Cosplay Trends For 2017

Believe you me, every single year there are trends in gaming, films, literature and more. In the same vein, there are trends in cosplay! Here’s five characters/series that Timlah has picked up on as possible contenders for key-themes in next years cosplay scene.

Believe you me, every single year there are trends in gaming, films, literature and more. In the same vein, there are trends in cosplay! Cosplay follows media, as it thrives off of media. Without a new comic that’s on everyone’s lips, or a TV series that’s trending around the world, it ends up just being the same characters over and over again. But that’s the beauty of Cosplay: You can be whoever you want to be. As media progresses, so too do the amazing costumes people put together and put on display. I know I’ll be getting involved in some cosplay next year, so here’s hoping it’s a better year than this year for making costumes happen!

Cosplay Trends For 2017



Last week, I mentioned how Digimon Adventure Tri has been around since 2015 – and in February 2017, the fourth instalment of the six part series will be aired. This might inspire people to go out and make their own Digimon related cosplays. Of course, you could expect more in 2018, when the six part series concludes, but if Digimon proves to be as popular now as it was back when it and the Pokemon anime were competing for air time, then don’t be surprised if you see a few Wargreymons wandering around. This might explain why there was a Digimon group this year at Kitacon… Or that could just be because Digimon are still cool, damn it.

Wonder Woman


Of course, Wonder Woman has been built up quite a bit. With the Justice League coming into place as well, you can be sure that the Princess of Themyscira will be making quite a few appearances this year. Same as how Harley Quinn dominated cosplay over the past few years, this is a new heroin who people can get behind. The costume would be relatively simple overall, but I think the beauty will be in the detail for these costumes. Now, do they go for a classic Wonderwoman, or do they go direct from the upcoming films?

Belle – Beauty and the Beast


Now, this one has caused a lot of hype and in some cases critical praise due to the fact Emma Watson was chosen to portray the beauty, but Belle will likely be in the cosplay world next year. She’ll be current again and Disney Princesses are always a good pick! I’d also not be too surprised if we see some rather impressive Beasts amongst the cosplay community… Gosh, thinking about it gives me shivers. Will there be a Belle of the Masquerade, or will people miss out on this obvious pick?

Old Man Logan


This one would also give me shivers. Seeing Old Man Logan portrayed perfectly by perfect cosplayers would be precisely why the cosplay community are so creative – Old Man Logan isn’t the name of the film coming out next year (That would just be ‘Logan’), but it’s certainly the version that people will aim to portray. Or they might just go for the typical X-Men Logan, which is still pretty cool… But I don’t think people will want to miss out on being the Old Man variant.

Guzma / Lusamine


Yes, the adorable goofball that is Guzma, the destructive leader of Team Skull and the terrifying beauty-obsessed Lusamine of Aether Foundation will likely be portrayed well in cosplay in 2017. Pokemon Sun & Moon have been stellar additions to the game franchise, so I’d be surprised if we don’t see these two… Or perhaps we’ll see some Professor Kukui out there? No matter how, Pokemon Sun & Moon cosplay will be the real deal.

There’s no doubt in my mind we’re going to see Guardians of the Galaxy cosplays, as well as potential Pirates of the Carribbean costumes out there, but what do you all think? Have I captured most of the main ones, or am I clearly missing some important cosplays for 2017? Do you want to share what you’d like to cosplay next year? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Author: Timlah

Certified gaymer with clout. Developing games and writing worlds. Loves people, but loves games and anime a bit more. Sorry people.

3 thoughts on “Cosplay Trends For 2017”

    1. Let It Die definitely happened late enough in the year to be counted as a possible contender for next year! It only came out this month, right? :) Funky glasses on that guy!


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