £15 cash, Random Mystery Gift & Prize from the Old Market Tavern, 2 game codes and a poster of your choice.

3rd Prize: £10 cash, Random Mystery Gift & Prize from the Old Market Tavern, 1 game code and a poster of your choice.

That’s right: I don’t have a say as to what these prizes actually are! They’re a pretty big surprise. We might also have a random prize for a bonus runner up. The winners will be chosen in a democratic style and will be held in the main bar area, by the door to the conservatory.

Hopefully this gets you hyped for a second GeekOut event for this month! This has never happened before, which is pretty mega for us, but we’re also doing it on such an important day. It’s a great way to drink with great company, share a story, play some great social games and generally to celebrate the new year in the geekiest way possible. If you’ve read this, leave us a comment below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.




In case you’re busy over the next week… Have a very merry christmas and in case we don’t see you there, have a happy new year! The website will be producing articles every day up until the new year and we’re not gonna stop on the new year either. We’re never going to stop bringing you as much content as we possibly can… And details on the new website will be coming this Friday.

Author: Timlah

Certified gaymer with clout. Developing games and writing worlds. Loves people, but loves games and anime a bit more. Sorry people.